Chapter 78: Sending A Ticket.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

The sun shone brightly in the clear sky.

Zhou Yuanzheng, covered in iron armor, crossed the mountain range and finally stopped at a certain place.

"The intelligence said that the Natural Calamity is located here."

He looked at the barren land in front of him.

After receiving the news of a Natural Calamity, Zhou Yuanzheng came directly to the area.

He was not surprised that the barren land in front of him was completely different from the small courtyard in the intelligence report.

Instead, he waited.

Waited for a suitable time.

Soon, the suitable time arrived.

In another round of nightfall, drops of rain began to fall.

The originally empty wasteland also gradually revealed a small courtyard.

From nothing to something.

Little by little, the image became solid.

The quietness of the courtyard with the candle flame, presented a completely different sense from the outside world.


Zhou Yuanzheng moved his body and walked towards the small courtyard.

These days, he had been waiting, waiting for the appearance of the Natural Calamity.

The infant Natural Calamity had no way of fully manifesting their domain. They could only do so at a specific time, and a specific place.

This was true for the courtyard in front of him.

It was all about waiting for an opportunity to appear.

With Zhou Yuanzheng's conclusion, the prerequisites were a rainy day and nightfall.

So, he spent several days waiting.

At this time, the courtyard finally appeared. However, the rain did not touch Zhou Yuanzheng's body, as if there was an invisible film around him.

Going to the front of the courtyard door, he suddenly struck it with his palm, breaking it.

A loud noise suddenly broke the silence.

Zhou Yuanzheng took a step forward and saw Mo Zijin coming out of the lobby.

"Why did you destroy the door of my courtyard!"

Looking at the visitor, Mo Zijin had an angry look on his face.

Due to his anger, the expression on his face also began to become twisted and horrifying.

To this, Zhou Yuanzheng simply looked indifferent: "You are a being that should have been dead long ago. Do not try to stay in the world as a Natural Calamity. If you do not want to go yourself, I will give you a ticket myself!"

As soon as he finished, he took a step forward and his body disappeared.

The next breath, a palm had struck Mo Zijin's body.

The violent power instantly broke Mo Zijin into pieces.

However, just as his body dissipated and disappeared, another scholar appeared in another part of the courtyard. It was Mo Zijin.

Being beaten, his anger burst out.

"You deserve death!"

"I don't believe that Natural Calamities couldn't be destroyed!" Seeing the reborn Mo Zijin, Zhou Yuanzheng had a rare solemn expression on his face. However, he didn't mean to stop here.

Rushing again towards Mo Zijin, Zhou Yuanzheng sent out a palm strike again.

His palm strike broke through the air and Mo Zijin did not even have the time to resist, as his body was destroyed again.

At the same time, as his body was destroyed, he was reborn in another place.

Seeing this, Zhou Yuanzheng kept moving and continued to attack.

The strength of an infant Natural Calamity was only around the Grudge Level. With his status as a Guardian, it was not difficult to kill a being of that level.

If it was another type of monster, they would have been dead at the first attack. 

But Mo Zijin was a Natural Calamity, which were deemed as Immortals. They would not die, even after being killed numerous times.

After repeatedly striking a dozen times.

Zhou Yuanzheng suddenly stopped, the momentum on his body rose, and the air rioted faintly.

True Qi condensed and wrapped around his left arm.

The now black True Qi-covered left arm was emitting a fierce and violent aura. It felt as though there were wails of the dead, sweeping the entire courtyard.

Feeling the aura, the expression on Mo Zijin's face was even more distorted.


Zhou Yuanzheng gave a low roar. He clenched his left fist and fiercely stuck.

At this moment, the wails of ghosts spread all around, like a gale.

From an outsider's perspective, they could only see a terrifying force that tore the entire courtyard to pieces.

Everything in the courtyard was turned into ash.

Zhou Yuanzheng stood in the same place. The black True Qi that wrapped his left arm also gradually receded.

His senses spread out and observed the changes around him.

Natural Calamities cannot be killed!

That was the long-standing thesis.

The experts of the Demon Suppression Division had also experienced this. Even after killing the Natural Calamities several times, they would eventually be reborn.

There had been speculations about whether it was possible to kill a Natural Calamity by destroying the domain where it was located.

However, there was no way to confirm this speculation.

The reason being, the strength of the Natural Calamities were too strong. Killing them once or twice was no problem, but destroying their entire domain was simply something people can not do.

Now, facing an infant Natural Calamity, Zhou Yuanzheng, was going to see if this was true. 

One breath.

Two breaths.




After five breaths, the surrounding space suddenly shook.

The courtyard, which had been shattered and turned to dust, then returned to normal.

The hall was brightly lit and a scholar stood there with a puzzled face, as he looked at Zhou Yuanzheng: "May I ask who you are and why did you come here?"


