007. The Real <Grace>

As a final touch, Luca found a circular spot of dried earth inside the string. It overlapped a little with his footprints, but they were still there. If you leave a flowerpot for a long time, the soil below would harden and leave a mark. When Luca put the pot of aloe on that mark, the size matched perfectly.

The pot of aloe was from here.

"So what I was doing was actually substituting myself and an object... If I use the Sacred Stone's result, it's <Transfer>..... Or <Mutual Transfer> something like that."

[T/N: 移動 could mean "movement; transfer; migration; removal; travel", and I used <Travel> before since I thought it fits the context at that time. But now, <Transfer> fits it more. Hence, the change.]

Here is a summary of what happened.

First, (1) Luca unintentionally wedged himself into the pot of aloe that existed within his field of vision (horizon). Then, (2) he <Mutually Transfer> himself and the pot of aloe.

When he looked back, he saw the wedge because it was still attached to the pot of aloe. (3) Even when he moved a little further away and the pot of aloe was out of sight, the wedge on it did not come off.

If he had returned to the original position at this time, he would not have experienced any anomaly, because he and the pot of aloe would have returned to their original positions, and there would have been no string missing.

(4) However, Luca did not return to his original position and instead removed the wedge from the pot of aloe to see if he could put a wedge into the pot of aloe if it was out of sight. Which he then confirms that that it isn't possible.

(5) He had no choice but to return to his previous position in the farm equipment warehouse and tried to put a wedge roughly where he was from the start. It was possible that the wedge may have attached itself to the string instead of the pot of aloe. It was still necessary to verify whether this was a coincidence or whether the wedge could not be put in the same object/target again once it had been removed.

(6) Finally, Luca, standing by the farm equipment warehouse, and the string was <Mutually Transfer>. It was here where he got confused because the string was not in the starting point and instead it was a random pot of aloe.

Once he understood the situation, it was simple. But before that, it was confusing and exhausting to think of. It was also hard to be conscious of the fact that he had been a fool for the past five years and had made a mistake.

By the way, the question "Can I put a wedge into something that I once put a wedge into but removed it?," which Luca thought earlier and needed verification, seems to be a yes. It is possible to put and remove the wedge on the same object as many times as necessary, since he was able to put a wedge into the pot of aloe just now.

Anyway... So is this it. He had been thinking that it was <Teleport> so he was trying to put a wedge into a place that was at least a little distance away from him. But now, with the pot of aloe in front of him, he understood that it sticks to something/object.

(Well then, I should stop using the word "wedge" because I was calling it that before since I thought I needed to strike into the ground or onto a branch to move....)

Since the image didn't fit, Luca decided to call it a marker from now on. It fits the image of putting it on an object.

Since it turned out to be <Mutual Transfer> instead of <Teleport>, it gives Luca the hypothesis that there was something on the branch where the "before-wedge" and "now-marker" locked on to during the wild boar incident. As for what it was, it's not definite.

It may have been a fallen leaf or a nut that have been used as a marker. The branch that had no mark had no object on it. Luca did not pay any attention to these things since they were commonplace in the forest, even though they were in his line of sight. Hence, he was not aware that they were not there before the transfer.

(This morning alone, I was able to fill in everything I needed to know.)

Luca was tired, but at the same time very satisfied.

(Now that I know it's <Mutual Transfer>, I'm sure there will be more things I'll want to check in the future.)

However, he'll call it a day for now. He wants to get home as soon as possible. Luca then used rocks to put marks on, and continuously used <Mutual Transfer>. By the time the sun rose, he had arrived at the village.

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