EP - 028.1 - Purifier (2)

   ◎ Minor Healing Potion x2

   [ Item: Consumable ]

   [ Price: 1,000pt ] x2

   [ Can recover from minor injuries. ]

   [ Remaining points: 0pt ]

   [ !Warning! ]

   [ 'Purifier' Boss Battle in progress. Due to the influence of demonic energy, recovery is weakened. ]

For a Minor Healing Potion, it was filthy expensive. 

Although potions are rare in Sera, it's still hella expensive. Moreover, its effect is even weakened because of the boss battle. 

And despite having spent all my points, the pain from my twisted joints was only slightly alleviated.

However, this was a desperate situation.


Gritting my teeth, I dodged the attack flying towards me.

Each 'Chapter Boss' in the world of Sera has a unique skill.

They basically have an extra sword that you can’t find in normal opponents.

And that’s why Marquis Riverback was called the Purifier rather than 'Grunt A'.


As the demonic energy emitted by Marquis Riverback was about hit Elnore, a shield appeared before her and bounced the attack off with a loud bang. 

It was the same shield that had previously protected Elnore in the train accident.

〚Fool, you can't stop me!〛

However, despite being able to fend off a huge boulder with ease, the shield was completely shattered as Marquis Riverback’s attack swung back like a boomerang. 

Yes, this was his skill.

He's able to 'dissolve' some of the power of an opponent’s attack or defense.

It was as if he's 'purifying' them.

“…Ah, damn it.”

This was really too much. 

A shield of that caliber can't just be broken like glass. Alas, Marquis Riverback's power soared exponentially after the demonic transformation.

   [ A moment of danger has been detected. ]

   [ Determined the situation as life-threatening. ]

   [ Skill: Desperation raised to EX Class. ]

   [ !Warning! ]

   [ Confirmed existence of opponent's unique skill ‘Purification’. ]

   [ Skill: Desperation downgraded to C Class. ]

And to rub salt on wounds, this happened. 

The disparity between EX Class and C Class is roughly the same as a person who can K.O. the future hero with one punch and a normal person who works out regularly.

It was a heaven and earth difference!

Gritting through the pain and screaming inwardly, I forcefully rolled to the side, which was no different than torture to a seriously injured body. 

[ Attribute: Breathing Technique – Duckweed proficiency has increased! ]

The only reason why I'm barely able to hold on was because of the attribute I received from Elnore not too long ago. If it weren't for this, I wouldn't even think of moving my body right now.

Immediately after, a black beam passed through where I was just standing, leaving my hairs stand on their ends. 

Although it was a 'light' attack, it left a huge crater as if a missile had exploded.

This was like that guy’s basic attack.

‘The difficulty is no joke…!’

Even as I was thinking this, I was giving precise instructions to Elnore. 

“Elnore, to the left!”

Using the gap created while he was attacking me, Elnore charged forward with her sword.

The tip of her sword was sharp. Even for Elijah, who was called a heavenly talent, the strike was akin smashing into a wall. 

However, despite being perfectly executed and timed... 


It got blocked as if it was very obvious.

With just a slight 'release' of demonic energy, Elnore rebounded from the shock wave and rolled over to my side.

Things aren't looking good.

Even the future Final Boss was being pushed back

She was covered in dust and dirt, and her one-piece dress was torn and soaked in blood from the injuries all over her body.

It was an unimaginable image for someone who always appeared perfect and neat in the original story.

Looking at the clock, it's only been a minute since the battle began.

With just that much, we're on the brink of losing everything.

Meanwhile, Marquis Riverback was only gradually driving us back without showing any real intention.

‘I have the strategy.’

I thought so with a dizzy head, as Elnore grabbed me and dodged another incoming attack. 

The timing is on point. The methodology is also correct. The chance to attack the Marquis Riverback was created based on the timing and path that I remember.


That all may be perfect, but we lack the ‘capacity’ to carry it out.

A demon’s body is a monstrosity that can break rocks and fly through the air. Even the monsters whose intellect has degenerated and focused all on physical abilities can't hold a candle. 

And even if they're wounded, they can quickly recover with the demonic energy supplied from the essence.


This was not good. In fact, this situation was at its worst.

In this battle, Elnore and I needed to work together. Elnore doesn’t know how to ‘fight’ him and can't just rush forward because of his 'purification'.

I'm the only one who knows all his attack patterns. Without my instructions, it's difficult to even attempt to attack him.

〚 Fight me, you worms! Stop this game of catch! 〛

Marquis Riverback shouted as he flew towards us. This will continue for a while. 

‘The important thing right now is to lure this guy away from the barrier.’

If the barrier gets damaged during the fight, it would be a big problem.

If I were Marquis Riverback, I would have prioritized breaking the barrier regardless of any interference. But he is a vain and conceited person.

It means that for now, he would prioritize revenge against me and Elnore first, who just cornered him earlier.

Moreover, his rational judgment has become increasingly blurred due to the influence of the demonic energy.

He's also throwing a fit and using crude words, rather than his usual dignified formal language. 

This becomes even more evident once you consider his style of faking formality till death. 

But what does this all mean?

It means that it is the perfect time to set up a trap.

“…We have to bring him to the academy.”

I whispered to Elnore, who was carrying me like a burden. 

Due to the Full Moon Festival and the emergency that occurred in the city, the outskirts of Elfante were most likely deserted right now.

The Deans and the President are probably all focused in the city, so we can't really expect any support from them. However, this also means that we are free to do things without worrying about collateral damage.

This was my aim. 

With that thought in mind, I continued to repeat the routine I've done so far.

Get hurt a little, buy time, lure him away. 

It’s just a matter of giving him enough to relish and not lose his attention. 

Despite severely lacking in many aspects, I was enduring it somehow.

I'm doing the same this time too.

I avoid the attacks he throws at me, and instruct Elnore to launch a counterattack, followed by dodging to minimize the damage caused by his retaliation as much as possible-

〚…By the way.〛

He suddenly said in the middle of the battle.

At this moment, I could feel chills running through my spine. There was something amiss. 

For starters, he was speaking in a voice that maintained reason, unlike his rage-filled voice from earlier.

This guy. 

Was he just pretending to be 'lured' by us all along? 

〚 Do I look like a fool to you? Did you seriously think that I wouldn't notice you trying to lure me away? 〛

As he said that, Marquis Riverback’s chest suddenly trembled and the darkness inside him stirred.

It was as if the demonic energy he's been lashing out at us until now was just the leftovers of the bigger one he's been collecting.

And by the sight of it, a sense of crisis, stronger than anything else in my life, constricted my body.

Just like how I hid my ‘intentions’ from this guy, he also hid something and responded back!

〚 You're the kind of person that'll ruin everything if left alone. 〛

Then from the chest, Marqui Riverback's heart, a murky darkness started to spread out. 

Despite it being the evening, it was clearly visible as if it was repelling every wave and particle of light in its path. 

[Surely, you're done with that.]


The soaring ‘dark curtain’ descended upon me.

   [ Soul Linker Activated. ]

   [ Magic Power Received. ]

   [ Skill ‘Penance’ has been used. ]

   [ Skill ‘Guardian Shield’ has been used. ]

That was the last thing I remember.

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