(EP-7.1) Assassination Attempt #2

007 - Assassination Attempt #2


“What, you're nothing special like I thought?”

“Ye, yeah…”


No, that’s because you guys are way beyond the student level.

Elijah thought so and looked around at the groaning assassins spread out on the floor.

From their skills, it was clear that they have lived on the edge of knives for a long time. It makes no sense for students to just subdue these people.

‘Of course, there are people who can’t be judged with common sense…’

She then looked at the person quietly retrieving their sword with a wry smile, after single-handedly slaughtering the enemies.

Even the other students, who had the power to easily deal with the leftover assassins, showed a sense of awe mixed with fear when they looked at this person.

However, such a reaction was normal towards someone who subdued this many assassins with an undrawn sword.

Among the best swordsmen on the continent was the Princess, praised as the greatest talent of all time.

The swordsmanship she displays is in a realm where even Elijah, who had gone through numerous battles, could not help but admire.

‘How many people on the continent can imitate that?’

The Tristan Style Swordsmanship is a highly advanced skill where one is considered a genius just by being able to imitate it. And if one is able to master it, one could destroy common sense regardless of weapon.

It was said that even a stick can be used to kiII. 


Lost in her thoughts, Elijah suddenly noticed something.

Elnore’s hand was shaking.

It was as if she was putting up with something excruciating.

From an experienced point of view.

It’s as if she's frustrated that she can't "kiII" the other person.

It looked like her body was screaming to pull out her sword and start hacking.


Elijah felt silent goosebumps. Then as if noticing her gaze, Elnore subtly hid her hand behind and said.

“…It looks like we've subdued them all.”

It was a clear signal not to talk about what she had just seen, to which Elijah agreed.

If she tried to touch on the topic now, she might have a sword come and send her to the heavens.

“Yes, I think we should hand them over to the academy-“

Elijah suddenly stopped mid sentence.

It was because she found a shining blue jewel on the body of one of the assassins.

It was a short-range communication device. Something that she's seen several times before when subjugating monsters.

This means that there are still others in the building that these guys keep in ‘contact’ with.

“-It's not over yet.”

Elijah smiled as she approached one of the assassins.

“Hey, are there others besides everyone here right now?”


Seeing the assassin silently glaring at her, Elijah bitterly laughed inwardly.

Yeah, finding answers isn't so easy-


However, before she could even finish thinking, the assassin’s arm suddenly broke with bang.


The assassin's silent scream gave Elijah an idea of the amount of pain they were feeling.

Dumbfounded, she turned and saw Elnore putting the sheathed sword back on her waist.

“If you don’t talk, I’ll break your neck next.”


“Hmm. No. That just wasn’t appropriate.”

When Elnore said that, the dumbfounded Elijah also smiled.

Yeah, but you really can't just say that out of the blue.

“If no one speaks, I'll fold everyone's throat.”


Heavy silence permeated the surroundings.

Elnore was talking in a calm manner like in a casual conversation. But it's precisely because of this that people know that she'll really do what she says she would. 

Eventually, someone admitted in place of the assassin with a broken arm.

Listening to the tense words, Elnore simply nodded her head expressionlessly.

“Yes. Hasmed of Crescent Moon. He steals the identity of his victim.”

Hearing those words, Elnore, who had been silent for a while, opened her mouth.

“That assassin, is he here with you?”


“Answer the question, is he in this building right now?”

“…I can’t tell you that-“

The assassin suddenly stopped midway.

Anyone who realizes that one of their arms has been slashed by a sword will probably do so.

It was none other than Elnore, who had drawn her sword in an instant.

“A, aaaak-!”

The assassin screamed in pain as his blood sprayed everywhere. However, Elnore did not even think about wiping the splattered blood off her face and just grabbed the assassin by the collar.

Her red eyes shone ferociously in the dim surroundings.

“Is that assassin here?”

“A, aaaaak-!”

“If you don’t answer, I’ll cut off the other side too.”

“Y, yes! He's here!”

Upon hearing that, Elnore threw the screaming assassin to the ground.

She was stunned for a bit before running out, leaving the other students who remained still.

“Wait! What the heII is this madness!”

Breaking an arm and ‘threats’ were not the same as pulling out a real sword and slashing a body part off!

Elnore's personality seemed to have turned a 180° as soon as she heard that there was an assassin named Hasmed in the building.

Elnore sighed and answered Elijah, who had quickly caught up.

“Because I needed an answer urgently. Lives are on the line and there's medical equipment nearby.”


That said, who would do such a thing without hesitation?

“What was that for…!”

“They said the assassin kills and steals his victims identity. Who do you think would be the easiest to target in this building right now?”

Elijah was speechless.

Come to think of it, there was one.

One person who dared to separate from the group saying it was ‘necessary’.

“…No way.”

Elijah said firmly.

“Did he use himself as bait to lure the strongest opponent there?”

Logically speaking, this is just all speculation.

You can't just know that such an assassin is coming in the first place. And even if you did, why would you risk your own life to do such a dangerous thing-

-I, quite like that person.


-It's possible.

Now, it was clear that this assassination attempt was aimed at Princess Tristan.

And it was evident that Elnore agrees, seeing that she kept her mouth shut without answering.

“I’ll have to go there and check.”

“Why are you doing this? What is the relationship between you two…?”

“…Didn’t you say that there's nothing between you two?”

Elnore said.

“At least as far as I know.”

But, unlike before.

She wasn't even sure of herself now.

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