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(EP-2.1) Meeting #2 

002 - Meeting #2 

The accident was quickly resolved.

Turns out that damage due to falling rocks happens quite often because of the mountainous terrain, so there were safety measures already prepared.

The fact that there were no deaths or even serious injuries in such a major accident proved that fact. I mean, the train literally rolled!

I was just unlucky by having the room I'm staying at get directly hit by the boulder, almost dying in the process.

The students quickly transferred to another mode of transport and went straight to the academy, where they received the highest level of medical care in case something was wrong.

Getting such full body checks naturally leaves you some time.

I could finally examine my situation.

   <Special Gift>


   Gift #1- Fated Love


   [ Obtain rewards as you gain favorability of characters with an evil alignment. ]

I looked at the description written at the bottom of the window screen dumbfounded.

With such conditions, no wonder I couldn't find anything no matter what I did.

Baron Campbell’s territory was so remote that it’s even hard to find anyone with a neutral alignment, let alone an evil one. Naturally, I couldn't awaken my special gift since the basic conditions weren’t met.

Sighing, I turned my attention towards the skills section.

   < Skill Info >


   [ Skill: Desperation ] [ Class: ??? ]

   [ Gain stat enhancement at the moment of danger. The lower the chance of survival, the stronger the effect. ]


   [ Skill: Fatal Charm ] [ Class: ??? ]

   [ People with evil alignment are more likely to get attracted to you. The more extreme the alignment, the stronger the effect. ]

[Desperation] is probably an ability that helps in survival and combat. Although the activation condition of ‘moment of danger’ is a little ambiguous, a skill with a stat-enhancing effect will definitely be great.

On the other hand, [Fatal Charm]…


Can I really take this?

I don’t know how this attracting thing would work, but this game is riddled with dangerous villains.

A mad boxer manic about fighting.

A swordsman who unconditionally cuts anything closer than three steps from them.

A cold-blooded assassin who will kill anyone for money.

An arrogant genius mage who sees everyone as mongrels beneath themselves.

My temples throbbed as the images of troublesome people flashed my mind one after another.

Ah, I don’t know.

‘…Isn't it good to now have at least something?’

I sighed and closed the status window.

Acquiring a skill that directly helps with survival is a huge achievement in itself.

In the first place, after arriving here, my course of action revolved around ‘my own survival’.

Trying to be faithful to my duties as an extra is exactly that.

So there is no reason to refuse something like this to survive in a world where hell awaits.

‘However, this is weird…’

The skill class is marked with '???.' What is this?

Normally, it would at least mark it between the lowest Class F to the highest EX.

This is my first time seeing this. 

“Why are you blankly staring in the air? Would you like me to do another psych exam?”

“No. I’m fine.”

The medical officer recording my condition on the chart looked at me suspiciously.

“The numbers are all normal, but…”

“Then that's it. In the first place, no one was hurt in the accident, so why the fuss?”

“Nominally, it is. Perhaps this whole thing will be just an accident as well.”

The medical officer replied with a sigh.

“But we’ll have to think about whether it really is an accident.”


“I heard you were riding with Princess Tristan?”

“…What about it?”

“And you’re from a baron family without a decent background, right?”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I am giving you serious advice. I am also a graduate of Elfante Academy, and like you, I came from a nameless noble family.”

The medical officer continued with a bitter smile.

“Do you think it's a coincidence that in so many rooms, yours was the one that got hit?”


“Duke Tristan has many enemies. Before it was fine as you had no choice, but it would be best to avoid them from now on. If you associate yourself with high-ranking nobles, aren't you the only one seeing blood in the end?”

Even if you don’t say it, I already know that man.

In an academy where all sorts of evil lurk, would that person really have the title of final boss candidate for nothing? It's fated that you are in danger of dying just by being next to them.

If it’s a problem…

   < Gift-related Character Notification >


   ▼ Elnore


   [ Trust Level 1 ]

   [ D-2 until related events occur ]



   ... Whether I like it or not, I'm already stuck with this person.



IMPORTANT: I don't have the raws for this novel and could only translate up to the free chapters (Episode 15) so if anyone has the raws, feel free to dm me on discord at DuhLion#4454

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