Chapter 73: Pill Sect.

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"Pill Sect?"

Shen Changqing showed a puzzled expression.

Huang Yan's smile froze slightly, but he quickly returned to normal.

"It seems that Mr. Shen is not very familiar with the matters of the Martial Arts World. Then let me, Huang Yan, talk a little more and introduce you to the Pill Sect."

"I also would like to hear more."

Shen Changqing did not refuse, nor did he show an unpleasant attitude.

As the other party said, he did lack insight into some things in the Martial Arts World.

He also had only arrived in this world over a year ago.

The former owner of this body, despite having lived in the Great Qin for many years, was only a commoner, and was not qualified to come into contact with the matters of the Martial Arts World.

Hence, Shen Changqing was in the dark about topics relating to it.

Huang Yan said: "The Pill Sect is a big faction in the Martial Arts World. Generations of Grandmasters guard them, and their strength should not be underestimated. But what made the Pill Sect really famous was not their strength, but rather their unique alchemy."

"It can be said that 7 out of 10 pills in the Martial Arts World come from the Pill Sect."

"God knows how many people would go to the Pill Sect every year to ask for pills. But only a few can really return with what they desired."

"The Treasure Pavilion has some connections with the Pill Sect, so we have some purchasing channels with them, and occasionally, we sell pills from the Pill Sect."

With this, Shen Changqing gained some basic understanding of the Pill Sect.

Having Grandmasters was already proof of the Sect's strength.

"7 out of 10 pills are from the Pill Sect?"

"Mr. Shen might not know, but the Pill Sect has the power to back that claim."

Huang Yan smiled, not caring about Shen Changqing's words.

He then took out a white jade-like porcelain bottle from his sleeves and placed it on the table.

"In the bottle are the Qi and Blood Pills. There are 8 in total, each of which can fully replenish the Qi and Blood of a Body Forging Realm Cultivator. As per the rules of the Pill Sect, our Treasure Pavilion cannot sell individual Qi and Blood Pills."

"So the transactions are done per bottle, and the price for each bottle is 50 taels of silver."

50 taels of silver!

For the general public, it was undoubtedly a sky-high price.

Even for Cultivators, 50 taels of silver was also not low.

However, according to Huang Yan, one Qi and Blood Pill could replenish all of the Qi and Blood of a Body Forging Realm Cultivator, so it was worth the price.

Shen Changqing did not reply. Instead, he grabbed the jade bottle and opened the stopper on it.

A clear fragrance wafted out from the bottle.

Just by smelling the fragrance, Shen Changqing felt that his Qi and blood seemed to fluctuate a little.

Resealing it, Shen Changqing put the jade bottle back to its original position, with a faint smile on his face.

"This pill is not bad, but I wonder if there is any discount?"


Huang Yan's smile froze. He had not expected someone to come to the Treasure Pavilion to buy things and talk about discounts for a long conversation.

However, his professionalism made his face quickly recover.

"Mr. Shen is joking, the Treasure Pavilion sells things for pennies on the dollar, there is no way-"

But before Huang Yan did not finish his sentence, Shen Changqing took out a token from his pocket, and placed it in front of him.

"Does Deacon Huang think that this can offset part of the cost?"

"Demon Suppression Division!"

The moment Huang Yan saw the token, his face just changed drastically. The smile he had just had was no longer there.

He had never thought that the person sitting in front of him would be from the Demon Suppression Division.

Immediately after, Huang Yan grabbed the token and took a look on the other side. There were four big words written on it – Yellow Rank Official Slayer.

Demon Suppression Division!

Yellow Rank Official Slayer!

His heart and soul shook once again.

There were quite a few people who belonged to the Demon Suppression Division, but two of the professions were most feared.

One was Guardians who protected the Great Qin. The other was Slayers, who eliminated demons and monsters in the territory of the Great Qin.

Although the Yellow Rank was only the lowest level among all of the Official Slayers, one shouldn't underestimate it.

Respectfully handing back the token, Huang Yan's face regained its smile. But the smile this time showed a bit of respect.

"I didn't know that Mr. Shen is from the Demon Suppression Division. I hope Mr. Shen didn't take offense to my rudeness."

After receiving the token, Shen Changqing smoothly put it away.

Huang Yan said: "Normally, there are no discounts in the Treasure Pavilion, but the Demon Suppression Division has always been defending the Great Qin. As people of the Great Qin, we naturally appreciate your hard work."

"It's the honor of the Treasure Pavilion to take Mr. Shen's order."


Reaching this point, Huang Yan gritted his teeth and wore a decisive look.

"I'll give Lord Shen a 20% discount for a bottle of Qi and Blood Pills. You only need to pay 40 taels of silver. What does Mr. Shen think?"

"Deacon Huang is really generous, please accept my heartfelt thanks."

Shen Changqing also smiled.

A 20% discount was already a lot. For each bottle he could save 10 taels of silver, and for 10 bottles, he can save 100 taels.

Even if Shen Changqing had tens of thousands of taels in his pocket, he needed to be careful with his money. Otherwise, he won't know when it was all consumed.

"In addition to purchasing some Qi and Blood Pills, I would like to ask if your pavilion has any pills that can be used to satiate hunger?"

