Chapter 181: The Great Interstellar Wall.

 Edited by: Mochiusagi        

It was the second year after the 1st Legion began its visit around Loulan.

In the Presidential Palace of the Human Federation, a top secret project was underway, named the Great Interstellar Wall by Lin Zhen.

The plan was to create a wall that would block the potential threat of the Babawi Empire to the Human Federation. This was to ensure a stable development for the latter for the next 50 years, and to lay down a solid foundation for their subsequent conquest of the entire Orion's Arm Branch.

Everyone knew that for Level 4 Civilizations, strategic depth was meaningless. After all, Warp Engines were basically a type of teleportation cheat, making it impossible for the opposing side to effectively defend itself. This was why the Babawi Empire had banned selling the Warp Engines in their warships. 

After becoming a Level 4 Civilization, it had been an important issue for the Human Federation to ensure the security of their own territory. However, they couldn't come up with any effective measures.

It was not until they joined the Theo Alliance, discovering the Warp Blocking Technology and Warp Blocking Counter Technology.

Although the technology was for the early stage of Level 5 Civilizations, it was possible for a Level 4 Civilization to handle it after having all of the technical data.

Perhaps many people will say that even with the technical data, a Level 4 Civilization wouldn't be able to understand the technology of a Level 5 Civilization, but this was actually a skewed perception.

After all, wouldn't a Level 4 Civilization need to research the technology of a Level 5 Civilization before they could become Level 5?

The most crucial thing was that the Humans had already developed Brain Development Medicines because of Lin Fan. This kind of thing was not something even a Level 5 Civilization necessarily had.

Therefore, after the arrival of Bai Zixian's team, Ed immediately gave Bai Zixian's first task. That was to lead his team to research these two technologies.

After spending an entire year, Bai Zixian and his team had achieved good results.


Although the test devices were not up to the technical description of the 1 light-year range, it had still reached the 0.79 light-year range. They can also fully manufacture it in large quantities.

In the beginning, Lin Zhen and Ed's plan was to install a Warp Blocking device in each Star System, arranging a large number of detection devices in the surrounding 0.79 light years.

In this way, no matter which Star System the opponent wanted to attack, they will be affected by the Warp Blocking and will be forced to exit the warping state.

By then, there would only be three options left for the invading Civilization.

One was to spend a few years at sub-light speed, slowly traveling the rest of the 0.79 light years. Choosing to do this will certainly make them be detected by the many detection devices placed by the Human Federation.

The second was to warp to a nearby Star System and use the Star Paths. Of course, this was provided that they were near a Star System that was not equipped with a Warp Blocking device.

The third option was to retreat!

This was the initial plan of the two men. To build a chain of fortresses, directly making all of the Star Systems in their frontier into fortresses, so that the invaders wouldn't be able to charge as they please.

However, with the expansion of the Human Federation's territory, not to mention that there's now the huge Loulan Star Field, the two people's ideas have changed. Instead, it became even more crazy.

Thus, the shocking Great Interstellar Wall project was born. Everyone who read the plan was shocked by its sheer magnitude. Many even called Lin Zhen and Ed crazy.

Indeed, it was crazy.

How crazy was it?

The Orion's Arm Branch was about 20,000 light-years long, though its width and thickness were much smaller. Still it was thousands of light-years in size.

Lin Zhen and Ed's plan was to use the Warp Blocking Technology on the Orion's Arm Branch to create an Interstellar "wall", with a thickness of about 10,000 light years.

According to the calculation, if the Human Federation wanted to complete this project, they would need to make at least 40 million Warp Blocking devices for network deployment. Once that's completed, the Orion's Arm Branch would be completely cut in half.

From then on, if the Babawi Empire wanted to invade the Humans' territory, there were only two ways.

First was to slowly cross the 10 light years through sublight engines, which would take at least 30 years.

Second was to take the Star Paths. However, doing so, they will have to face the Humans' Star Path defensive advantage. If they want to break through, they would incur at least 5 to 6 times worth of damage.

Even if the Babawi Empire obtained a Warp Blocking Counter Technology from the Vera Alliance, it would be useless. 

Any Civilization that uses the Warp Blocking Technology would set their custom blocking frequency. Meaning, the Babawi Empire had to first decode and know this frequency to set up their Warp Blocking Counter Technology.

Not to mention that the blocking frequency had infinite permutations and could be changed at any time. It was almost impossible to break.

The best part of this plan was that, according to Humans' knowledge of the Orion's Arm Branch, there was a section in the center that seemed to be a cut off. There's no Star System in a 10 light year radius.

A year ago, Lin Zhen secretly sent many exploration ships to scout this starless region.

Not long ago, the news sent back was even more surprising. In the void area, there was only one Star Path connecting the two sides of the Branch.

In other words, if the Great Interstellar Wall project was realized, this Star Path would be the only way for the Babawi Empire to invade the Human Federation. Meaning, the latter only need to place troops in the Star Path to ensure the absolute security of the entire territory behind.

By that time, a very interesting situation will emerge. Humans could use their Warp Blocking Counter Technology to cross the Great Interstellar Wall, attacking all parts of the Babawi Empire at any time and place!

The Babawi Empire could only reach the Human Federation's territory through the Star Path, which would take them more than three years. Further, they have to face the Human troops with extreme defensive advantages at the exit of the Star Path.

Now, the entire Human Federation had started developing the Great Interstellar Wall project, and frantically arranged mass production lines in various Star Systems. They wanted to complete the production of all 40 million sets of Warp Blocking devices within five years.

As for the required resources, Lin Zhen also had a plan ready for a long time. At present, the reserves of the Human Federation and the resources contributed by various Affiliated Civilizations were enough to support this plan for 2 years.

In another year, after the 3rd Legion would be completed, their first mission would be to follow the 1st Legion's lead and enter the Loulan Star Field to clean up all of the Civilizations that the 1st Legion had assessed as having insufficient potential.

With the Star Field spanning 500 light years, the resources would be enough to not just build one Great Interstellar Wall, but several more. This was only based on plundering the already mined resources of these Civilizations.

As for the unexploited resources, the huge surplus would be enough to build 100 of it!

Therefore, a major cleansing and plundering had happened in the Luolan Star Field. This was what the Interstellar Era was about. Kill or be killed. 

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