EP - 030.1 - Purifier (4)

It was satisfying to finally hit back at Marquis Riverback.

〚You little punk!〛

In reality, not much has really changed. I am still being pursued by Marquis Riverback, and there isn't much of a way to deal significant damage to him.

The absolute advantage I gained is great, but it is limited to erasing the opponent's 'unique' ability.

Of course, considering that most of the unique abilities are incredibly powerful, negating them is a powerful effect of its own. However, it's still difficult to overcome the current situation.

Thanks to the activation of King of Pandemonium, I erased the unique skill ‘Purification’, but I can't erase the devastating difference in stats between me and him. 

“Uh, crazy fck.”

As I throw myself to the side, a sculpture next to me shatters into pieces from a black beam that flies past.

Fortunately, there is no collateral casualties from all the attacks coming at me. 

It's probably because the students and faculty evacuated to the deepest part of the academy, following the emergency guidelines, with regards to the chaos in the city. 

I can thank Marquis Riverback for doing such a thing.

‘That's a problem…!’

Turning my head, I saw a veil of darkness spreading around Marquis Riverback's body. It was the same thing that struck me earlier and sent me flying hundreds of meters.

The skill description was:

   [ Skill: Black Mist ] [ Class: A ]

   [ Demonic remnant from the Devil's Essence. It can corrode nearby targets with demonic energy. Various applications are possible depending on the user's abilities. ]

It's a skill that demonized bosses who have consumed the Devil's Essence commonly possess. It allows for versatile offensive and defensive applications using demonic energy. 

Its offensive capability inflicts painful damage on anything that approaches within a certain range, and a defensive power that repels most attacks. 

This alone is dizzying, but there are additional headaches.

   [ Skill: Blessing of the Dark Soul ] [ Class: A ]

   [ All physical abilities are strengthened by the Devil's Essence rooted in the body. Adds regenerative abilities. Gives strong immunity to all physical damage. ]

In addition to basic stat enhancements and regeneration, this was this absurd effect because of the overflowing energy.

There's a reason why Elnore, who displays near-masterful skills in close combat struggled against this guy.

〚Why, why can an insect like you negate God’s grace-!〛

I heard this distorted scream from the back. It's probably because he still couldn’t catch me, much less maul me. 

Fortunately, this guy is finally enraged for real now, not like before. 

He's been like that ever since he noticed that his Purification Skill was erased by the effect of my King of Pandemonium.

‘Well, this is it.’

Let's try changing perspectives for a moment.

Considering the background of this guy, he's a shady merchant who started from the bottom and happened to get involved with the devil worshippers. After going through a teeth-gritting process, he finally gained recognition. 

Given the circumstances, there's a high chance he views the Devil's Essence, bestowed upon him by the Prophet, as the culmination of all his efforts so far. Thanks to that, he revels in that power and bask in a feeling of omnipotence.

Even Elnore and I, who shattered the tower he had built over the years with ease, got defeated using his newfound ability without even exerting much effort. 

But then...

The guy he thought he had killed suddenly resurrected, and in the blink of an eye, he's using a skill that surpasses his own.

His several years’ worth of achievements was once again reduced into nothing. 


Thinking this way, it's understandable that he would feel unjust.

Imagine having all the achievements you've built over a lifetime completely stripped away by the same person in less than a day.

If it were to happen to me, I would also be furious.

Well, considering they are villains, it doesn't really justify nor matter if they feel that way.

If anything...

“Is this ability good? I can't tell.”

I can use this to easily provoke his temper.

Even while running away, I was smiling and threw such a sentence at Marquis Riverback.


“Hmm, I'm not sure if this ability is anything good, really. I just happen to get it. I briefly crossed paths with someone, and they told me to take it. But after using it, it feels a bit cheesy.”

   〚...You, you...〛

“Wait, Marquis Riverback, is the ability you worked your ass off for years to obtain worse than this? Surely that can't be…”

〚Shut up!〛

Hmm, that's right.

Indeed, there's nothing quite as effective in provocation as using polite language.

I continue to taunt and run while chuckling at the chasing, fuming Marquis Riverback.

With his vanity and conceited character, it's close to impossible for him to maintain a rational judgment when provoked.

Even though he could effectively pressure me by exploiting the difference in our stats, he is only chasing after me and launching attacks impulsively like some child throwing a fit. 

With this, I could manage to get away just by using the un-nerfed Desperation. 

Of course, I was not just running away blindly without reason.

‘Not much time left.’

Checking my watch, the ‘promise time’ is due soon.

In that case, I need to temporarily get rid of this guy.


I confirm my current position and intentionally slowed down my fleeing speed.


Naturally, Marquis Riverback's attacks came at me like missiles.

   [ Soul Linker Activated. ]

   [ Magic Power Received. ]

   [ Skill ‘Guardian Shield’ has been used. ]

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