000. Prologue

Wolf was in a hurry.

The day of the inspection of his beloved apprentice, whom he had raised like a son, was fast approaching.

(The country will take him away from me.)

The hunter's intuition told him so with certainty.

Luca's skill with the bow was simply that outstanding.

He was only 12 years old. He would have to wait for his body to grow before he could draw a stronger bow.

However, that is why he has been able to hone his ability to shoot accurately in key areas to compensate for the lack of power.

On a mountainside overlooking the village, in the cold, deep bushes, two men held their breath. Out of the corner of their eye, their intended prey was trudging along, its cowardice shining through.

The Dwarf Deer, as the name implies, is a small deer that lives around the area. Even as adults, they are only about twice the size of a rabbit. They are numerous, but they are very wary and flee at the slightest sound of the wind rustling the branches and leaves, so they are also called "Sneaky Deer."

The most important thing in hunting was to wait for the right moment and never let the chance go.

Luca's face tightened, which looked dignified for his age, held his breath and nocked the arrow.

The dry sound of the string being stretched sounded, and soon his aim is fixed on a single point.

His eyes were looking not at the prey at the present moment, but at his prey a moment away.

The short bow that had been drawn was finally released. As the arrow was shot, it seemed to come to life and turned itself around.

The prey rolled over with a short, muddy scream.

Luca jumped out, as he shot the arrow at close range. When he saw that the prey was hanging on its last breaths, he finished it off with the knife on his hip.

(This is three in a row now and he has always hit the eyes...)

It is extraordinary to always hit a very small vital point, of a moving prey at that. Just that there is an overwhelming lack of time to inculcate all of his (Wolf's) skills into this genius.

Luca must have been given some kind of "Grace".

The day when the Officials would come and examine him was already tomorrow.

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