Chapter 82: Jin City.

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On the second floor of a bustling restaurant, a young man in a green robe sat near the window.

On the table was a bottle of wine, three small dishes, and a sword. The young man looked out the window as he drank alone.

"Jin City is really different from Lin'an City and the Capital."

Shen Changqing looked at the scene outside the window. People were coming and going, everyone's clothing was different from what he used to see.

It was a dry and hot day, so the skin of the people here were dry and tan, different from the delicate, pale features of other places.

This was Shen Changqing's first day in Jin City.

After receiving his mission, Shen Changqing packed up and then rushed to the Great Wilderness Province.

The province was on the borders and he also had to pass through the Guangyuan Province first, so it took Shen Changqing a lot of time.

It was only after half a month had passed that he arrived at Jin City.

Shen Changqing retracted his gaze from the window, then looked at another table not far away.

There were two men and two women seated on the table.

The men were considered handsome, but not very outstanding, while the two women were slim and attractive.

The four looked young. It was clear from their skin tone that they were not native to the Great Wilderness Province.

Of course, there's also the fact that since the Great Wilderness Province was big, there would be people from other provinces arriving from time to time. It was not a strange thing.

"Tian Feibai, male, entered the Demon Suppression Division in June of the Year 381 of the Great Qin!"

"Xu Yi, male, entered the Demon Suppression Division in June of the Year 381 of the Great Qin!"

"Jiang Yu, female, joined the Demon Suppression Division in June of the Year 381 of the Great Qin!"

"Xiao Wen, female, joined the Demon Suppression Division in June of the Year 381 of the Great Qin!"

Shen Changqing recalled the information he had received.

The information he got was not much. After all, he was only their 'part-time parent,' and it was useless to give him too much information.

It was currently June, Year 383 of the Great Qin.

"Unknowingly, I've already been in this world for two years."

 Shen Changqing suddenly became sentimental.

Two years passed by like a snap of the fingers.

During this period, he was either on a mission or Cultivating. He did not do anything extra, so he did not have much concept of the passage of time.

It was only until now, when reviewing the information of these people, that Shen Changqing realized that he had already spent two years in this world.

In just two years, it can be said to be a short amount of time that wouldn't bring much change. 

However, for Shen Changqing, he went from being a person without any Cultivation to the Peak of the Innate Realm!

Looking at Xu Yi and the others, Shen Changqing lamented.

But then again, this type of mission was rare.     

Shen Changqing suspected that the mission of guarding Lin'an City was most likely related to him breaking through to the Qi Circulation Realm.  

The main thing was at that time, the manpower of the Demon Suppression Division was very tight.

In most cases, the assessment missions of Apprentice Slayers were done individually.

Although the demons were still rampant, compared to last year, it was a lot better.

It could be seen from this assessment mission that's being completed by four Apprentice Slayers.

The Demon Suppression Division now had fresh blood joining their ranks.

After taking a few brief glances, in order to avoid suspicion, Shen Changqing removed his gaze from them.

On the other side, the Apprentice Slayers were whispering amongst each other.

"It is said that a large family in Jin City was attacked this time. It was reported to the Officials before being sent by the Heavenly Inspection Guard. According to the situation, the monster's strength is roughly in the early or middle stage of the Qi Circulation Realm."

Xu Yi looked at the others and said.

In the team, he was considered the oldest one, though he was only slightly older. Hence, he was the temporary Team Leader.

Hearing this, Jiang Yu showed fear on her pretty face.

"Brother Xu, with our strength, can we deal with that monster or not?"

"We shouldn't have a problem."

Xu Yi gave her a look and comforted.

"Me, Brother Feibai, and Miss Xiao have all broken through to the Qi Circulation Realm. Although you have not broken through yet, you are already half a step away. With the four of us working together, even if it is a monster in the middle of the Qi Circulation Realm, we should be able to kill it without much difficulty."

Hearing this, the tension in Jiang Yu's heart subsided.

Tian Feibai chimed: "Are we going directly to the mansion, or what?"

"Let's gather some intelligence first."

Xu Yi pondered and shook his head.