Zhou Yuanzheng let out a long breath. He took a deep look at the person in front of him, before turning around and leaving.

Natural Calamities cannot be destroyed!

Even if their domain was destroyed, it could still be reborn.

So he left decisively.

If it was indestructible, then there was no need to waste any more energy here.


On top of several upright poles, Shen Changqing quickly moved. His body shifted like a phantom. The people watching would certainly become dizzy.

It was only after a long time did he stop and come down from the poles.

"The [Heaven Capturing Astral Steps] is indeed a good movement technique. In just a short period of practice, it made my leg muscles much tougher. My movements are much lighter and faster!"

Shen Changqing was very satisfied with the changes in his body.

After getting the [Heaven Capturing Astral Steps], he got plum blossom poles from the Miscellaneous Goods Hall.

The Miscellaneous Goods Hall was a place in the Demon Suppression Division where one could get daily necessities.

There were also many things such as plum blossom poles, which were used for training.

In the past, Shen Changqing did not practice a movement technique. Naturally, he had no use for plum blossom poles.

It was only until later, after obtaining the [Heaven Capturing Astral Steps], that he got them. 

It's been almost half a year since he's returned to the Demon Suppression Division.

During that time, the reward given by Zhou Yuanzheng also arrived, which was five black DSD Coins, representing five merit points.

This reward was an additional gain.

After receiving the DSD Coins, Shen Changqing almost did not go outside, and just stayed in his place. He silently practiced the [Hundred Battles Sword Technique] and the [Heaven Capturing Astral Steps].

In his spare time, he would also train the [Iron Sand Palm].

In order to do so, he specially found an iron pot and iron sand, to assist himself.

However, Shen Changqing's main focus was still the [Hundred Battles Sword Technique], followed by the [Heaven Capturing Astral Steps], and the [Iron Sand Palm] was at the end of the list.

The intention of such an arrangement was very simple.

The [Hundred Battles Sword Technique] was the most powerful out of all of Shen Changqing's offensive Martial Arts.

After the fusion, ordinary Martial Arts simply cannot compare. 

It could be said that the [Hundred Battles Sword Technique] was the biggest attack tool in Shen Changqing's hands, so he used this Martial Art as the main one.

As for the [Heaven Capturing Astral Steps], it's only for support.

A strong body also helped in taking attacks that come from nowhere.

The remaining [Iron Sand Palm] was optional.

However, Shen Changqing also dared not guarantee that he would not have to fight with his hands.

If it was close combat, the [Iron Sand Palm] would be more useful than the [Hundred Battles Sword Technique].

The [Hundred Battles Sword Technique] was Shen Changqing's primary means of attack. The [Heaven Capturing Astral Steps] was for movement and the [Iron Sand Palm] was for close combat.

With these three Martial Arts disciplines, Shen Changqing had covered most of his flaws. 

He also had the [Impregnable Golden Body] for defense.

Shen Changqing estimated that the type of Martial Arts he wanted to train was almost covered.

"However, I can't bite more than I can chew. The panel is not always 100% available. Except for the External and Internal Martial Arts, I have to spend time Cultivating the rest. Three Martial Arts is the limit."

He shook his head slightly.

Three Martial Arts took the whole day to train.

Unfortunately, in half a month's time, his own harvest was not high.

First, it was that the [Heaven Capturing Astral Steps] did not reach Level 1 yet. The [Iron Sand Palm] was still at Level 3 and was still short from Level 4.

The [Hundred Battles Sword Technique], similarly, had not made much progress.

Of course, although the three Martial Arts had not progressed much, Shen Changqing could clearly feel that his strength was getting stronger little by little.

Not to mention that training the three martial arts daily strengthened his body.

The [Hundred Swords Sword Technique] strengthened his arms.

The [Iron Sand Palm], while tempering his palms, also makes his arms stronger by extension.

It could be said that Shen Changqing's current arm strength and defense was much stronger than any part of his body. It was practicing the [Iron Sand Palm] that brought these benefits.

At the same time, the [Heaven Capturing Astral Steps] had also made his leg muscles stronger.

Such a change was not brought by upgrading a Martial Art. 

Shen Changqing understood that although some Martial Arts couldn't be upgraded using the panel and was a disadvantage at a certain level, it also had it's own obvious advantages.

At this time, hunger suddenly struck Shen Changqing.

So he returned to the bedroom and took out a few Satiety Pills, before continuing the next round of training.

With the Satiety Pills, he did not need to go out to eat, saving the time that he would have used in eating for training.

Soon, a day passed.

When it was close to midnight, Shen Changqing ended the day's hard training. He simply washed his body before returning to his bedroom to start meditating.

Although the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] could no longer be raised with hard work, daily meditation and nourishing his flesh with True Qi helped with recovering faster.

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