"Pills for hunger?"

Huang Yan was stunned for a moment, before laughing.

"Mr. Shen is the right place. In addition to Qi and Blood Pills, the Treasure Pavilion also has Satiety Pills, which were also refined by the Pill Sect."

"A Satiety Pill could fuel an adult for a day."

"A bottle of eight pills sells for two taels of silver. If Mr. Shen wants, then one tael and six coins will do."

By the time Huang Yan finished, Shen Changqing understood the role of the Satiety Pills.

He originally just wanted to ask about it. After all, every time he broke through, he had to prepare a large pile of food to fill his hunger.

He didn't expect that there would actually be such a pill.

Thoughts churning, Shen Changqing said: "I want 20 bottles of Qi and Blood Pills. I also want a 100 bottles of Satiety Pills."

"20 bottles of Qi and Blood Pills and 100 bottles of Satiety Pills..."

Huang Yan silently calculated.

"In total, it would cost Mr. Shen 960 taels of silver."

As he spoke, he was looking at Shen Changqing.

960 taels of silver was not an amount everyone could afford to take out. Although the person in front of him was a Yellow Rank Official Slayer, he might not be able to take out so much silver.

At this time, Huang Yan was already thinking about what he would do if Shen Changqing asked for credit.

Just when he was making wild guesses.

Shen Changqing took out a stack of silver bills and placed them on the table.

"One denomination is 100 taels, and there are a total of one thousand taels of silver here. There is also no need to give me the remaining 40 taels change. Instead, give me one more bottle of Qi and Blood Pills."

Seeing the silver tickets, Huang Yan's smile warmed up a few points.

"Please wait a moment Mr. Shen, I will go and prepare it for you."


Outside the Treasure Pavilion.

Shen Changqing walked out of the building. But unlike when he first came in, he now carried a not-so-small bundle behind him.

21 bottles of Qi and Blood Pills.

100 bottles of Satiety Pills.

A total cost of 1,000 taels of silver.

To be honest, Shen Changqing felt his wallet ache.

But there was no other way.

To improve his strength as soon as possible, the pills were all necessary items.

Back at the Demon Suppression Division.

Shen Changqing piled up the goods in his bedroom. Unlike the Qi and Blood Pills that were in white jade bottles, the Satiety Pills were in just ordinary porcelain bottles.

Obviously, its price of two taels of silver couldn't support for it to be stored in a good bottle.

"When the Qi and Blood Pills are all used up, these bottles can probably be sold for some money."

Shen Changqing smiled. He then took out a Qi and Blood Pill then swallowed it.


The pill went into his belly. It didn't take long for a surge of Qi and blood to rise up, filling up his body.

Shen Changqing closed his eyes and sat still. He silently followed the Cultivation method of the [Impregnable Golden Body], then began to diffuse the extra Qi and blood.

Two quarters of an hour later, the energy of the Qi and Blood Pill ran out.

Shen Changqing felt that his Qi and blood had improved by one more point, but the progress was limited.

"The [Impregnable Golden Body] is so much more advanced than the [Thirteen Cross Practice], which was generally not that difficult to have a breakthrough."

Although the Qi and Blood Pills were good, they were only ordinary pills.

At Shen Changqing's level, even if he used Qi and Blood Pills to assist his Cultivation, then relied on himself to break through, the consumption of Qi and Blood Pills, along with the time needed were difficult to measure.

"Instead of using Qi and Blood Pills to Cultivate, it would be better to use them to replenish myself after a consuming upgrade."

So, Shen Changqing did not use the Qi and Blood Pills for the time being. Instead, he took out a Satiety Pill and swallowed it.

Immediately, he felt the hunger disappear.

But he didn't feel full yet.

It was only when Shen Changqing swallowed three Satiety Pills that he felt full.

"Sure enough-"

"As one's Cultivation increases, the amount of food one has to consume also becomes bigger."

Shen Changqing smiled helplessly. He then sunk his mind and communicated with the panel.

His attention soon fell on the [Impregnable Golden Body] and upgraded it.


Invisible fluctuations surged up from his body, and the fullness he felt disappeared at a very fast rate. Within a few breaths, Shen Changqing was dizzy with hunger.

At this time, he didn't dare to hesitate and swallowed several more Satiety Pills.

Just as the pills entered his belly, they were worn out by a strong force.

The energy within the pills were all turned into boiling Qi and blood, as well as flowing into his flesh as well as his skin.


Qi and blood rushed incessantly.

His skin seems to be covered with mysterious power at this moment, making it more resilient.

During the entire transformation, Shen Changqing had no choice, but to continue eating Satiety Pills.

After a long time, the force disappeared. His body was only filled with Qi and blood.

Shen Changqing clenched his fist and felt surging power filling his flesh. He then sank into his mind and looked at the panel.

The [Impregnable Golden Body] had been successfully upgraded to Level 6!

At the same time, his Killing Value had also changed from 23 to only 15 points.

The upgrade just now had consumed 8 points of Killing Value!

But in Shen Changqing's opinion, the consumption of 8 Killing Value points was still within his tolerance range.

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