He then looked at Tian Feiai: "Brother Feibai, you go to the Government Office and see if you can get some information from the Officials."

"No problem."

Tian Feibai nodded.

After that, Xu Yi looked at Jiang Yu and Xiao Wen: "You two go to the Zhou Family. Ask about the specific situation, preferably what's the characteristics of the monster."

Jiang Yu and Xiao Wen glanced at each other, then both nodded.


"Then, I will go to the Heavenly Inspection Guard and ask there. Tonight, at a quarter past five, we will rendezvous at the inn." Xu Yi said in a low voice.

The other people were fine with the arrangements.

Soon, the group whispered a bit more before they paid the bill and left.

On the other hand, although their voices were low, Shen Changqing heard them clearly. 

"This Xu Yi has some experience in the dealings of the Martial Arts Community. Although it's not perfect, he has reduced a lot of errors. As for the rest, they're still green."

He shook his head slightly.

From the conversation, it was clear that Xu Yi was able to become the Team Leader not only because of his age, but also because of his rich experience in the Martial Arts Community, which was also a very important factor.

As for the others, it was obvious that they were inexperienced.

But it was normal, as not everyone in the Demon Suppression Division had experience in the Martial Arts Community. Their predecessors didn't start with much experience either.

"It's just that..."

"If they underestimate the monster, they are destined to suffer a great loss."

Shen Changqing picked up the wine cup and took a sip.

It was worth mentioning that the wine here was less spicy and more mellow compared to the wine in his previous life.

If he were to make a comparison, he could only say that it was an even match. It was not too expensive, around 120 copper coins. However, it was not cheap for ordinary civilians.

Normally speaking, three early stage Qi Circulation Realm and a Half-step Qi Circulation Realm could take on a middle stage Qi Circulation Realm Cultivator. 


If they were careless when facing a middle stage Ghost Level monster, there may be heavy losses.

Watching the group leave, Shen Changqing finished his last cup of wine and called out.


"What does Sir need?"

The waiter hurriedly came with a smile on his face.

"I'm paying my bill."

"Yes!" The waiter smiled. He calculated the total bill, and then bowed: "Sir has spent a total of 129 copper."

This was the cost of a bottle of wine and three small dishes.

This was why, in the Great Qin, ordinary people rarely came to restaurants to eat.

Shen Changqing took out two silver coins and placed them on the table.

The waiter picked up the silver and seriously examined it, before putting it away with a smile.

"Please wait a moment, I'll go get the change."


Shen Changqing nodded.

Seeing this, the waiter was a little disappointed, but did not say anything more. He tucked the two silver coins and left.

Not long after, he returned.

"Sir, here is your change; 77 copper."

The money was put in a simple money bag.

Shen Changqing weighed it before putting it away in his sleeves.

"Thank you."

Saying that, he got up and left.

From the beginning to the end, he did not give the waiter a second look. He didn't even give a tip.

When Shen Changqing completely left, the waiter complained.

"He's nicely dressed too, it's a pity that he's stingy--"

The waiter shook his head helplessly, before turning around to serve other customers.

The income of working in the restaurant was not high. Usually, only some generous customer appreciation would make their income barely make ends meet.

Stingy customers were not warmly welcomed.

At this time, Shen Changqing was walking on the street.

Shen Changqing also did not have the intention to give a tip. After all, it was not easy to earn money. Even if he had 20,000 taels of silver, he had to spend it wisely and frugally. 

"Alas, once money is spent, you have to work harder to make it again."

The 20,000 taels of silver was really not that big of an amount if one technically looked at it.

After all, it's not every time that Shen Changqing would encounter some good luck, just like in Lin'an City.

Shen Changqing was cherishing his silver. Unless it was a necessary expenditure like food, he would save it as much as possible.

Giving tips was impossible.

Walking on the street, Shen Changqing recalled some information in his head, before stopping a passerby and politely inquired.

"Excuse me, may I ask where the Tianyi Building is?"

The intercepted person, originally did not want to answer, but after seeing the sword on Shen Changqing's waist, he dared not refuse.

"The Tianyi Building is on West Street. You go straight along this direction for two intersections, then turn right and you'll be fine."

"Thank you!"

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