(EP-8.1) Crazed Swordsman 

008 - Crazed Swordsman 

“This is a mess, a mess.”

Beatrix groaned with her head buried on the desk.

The situation was obvious just by looking at the piled up documents that had piled up like mountains.

The President of Elfante Academy was outraged by the bloodshed inside the academy. Not to mention that it was during an official event.

So much so that there's an official letter ordering to find the ringleader in just less than a day after the incident.

The problem was that if one were to look at the route and time the assassins infiltrated, it was clear that there was an 'insider' helping them. 

This fact is probably a big part of why the president was so angry.

Beatrix slightly lifted her head, then said with narrowed eyes.

“Still, all of you who were present will receive commendations for subduing that many armed personnel without a single casualty.”

“Is that so?”

Beatrix’s expression slightly distorted hearing the soulless reply.

“…The problem is that guy, Dowd Campbell. He’s missing from the list of people to receive a commendation. I don't know why and there’s no reason for him to be excluded. I think he's deliberately trying to be low-key.”

“Is that so?”

“The academic team is definitely working on something. It seems like they're preparing something big, with that guy as the center.”

“Is that so?”

“I'mma hit you if you answer like that one more time.”

“Is that so?”

A sitting Elnore was blankly staring at the ceiling, as she casually caught the ink bottle flying towards her.

Seeing her do that without even turning her head was deserving of her title of Princess Tristan, however that didn’t make Beatrix less angry.

“What's wrong with you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You've been like that the whole day. Where is your mind wandering off to?”


“People coming after you is nothing new, but this time feels a little different. I don’t know who, but seeing how they openly committed two assassination attempts in a short period of time shows that they're very determined.”

“I guess so.”

“I guess so— It’s not a one and done thing, s†upid. Do you think that someone stubborn would give up just because they failed this time? Are you sure they're not going to try again?”

Elnore, who was looking at Beatrix, turned her gaze back to the ceiling.

Beatrix could only let out a heated sigh.

“…I do not know. I don’t know what’s going on, I won’t help you if you don’t tell me either.”



“I think I care about someone.”

It was commendable enough that Beatrix hadn’t toppled over her desk.

Anyone who knew what kind of person Elnore was would have probably reacted the same way.


“I said I think I care about someone.”

Did Beatrix heard it wrong?

No, she doesn't think so.

“What do you mean?”


There was no answer, but somehow it felt like Elnore stared at the ceiling more intensely. As if she's hiding her shame.

Seeing that the tips of Elnore's ears were slightly red, Beatrix almost felt cosmic fear.

This woman was acting like an adolescent girl?

A stone face whose expression doesn't change while slicing through people?

“…Who is it?”

“Didn’t you just talk about him?”

She was so embarrassed, she couldn't even say it directly and had to do it in a roundabout way.

“Dowd Campbell?”


“No, wait a minute.”

Feeling an explosive headache, Beatrix grabbed her head and sank back onto the desk.

Come to think of it, it felt like her attitude changed a bit after the sparring with the next Hero candidate.

That was this, wasn’t it?

Eung. That's it.

“You like him?”

“…I haven’t said that yet.”

Oh girl!



Elnore firmly shut her mouth. The tips of her ears got a bit redder.

At that sight, Beatrix's mouth blankly opened again, feeling the headache getting worse.

“You know how big of a storm this will bring, don't you?”

Princess Tristan was in a position where her every single move is used as a story.

That's probably because the prestige of the Tristan Family was so much greater than that of Elnore as an individual. Regardless, when such a person is in a relationship, it would likely be consumed with gossip.

Of course, there is no particular problem with gossip, but there is one person who will not be pleased with it.

“If Archduke Tristan finds out—”

However, Beatrix was forced to shut her mouth.

As soon as she said that, it felt like the temperature in the entire room had gone down several degrees.

“…Yes, that old man would be displeased.”

Elnore replied in a frosty voice.

This wasn't the attitude you'd expect from a daughter to her father, but Beatrix didn’t put too much thought to it.

He didn't even contact his daughter after two assassination attempts.

You don’t have to ask to know what the relationship between the two is like.

So, she decided to change topics.

“This situation is kind of… weird. How did he seduce you-“

“I didn't get seduced.”

Beatrix laughed at the sight of a disgruntled Elnore twirling the ends of her hair.

It's probably like that since she wouldn’t care about what others had to say.

“Anyway, if he had been kind to you in any way, you’re usually the first to question why.”

The environment molds a person.

Sadly, Princess Tristan was in an environment where it's a must to assume that there's some intention behind everything rather than trusting people’s pure kindness.

But now, strangely enough, this woman was trusting this man.

As if something had compelled her into it.

“It seems so.”

Considering her usual tendency, it was unprecedented for someone to approach and impact her that quickly and greatly.

Elnore should be aware of this too.

“Then why don’t we test it out?”

“What test?”

“We're just going to take a closer look.”

“…What are you talking about?”

Seeing Elnore smile instead of answering, gave Beatrix goose bumps.

She felt a sense of foreboding.

At least when this woman had this look, things wouldn't remain quiet.

“Hey, what are you talking about?”

“Let's go get something to eat. It’s about time.”

“Don't change the subject-!”