(EP-0) Marriage Proposal

Prologue - Marriage Proposal

The butterfly effect sucks.


Of course, there is nothing wrong with the phenomenon proposed by the theory.

Different conditions give varying results. 

However, its existence proved that a small decision has the power to alter a person's destiny.

“My dear.”

Therefore, it sucks. Well, for me at least.

To put it simply.

I've had a few choices I regret in my life.


Choices that led me into this situation.

Why, there's typically that one thing.

I shouldn’t have played that damned game.

  [ Savior Rising ]

In short, academy genre shows. The drama between innocent youth, usually featuring complex and multifaceted characters. While, at the same time, retaining familiarity and archetypes.

It’s a good game.

If only I didn't get stuck there.

Does that even make sense? Could someone get dragged in a game for playing it?

I'm completely oblivious as to why this happened. Is it because some God-like being willed it or the attachment I have with the main character?

Like usual, I completed the game, saw through the ending, had my fun and then went to bed.

The next time I opened my eyes, I was already here.

“My dear. Are you listening?”

I didn't answer.

Maybe that person wouldn't notice that I’m here and go away.

Oh, please.

“I already knew you're in there. You’d better open the door.”


“I have already talked with (Dorm) Supervisor Ophelia, you have no special class scheduled today.”


They're like a stalker.

I'll need to come up with another way to send them away…

“Alright, so you're really going to ignore me till the end?”

A helpless sigh came from behind the door.

“Fine, I’ll cut this thing down and invite myself in.”

This lunatic...

Without giving me any chance to respond, a pitch-black sword that seemed to suck up all the surrounding light pierced the door of my private room.

The Elfante Imperial Academy's dorm facility was designed to keep the students inside safe even when against large monsters.

It was not, by any means, easy to break.

However, this terrifying woman just cut through it like cardboard. 

“…Isn’t this a violation of the school rules?”

"The Student Council is responsible for enforcing the punishment for the rule violations. It just so happens that I'm the Student Council President.”

She literally just admitted to abusing her power.

The woman then sheathed the black sword into a similarly dark scabbard, which matched her also-dark outfit.

She wore black clothing from head to toe, contrasting the whiteness of her pale skin and long straight hair. Her bright red eyes particularly popped in such a monochrome color scheme.

Finally, the distinctive ‘noble’ air around her ties all those features together.

This unique look was engraved in my memory.

No, it's impossible to forget.

“"I came because I have something to say. You've been avoiding me lately.”




   "That's about... the 32nd time now?"


   "...Why are you counting this?"


I bluntly replied, as I collect my thoughts.


Elnore, the Student Council President of Elfante Academy.

She's a popular belle well-rounded in both literary and martial arts, and is the daughter of Duke Tristan.

A character that shines blindingly bright and a freshman-nobody like me would never cross paths.

At least, that's what should've happened, if things went the way they're supposed to.


In the first place, not being involved with this woman was better for me.

More images flood my mind.

The illustrations and CGs I saw in the 'original work'.

A bloodied Elnore building mountains of corpses with her black longsword. Elnore, with her red eyes flashing fiercely, commanding an army of demons and monsters.

Etc., etc.

What's certain though, was that regardless of where you look, she leaves one consistent impression.

She's a ‘frightening villain’.

Yes, that's no secret.

This woman is the ‘Final Boss’ of this Sera World. If the protagonist doesn’t stop her, she'll eventually throw the whole world in a fire pit.

A person of such caliber and significance should have just passed by an extra like me, nothing more.

“You know why I came all the way here.”

However, in the end, it's too late.

The butterfly wings had already fluttered and blew the gust of fate that led me to this current situation.

Her red eyes coldly stared at me, while her grip on the sword's handle tightened.


The heavy atmosphere became even more serious.

Her mouth parted once more.

“I’ll ask you again, Dowd Campbell.”

A ‘storm’ had brewed with the flap of the butterfly's wings.

“Will you marry me?”



I still couldn't wrap my head around this simple yet full-of-implications question.

Dowd Campbell.

The heir to a minor lord of a remote region with not the slightest recognition. A freshman-nobody at the Academy. And a bottom dwelling, unrecognized extra of this world.

And such a person now is...

He's being proposed to by a woman who would destroy the world within a few years.

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