009. Licht, Age 12

Tomorrow is the spring equinox - the day of the inspection of my little brother who has turned 12.

There are a total of three children who will be examined together with my little brother. Since it will be hard to take care of them, it was decided that two others would lead the group. Luca, who will reach adulthood in about 10 days, is mixed in with the group. 

Luca was chosen as one that would be leading, perhaps because of his little brother's cute comment, "I want to walk around the town with my Brother," but it's probably because the adults in the village remembered that when the peddler gave Luca a ride two years ago. He praised Luca's skill at camping in a grand manner.

This time, Luca and another middle-aged man led the children in a donkey cart provided by the village.

Although the adults in the village did not like Luca's 'strangeness', he has not brought them any of the disasters they feared when he was just a newborn. In fact, he has learned archery and has been contributing to the village. Sometimes, he's even taking down big game by himself. So, with the exception of a few hardheaded individuals, most of the people were starting to treat Luca equally.

As for Luca, he was discriminated against, so he naturally had misgivings in his heart. But after all, this is a small village. They would sometimes be taken care of through bartering or communal work.

Although I am not satisfied with the situation, I have no choice but to accept it.

My little brother, Licht, who is about to undergo the inspection, is very intelligent and has knowledge and wisdom that are comparable to those of an adult, even though he is only 12 years old.

I thought he would come over to the cabin to also learn hunting skills, but he's actually reading books.

Wolf is surprisingly bookish, and often brings a book or two with him when he is holed up in the aviary.

Although the literacy rate of the people in the village is not high, Wolf seems to have traveled from place to place before he drifted into the village, so he has an educated and cultured side to him.

Both Luca and Licht were taught to read, write, and calculate by Wolf.

Luca was a hunting apprentice so he learned it alongside his hunting skills. But Licht was interested in nature and mathematics, so much so that he had read all of Wolf's books within a year.

His favorite books were [Minerals of the World and Their Properties] and [The Mathematics of Celestial Navigation].

Wolf goes to town once every two years or so, selling off his books and stocking up on others. But when these two books were about to be sold, Licht clung to Wolf's waist and pleaded with him not to sell them. That was during the fall around the time he turned 10. Luca was impressed that his little brother could read such books. Meanwhile, Wolf was actually regretting buying these books because it was too difficult for him, so he was eager to sell it. But, in the end, he gave in to Licht and the books are still in the cabin.

This little brother of mine got off the back of the cart and has been walking in front of me and the others since a while ago. It is probably to reduce the burden on the donkeys. Today is his first time going out of the village, so he constantly looked at the birds and flowers, and also talk to Luca. Luca had put on his hood as he gazes dazzledly at his little brother.

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