(EP-3.2) One Punch 

003 - One Punch 

If there's gambling culture in this academy, betting on my side and winning would rake in a lot of cash because of the extreme ratio.  On the polar opposite, they'll terribly lose if I lose.   


This was the current atmosphere of the crowd right now. 

Everyone's eyes were full of anticipation, that is in how I would get crushed.


Even I agree with them. In this situation, I didn't even think of betting on myself to get a reverse sweep because that's never going to happen. 


“How long do you think he'll last?”


“How long? Shouldn't he be looking in getting the least injured?”


"Well, what talent would a guy who crawled out of some trashy baron family have?"

These were the types of conversations all around, however, I have no intention of refuting them.


This kind of ridicule was actually good since most wouldn't even care, knowing such obvious results.     


'This is just sad...'


With that thought in mind, I looked at the other person.


It was just a girl warming up, doing some stretches.


However, to my eyes, she was like a giant serpent with its mouth wide open and tongue flicking towards its prey.


If you replace me with a mouse, it might have more chances. 


My only saving grace was this.

   [ Skill: Desperation ] [ Class: ??? ]

   [ Gain stat enhancement at the moment of danger. The lower the chance of survival, the stronger the effect. ]       


My stats were a joke, complete garbage. It wouldn't be strange if I died after getting hit once.


No matter how you look at it, this was a 'moment of danger', right?     




This could turn horrific.


I wondered if I'm betting too much on a weird skill with question marks as its class.     


'Ah, I don't know.'


No matter how much I thought about it, there's no other way to keep up with the growth rate required of me other than this craziness.


I'm not in a position to be picky when I'll face a life-threatening event in two days.


Anyway, let's go for broke.    


'I should aim for...'    


According to the story, the sparring event following the entrance ceremony is a main event where all kinds of people gather to watch.


There's probably 'high-ranking nobles' and 'key figures of the academy' who have major influence participating.


Meaning, I'll definitely encounter the 'villains'.


I have no intention of winning either. Losing after a hard-fought battle was the best I could hope for.


Right now, I should focus on 'not dying'. In that way, even if I might not necessarily gain the 'favor' of the villains, but I'll definitely be able to attract their 'interest'.


It won't be impossible.

I'm a veteran at this game, and I know what kind of attacks this person can use.


If you combine that information advantage with stat buffs, the possibility is quite high...    


"Excuse me."     


Elijah, who had drawn her sword, spoke to me while I was preoccupied with my thoughts.


She said it in a low voice so no one else could hear it.    


“Tell me honestly. You're insanely weak, aren't you?”




Why are you suddenly stabbing a sore spot?


“I was originally planning on hitting you once, but...”


She smiled bitterly while uttering some odd words.




"You were in the same cabin as Princess Tristan, right?"     


Elijah smiled and continued.    


“I hate that person. No, it's not just her, I hate the entire Tristan Family.”


Her ensuing voice contained frost-like hatred.     


“They're a devilish family.”


Now that some courage right there.


In this world, the existence of 'devils' is taboo to even mention. It's a harbinger of disasters.


It wouldn't be strange if Duke Tristan tried to kill her immediately upon hearing these words.     


'...Well, I can't say she's wrong.'


The problem is that they're tied to a devil.


It's not that they're 'like' a devil, but people who actually signed a contract with the devil.


Further, this person has a deep-seated grudge towards Duke Tristan.


It's probably a grudge that dates way back in the family history, so it's not like I can't understand where it's coming from...    


“... But I was just riding in the same cabin as her though?”  


“You remind me of that person, which annoys me, so I was gonna make it painful for you.”




“However, seeing your skills made me reconsider. Should we just pretend to fight each other and end it? You don't want to get hurt either, do you?"     


She winked while whispering at me.     


Well, I'm sure she's doing this for my own good. However, this doesn't really make sense for my current situation.


My life is at stake and I badly needed to exponentially grow within two days.


And the only way to achieve that is doing the opposite of that.


In other words.     

“I think you should just hit me as painfully as you want.”




“I quite like her.”    


I have a reason to antagonize this person. 


Elijah blankly blinked. Though, it soon changed to a convinced face. 


“She has a good public image, doesn't she? Something like that definitely trick people. However, that's just all-”


“- Facade. I know. In fact, I have a rough idea of her actions."



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