EP - 033.1 - Training 

As a gathering place for the privileged in the continent, the three academies always have a high influx of people.

Thanks to this, the post town on the way to the Golden Triangle are always full of bustle and life.

Even the luxury accommodation where the Holy Land's Saintess stay wasn't free from the surrounding noise. 


The Saintess, Lucien, rose from the bed with an exhale.

Her two-tone hair, a mix of gold and white, slid smoothly over her pristine white robe. 

As she breathed out, a cloud of cigarette smoke rose into the air.

A Saintess and a cigarette. It was a bizarre combination that would make a devout believer's eyes roll. But she didn’t seem to care and even took out a new one.

“Could you please close the window?”

“Eung? Ah, was I interrupting?”

The ‘boy’ who was sitting near the window turned his head towards her in response.

It was a young man in his late teens, clad in full body armor.

“I’m sorry. I was just watching the people This city is lively, it feels good.”

“The sound is fine, but the light is annoying.”

“Do the modern-day Saintesses find the light bothersome?”

“Just a personal habit. I've spent most of my life in a dark chapel.”

“Don't suddenly delve into such dark topics. You're making me want to hit you.”

“…You are, in name, my escort knight. Please choose your words.”

It was a very disrespectful tone for speaking to the continent's Saintess, but Lucien showed no particular reaction other than that.

Because considering this man's personality, he would not do such a thing even if he died and came back to life.

“You're not even afraid anymore. You were so nervous when we first met.”

“I would rather believe that the Emperor is a saintly man than you hitting women, Varkasus.”

The boy chuckled as he closed the window.

“I must say, we have become too close.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, a bit much for a devil worshiper and a Saintess, no?”

Lucien raised her head and looked at the other person.


As soon as she did, she felt a suffocating pressure enveloping her entire body, causing her to grit her teeth.

Since the window had just been closed, blocking the only light source, she couldn't make out the boy's expression as it's dark. 

However, his distorted 'form' was clearly evident.

Incomprehensible, repulsive, disgusting, terrible.

While it may be invisible in the light, but the moment darkness falls, the boy would reveal his ‘true nature’.

An indescribably distorted, eon-old monster.

Even she, who has one of the most sacred powers in the church, can barely maintain her composure when facing this grotesque existence, let alone subdue it.

“…Don't worry.”

She smiled wryly at the sight.

“You guys might be better than the human holding my leash.”

Indeed, it was.

Since receiving the 'shackles' of being a Saintess of the Holy Land, Lucien had never once regretted having ties with these humans.

Compared to the demons disguised in human skin, the devil worshipers were far better.

“Thank you for that.”

The boy responded with a smirk, yawning as he spoke.

“But in the end, you also have a purpose for cooperating with us, don't you? What was it again? You mentioned something about searching for someone?”


Lucien nodded slightly.

“…someone precious to me is in Elfante.”

In a voice full of determination, she continued.

“There is something I must do.”

“Is that so? Someone precious to you...”

The boy nodded in response.

A faint glimmer flickered within the darkness.

“I had those things once too.”

Followed by the voice of someone buried in the depths of the memories of the past.

Simultaneously, a rotten energy began to surge from the boy's body.

Corruption overflowed.

Lucien took a deep breath without realising it.

Just by being near, it felt as though her body would break into pieces.


“There was a time like that. Like the humans outside the window right now; lively, laughing, chatting, and loving each other. The joys of ordinary people. The heart-full and positive days.”

A breath filled with the energy of the dead dispersed into the air.

The miasma mixed in was dizzying.

It was flowing out. 

The dead's mistakenly held obsession, the greed of the perished, oozed out like a sticky residue clinging to the floor, slowly creeping forth.

And above it.

A melancholic voice.

“…then my kingdom, where the hell is it now?”

“…Ah, geuheuk…!”

“Oh, this.”

The boy smiled and said.

The flowing energy suddenly disappeared. At the same time, Lucien fell on the floor while gasping for breath.

She was sweating all over her body.

‘I thought I was going to die…!’

Despite being a Saintess, facing the opponent who only revealed a hint of their energy, put her in a life-threatening situation.

This boy is a monster at that level of ‘stature’.

“I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

“…I'm fine, as you can see…!”

“Well, I sincerely apologize. I sometimes forget how fragile of a creature humans are. I tend to get worked up without realising it, when discussing serious matters.”

“…Aren’t you the one who said something dark?”

“Uh, didn’t I apologise already?”

Scratching his head, the boy stood up and opened the window again.

Then, as soon as the sun came in, his face regained its human form.

As the boy wore a cheerful smile, complementing his sharp features, he immediately got hit by a remark. 

“I just asked you to close it.”

“You're being loud. Why don't you take the opportunity to pray while basking in the sunlight? Considering your usual conduct, you should be more faithful to your role as a Saintess.”


“Hell, I will even join you. I memorize prayers better than you, wouldn't you agree?”


Lucien's eyes narrowed after hearing a suggestion that shouldn't come from a devil worshiper. Seeing this, Varkasus chuckled and changed the subject.

“Anyway, I, like you, have something to accomplish in this academy.”

Having said that, the boy looked at the building  nestled in the horizon, Elfante Academy.

It was a place full of vitality, just what he needs to achieve his 'goal.'

“Until then, let’s take good care of each other, understand?”


Lucien let out another wry smile.

If even a single person knew this fact, the entire continent would be completely turned upside down.

A devil worshiper and a Saintess collaborating together was simply outrageous. 



“Let’s do our best, Varkasus.”

This is her answer.

  「 My Dear Son, 

It's almost summer. I heard that summer around there is especially hot. I sent a freeze stone and some fruits produced in the territory to add to your diet. Share it with your friends.






I heard that around this time of year, Elfante holds a visit event. Unfortunately, it will be harvest season soon and it would be difficult for me to attend myself.

So I will send Butler Herman instead. He can accompany you to the official events and be there if you need anything. 

Don't worry about the estate; it's peaceful. You've always been a clever child, so we're not overly worried.

That's all for now.


If you have any close female friend, bring her over during your vacation and introduce her. Isn't it time for this old man to see his grandson’s face?

From Armin Campbell. 」


With a dull expression, I folded the letter while holding a bunch of grapes.

Yes, grapes. They're from our territory and their quality is excellent.

However, I feel so depressed right now. 

‘A close female friend.’

Knowing his personality, it's probably just a joke.

Well, I can think of a few names that I can take with me.

Like Elnore, or maybe Elijah.

But if I were to bring either of them to the estate during the vacation, well.


I don’t even want to imagine. Who knows what kind of disaster they'll bring. 

The problem is, considering my current situation, the likelihood of it ending with just these two is extremely low.

‘Please save humanity.’

I sighed, recalling the 'mission' Atalante entrusted to me not long ago.

And that is, to seduce all of the devil vessel candidates. 


I massaged my throbbing head.

The president called it a ‘request’, when in fact, there was never an option to 'decline'. 

If it is inevitable that I will get entangled with the devil vessels one way or the other, and they become obsessed with me, there would be no way I can survive other than turning them favorably towards me. 

I’m sorry, Father.

The promise I made when I first set out, to never attract attention, was becoming increasingly impossible to keep as time passes. 

‘…I don't know.’

Well, the more I brood about this, the more complicated it will get. 

So right now, let's just focus on solving what's in front of us one by one.

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