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(EP-5.2) Exam 

005 - Exam

Elfante Academy's admissions and class assignments were done in two phases.


The first was a group assignment that was weeded out through 1:1 sparring.


After that, there's the 'class placement' exam that evaluates the student's overall ability in detail.


Students will be grouped according to their performance in the 1:1 sparring.


I was assigned to the top group thanks to beating the next Hero candidate.


Looking around, this group was riddled with confident faces who are proud to belong to this group.       




I'm the only odd one out, sticking out like a sore thumb.


There are many reasons for that, but this woman was the biggest one.


I glanced at Elijah, who's in the same group. She made eye contact with me and waved.


Her smile was almost appalling.    




Didn't I beat her to death yesterday?


There is nothing good about me getting involved with the main character.


The more I interact with important people in the story, the more my life is at risk. In that respect, just Elnore alone is already too much to handle. 


I have to avoid her as best as I can.

   < Gift-related Character Notification >


   ▼ Elijah Krisanax


   [ Curiosity Level 4 ] >>> [ Curiosity Level 5 ]


   [ Rewards Currently Unavailable! ]


   [ Close to favorability status change! ]


   [ She is an important character. A special event will trigger after a successful status change! ]

Why is her favorability soaring?


What is it really?


So many questions!


Come to think of it, an envelope with my name written on it was delivered to the front of my room out of the blue yesterday.


It contained a cute piece of paper that said, 'Do your best for tomorrow's exam'.


Obviously, there's literally no one that could've sent me this. The thought of a stalker gave me goosebumps.


'...I don't know.'     


I let out a sigh.


On a positive note, it says 'Rewards Currently Unavailable', which means that there is a reward.


But why am I not being rewarded yet? Is it because she's not a villain?


"Group 1! It's your turn!”     


The Teaching Assistant announced.


Well, that's that.


For now, I should focus on what's in front.


The entrance exam is the first stem that kicks off Sera's main scenario.


It was about evaluating students' abilities through tests in various events held inside the stadium.


This is where the main character showcases her abilities, gets recognized and rewarded, etc. 


It was a smooth development. No matter how you look at it, there's no way this goes wrong.




That's how it was 'supposed' to go.

   < Gift-related Character Notification >


   ▼ Elnore Elinalise La Tristan


   [ Trust Level 2 ]

   [ Related events coming soon! ]     


But this...


I read through the system prompts as I looked in front.


“Nice to meet you, I am Elnore. I will be leading the examination.”


I don't think this was a good sign.


The Student Council President was personally leading the exam because it's the 'top group'?




The timing was too perfect for it to be a coincidence.


She would be having an 'event' today, and she's also somehow the one leading my group in the entrance exam.


At this point, it would be more strange if nothing happens during the exam.


“Alright, let’s move into the exam venue first. I will entertain questions there.”     


I looked around nervously as I follow behind Elnore into the stadium.


I don't know what will happen.


However, this was all for naught.


There was no need for it to begin with because the situation was presented in the easiest way possible.

As soon as I entered the stadium, the entrance suddenly closed shut with a bang.


At the same time, all the lights inside the building went out. As if there was a sudden power outage.     






Silence lingered in the dark room. Finally, one guy asked in a bewildered voice.     


“Hey, you said you're going to entertain questions, right? Is this also part of the exam?”     


Well, I guess I can answer that for you.     


   [ 'Elnore' Related Event Occurs! ]


   【Event: Subsequent Assassination Attempt】


   - Assassins are still out to target her!

   - Protect her from getting hurt!

This was not part of the exam.


It's a trap!




Dowd Campbell. Day 3 of Admission to the academy.


My life is already in danger.




IMPORTANT: I don't have the raws for this novel and could only translate up to the free chapters (Episode 15) so if anyone has the raws, feel free to dm me on discord at DuhLion#4454

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