(EP-15.2) Monster Trouble #2

015 - Monster Trouble #2

I didn’t want to see this notification.

I don’t know what the heII happened for this to appear out of the blue.

“Are these all the monsters?”

I asked such a question.

But the reply I got was bewilderment. 

“Sir, this is the first thing you ask as soon as you wake up?”


But I just arrived though.

“If any monster escapes, people will die! Quick!”

The main quest comes first. I don’t know how severe the penalty imposed in the scenario is, but I definitely want to avoid getting to that situation.

When I urged her, Elijah helplessly patted her forehead in stupor.

“You're really... Is this really just how you are?”

With a sigh, she plopped on to the floor. Her stamina has reached its limit after defeating 6 monsters in a row with an injured body.

“I missed a medium rank monster. It's probably going to the first floor by now. If you go as fast as you can, you can probably catc…”

She was dozing off mid way through her sentence.



She probably didn't hear that. Anyways, I quickly dashed towards the first floor.

With this cursed stamina, even just going up and down the stairs was difficult as heII. But I managed to push through with heavy breaths.

Elfante had an ‘isolation barrier’ that's activated in the case of emergency.

Currently, the nearby faculty and staff had evacuated the students inside and was barely maintaining the barrier.

This was a wise decision.

Since the combat personnel in the academy are probably already coming this way after hearing the chaos, staying put is much better than fighting. Rather, the latter would just lead to casualties. 

The problem is.




The barrier would constantly shake every time the medium rank, bear-like monster would smash it with its paws.

And this is despite using all current means to reinforce the barrier.

In the first place, even regular Knights need a good amount of preparation when facing medium rank monsters. Being able to hold out like this is already good.

‘The priest…!’

It would be ideal if Elnore managed to bring a priest with her.

Due to the nature of their field, priests can reliably reinforce barriers. Even if there's only one priest, we can drag out the situation for time as long as we like.

Breathlessly scouting the area, I finally spotted Elnore at the corner of my eyes.

Seeing that she's with someone in a robe, she must have succeeded. She's indeed capable. 

“What do you mean you can't reinforce the barrier…!?”

“I already told you. It takes an angel's blessing to prevent that, and it's su¡cide to use it with your bare body.”

“But if it continues like this, people will…!”

“Then are you saying that I should go and kiII myself?”

However, judging from the bickering, it seems that things aren't going so well.

‘…So they aren't able to maintain the barrier?’

An academy professor level priest is able to conjure a similar level of blessing through prayer, even if it wasn't blessed by an angel. 

But in exchange, they have to pay the ‘price’. This is probably why that priest is arguing it's su¡cidaI.

This is also the reason why I purposely put the blessings I received on the Ultima and not on my body.

If you put the blessing in an ‘item’, its effect might get reduced, but there would be no worry of repercussions. At this point in time, this is still a relatively unknown trick.

‘But what's with his attitude?’

With that thought, I glared at the priest who continued the scuffle.

In the first place, it makes no sense for a priest to not bring a Holy Relic, which is basically their heart, with them in an emergency like this.

He's clearly making an excuse to not do it.

Even with Elnore visibly angry, the priest remained still with his arms crossed. In fact, he was even sneering.

‘In any case.’

This academy is a breeding ground for madmen. Thinking so, I approached the priest.

“Don't bring your political interests here! This is an emergency, people’s lives are at stake!”

“Ha, this is why the Tristan Family…”

“Then give it to me.”

I said, interrupting his buIIshi†.

At this time, both Elnore and the priest looked at me.


“You're the type of person who highly values their life. Even without a Holy Relic, I know you have something prepared. If you won't activate the blessing, I will.”

There was a moment of silence.

“…Hey. Student, do you know what a divine blessing is…”

Annoyed to hear anything more, I roughly ripped off the small rosario from the priest. If I drag this out any longer, the barrier will break. Every minute, every second cannot be wasted.

And before he can say anything, I had already turned around and dashed towards the Berkeley Hall.

Meanwhile, Elnore was looking at me with wide eyes.

However, I can't lie. I am a bit nervous.

   <System Message>


   [ Imminent favorability status change on target ‘Elnore'. ]

   [ You cannot abandon what you’re trying to do! ]

   [ Prepare yourself! ]


I break out in a cold sweat. This message just doubled my anxiety.

‘Ahh, I don’t know! I'll think about it later!’

I already have a lot of things to take care of. Right now, if I don’t focus on the main quest, I’ll be in big trouble!

I prepared the Ultima then slashed the Rosario on my left arm, drawing out blood.

A bluish light enveloped the Rosario along with a burning pain. This was an emergency tool that all priests have in case of an emergency. After mixing it with blood, it can used as a small magic power battery.


I let out a sigh and put the Rosario into the incense burner. The magic incense burner immediately reacted to it and began to emit blue light as well.

   [ Skill ‘Penance’ is available! ]

   [ Skill ‘Guardian Shield’ is available! ]

Right after checking the windows that popped out one after the other, I immediately threw myself between the medium rank monster and the barrier.

“Wha-, what?”

“Student! What are you doing!? Get away right now!”

I could hear the panicked voices of the faculty behind the barrier.

For anyone, this was just outright crazy.

    [ A moment of danger has been detected. ]

   [ Determined the situation as life-threatening. ]

   [ Skill: Desperation raised to EX Class. ]

The other skills also started to kick in.

   [ Skill: Penance Activated. ]

   [ Converting all additional stat to Endurance. ]


   [ Skill: Guardian Shield Activated. ]

   [ Creating shield. ]     

A translucent blue shield appeared before my eyes.

A shield that was the result of Penance and Desperation combo. I don’t know how strong it is, but even a medium rank monster shouldn't be able to break it easily.

“Student! What are you doing!? Run away now! Leave this to us…!”

“…I can't run away, that's why I'm here.”


“Keep the students safe. I’ll stall for time.”

Yes, this is it.

My purpose is to buy time, not to kill the monster.

This should work, somehow.


The murderous yellow eyes of the bear-like monster were ferociously glaring at me.

I took a deep breath as we saw each other eye to eye.

Let's calm down. 

If I make a mistake, I will die. That's why..

“Bring it, bear!”

I can’t make mistakes.

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