(EP-9.2) Crazed Swordsman #2

009 - Crazed Swordsman #2

Unlike the spar with Elijah, this attack had the intention to kill.

I parried the first blow to my neck using the incense burner I was holding in my hand. It's a relic and won’t be easily destroyed just from a few attacks, making it a good substitute for a shield.

Zeng-! Sparks flew with a sound.

‘What a monster…!’

Despite having enhanced strength with enough power to blow away a human like a feather, my body felt numb.

It was absurdly powerful for an attack done without proper stance and right after waking up.

Fortunately, I know how to avoid being beaten.

I threw my body backwards and rolled. 

This is a s†upid move if you’re in combat.

It has no meaning other than keeping a distance from the opponent.

However, against this girl, this was a good move.

As soon as my body touched the floor, I instinctively measured the distance between us.

‘Three and a half steps.’

It’s a distance where I can reach her without the risk of getting sliced. 

Meanwhile, Yuria remained rooted on her spot.

She exhibits near invincible combat power against opponents who entered within a ‘three steps’ range from her. Inversely, she cannot invade within ‘three steps’ of the opponent.

A human being forced to distance herself from everyone.

The ‘curse’ on this person was designed that way.

   [Can you please stay still?]

Of course, seeing that sentence floating in the air with that teary eyes, it was clear that she wasn’t too happy about me not being within range.

“…So it’s easier to slice?”


I expected that much.

Though I'm stuck in quite a bit of a dilemma.

A wall at the back and Yuria's sword in front.

I am safe as long as I'm more than three steps away, but I have no way of escaping in this situation.

I could risk it for the biscuit and pass through her, but with such intense hostility, that's the last thing I want to do. I'd rather try negotiating first…


Wait a minute.


I can negotiate.

Some ideas started to come to mind.

As someone who's forced to keep a distance from everyone, Yuria’s life was solitary.

This was all an unexpected encounter. So considering that she prefers an environment where there are ‘few people’ and with a ‘constant state’, assuming that is not too far off. 

The faculty members have their own residence and would not come here unless it's for business.

People in such an environment always suffer chronically.


And so, I slowly put my hand in my pocket, making it very clear that I have no malicious intentions.

Then, with a solemn gesture, I take out the biscuits I was eating earlier.



I can feel Yuria’s gaze locking on to the biscuits I'm holding.

Her gaze moves along the direction of the food.

I think I heard a dry swallow and something like a grumbling stomach.


I began tossing the biscuits one by one as if I'm feeding a cat.

I'm using this to lure her away from my escape escape path, just like in the story of Hansel and Gretel.

   [Are you trying to entice a human with food?]

The advantage of communicating with levitating text is that you can clearly distinguish between speaking and what their mouth is doing.

She may have asked that question, but she was currently eating a biscuit with great vigor.

   [I'm not an animal. How can anyone fall for something like this!]

Her words may not be honest, but her actions are.

Every time she ate one, she noticeably became happier.

If she was a puppy, her tail would've been wagging furiously by now as she munch on.

Then, she must have realized that I was watching and heavily denied.

   [I won’t fall for these primitive tricks! I am human!]

Is that so?

“I got some more, you want them?”


After a while.

Yuria was munching on a whole bag of biscuits with glee.

She looked like a cute animal.

   [By the way, who are you? Why are you here?]


People need to open themselves up first before we can attempt any sort of civilized communication. 

And finally getting this question.

‘…But I can’t tell her the truth.’

I can't just say, I'm here to steal, can I?

Regardless of how much Yuria is leading a half-wild beast-like solitary life, she's not incapable of communication. 

It would be difficult if this gets known by faculty members.

Now, what’s a good excuse…

Ah, right.

I glanced at the incense burner lying on the floor.

If I try to grab it now, it will attract Yuria's attention. So let’s talk a bit more.

“I came to give you food because of someone.”

Such a topic naturally grabbed Yuria's attention.


Yuria asked blankly.

Seeing dozens of floating question marks, she must have been quite taken aback.

“Someone I know said to take care of you.”

     [Someone you know…?]

Actually, that person doesn't exist. However, saying this BS will help later.

It would've been impossible to create a variable like this in the original game. But at the same time, if it was the original game, I wouldn't have encountered Yuria in the supply room.

With that said, shouldn’t I take advantage of the opportunity of meeting her here? This would make things run more smoothly for me in the future.

“Don’t worry, your sister is doing well in the Holy Land.”

The key is to deliver this information in advance.

Yuria’s body visibly stiffened hearing this.

“The Emperor won’t pay you or your sister any attention for the time being. He still has to deal with those hidden at the academy.”

The girl tightly embraced her chain-wrapped sword that never once left her side.

Although it was a small action, the swirl of emotions it brought was terrifyingly intense.

It's all because of that person that Yuria has come to Elfante Academy, far away from her hometown Holy Land, and living a life like this.

Originally, this would be covered in detail in Chapter 2.

But she at least deserves to know some general information about her one and only family.


My eyes couldn't help but linger on the sword that Yuria was holding.

It didn't look like it had any special features on the outside, but it's actually a terrifying high rank item in Sera.

Yuria actually plays the role of a kind of ‘seal’ that suppresses its fangs. The curse associated with the three steps also comes from that thing.

She's probably under constant threat of mental corruption even worse than Elnore.

Shouldn’t we give her some hopeful news to ease her suffering?

    [You, who are you? Where did you come from…]

“I'll get going now.”

I can't possibly tell her that in detail.

‘Because there is no such thing in the first place.’


If a lie is too long, its tail will easily get stomped on.

It would be better to mysteriously exit while I still can.

On the way, I made sure to pick up the incense burner that's on the floor due to the aftermath of the previous collision.

Someone from the Holy Land would know the value of this item, but Yuria seemed too shocked by what I said and didn’t to pay any attention to this.

Thank god…!

It’s worth the talk…!

“…I’ll come again.”

Still, I left her with a farewell message.

Even if I can no longer go to the supply room and steal in the future, I’m sure there will be one more time.

Look out for me then. Eung?

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