Chapter 71: [Hundred Battles Sword Technique].

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Leaving from the Slayer Hall, Shen Changqing was left with only one black DSD Coin. 

The difference was that he now had an extra sword tied to his waist, and a bottle of Clear Meridian Pills.

The Cold Moon Sword!

The sword was forged from cold iron and fine gold. It could cut through iron like mud, while being able to withstand True Qi to a great extent, as well as resist demonic contamination.

Shen Changqing had been wanting to change his sword ever since it was corroded by the monsters' blood.

Alas, he couldn't just get some ordinary weapon. Even the corroded sword was stronger than 'normal' weapons.

It was only now that Shen Changqing was finally able to return to the Demon Suppression Division, that he had the opportunity to buy a suitable weapon.

The Cold Moon Sword that he spent 8 merit points to get, was undoubtedly a few levels higher compared to the standard sword given by the Demon Suppression Division. 

"It's a good sword, but its price is likewise high!"

Shen Changqing felt a headache when he thought of spending 8 merit points.

Other than that, the merit points needed to get this sword would require him to kill two or three Grudge Level monsters.

As for the remaining 7 merit points, he exchanged them for a bottle of Clear Meridian Pills, before leaving without looking back.

"The next stop... the Library!"

Shen Changqing took a look at the sky, it was still early.

He got up early, and the meeting with Jiang Fu along with going to the Slayer Hall did not take much time.

It was currently, at most, noon.

Arriving at the Library, an old man was manning the door.

Shen Changqing followed the rules and showed his identity token, then walked in.

This time, he did not stop at the first floor, and went straight up to the second floor.

Similarly, at the entrance of the second floor, someone was also guarding the entrance.

After Shen Changqing showed his identity token, the man looked at it, before he gestured to a sign with his eyes.

"Without permission, it is strictly forbidden to bring any books in the Library out!"

This was what's written on the sign.

Shen Changqing coughed lightly and looked at the man. He asked politely, "May I ask Senior, if there is a time limit on the second floor?"

"You're new here, right?"


"If you are a Yellow Rank or above, there is no time limit. You can come and go as long as you want. You can even eat and sleep inside, but you need to leave before the Library closes every day."

The man faintly explained.

Shen Changqing cupped his hands to thank the man, before walking inside.

The layout was not very different from the first floor. The second floor also had many bookshelves, and each shelf had many books.

When he came to the front of a bookshelf, Shen Changqing pulled out a manual.

[Green Dragon Fu Hu Kung Fu]!

After flipping through it, Shen Changqing found that it was an Internal Martial Art, and then put it back.

Jiang Fu said that the Martial Arts on the second floor were top tier, so there was no need for Shen Changqing to switch Martial Arts.

"What I need now is a higher level External Martial Art and a suitable movement technique."

"It would also be good to get a powerful offensive technique."

Shen Changqing secretly thought, and then pulled out another book.

He knew exactly what he wanted.

The [Thirteen Cross Practice] could no longer keep up with his pace, while movement techniques were scarce.

As for an offensive technique, although the [Iron Sand Palm] and [Seven Killings Blade Technique] were really good, they were not that subtle.

For a Martial Artist, an Internal Martial Art accounts for 70% of his strength, combat experience accounts for 20%, and an offensive technique accounts for 10%.

However, one shouldn't underestimate that 10%, as it could often turn the tide in a battle.

A subtle offensive Martial Arts could increase a person's combat effectiveness to a great extent.

After a few brief glances, Shen Changqing put the book back in its place.

Like the previous [Green Dragon Fu Hu Kung Fu], this book was also an Internal Martial Art.

Soon, the golden wolf descended to the west, and the moon hare jumped into the sky.

After a long noon, Shen Changqing finally walked out of the Library.


Looking at the darkening sky outside, Shen Changqing let out a long breath.

Unknowingly, he had been in the Library for several hours.

Leaving now, Shen Changqing felt a bit hungry.

But the cafeteria had already closed, so he simply went back to his residence and studied what he had gained at the Library today.

Back at his courtyard, Shen Changqing entered his bedroom.

Finding a suitable place to sit down, he immediately sank his mind and began to check the panel.


Name: Shen Changqing

Faction: Great Qin Demon Suppression Division

Status: Yellow Rank Official Slayer

Martial Arts: Thirteen Cross Practice (Level 20, can be upgraded, can be fused), Heavenly Martial Astral Qi (Level 13, can be upgraded, can be fused), Seven Killings Blade Technique (Level 3, can be fused), Iron Sand Palm (Level 2, can be fused), Breaking Sword Technique (not yet activated, can be fused), Gliding Steps (not yet activated, can be fused), No Leakage Golden Body (not yet activated, can be fused)

Killing Value: 53


Compared to before he visited the Library, the current panel was much 'fuller.'

But what really interested Shen Changqing was the new function of the panel – Fusion!

The appearance of the Fusion Function was completely beyond his expectations. It was mostly because back when he got the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] and [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi], the Fusion Function was not triggered.

But this time, after familiarizing himself with the [Breaking Sword Technique], the Fusion Function suddenly appeared.

In order to verify his idea, Shen Changqing memorized an additional External Martial Arts. As expected, the [No Leakage Golden Body] and the [Thirteen Cross Practice] could also be fused.

But since he was in the Library, he was not able to try the Fusion Function.

It was only when he returned here, that he had time to slowly sort out the changes.

"The [Pure Yang Kung Fu] and [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] coexisted, but it didn't prompt the Fusion Function. It is likely that there was no way to fuse them, just like the [Seven Killings Blade Technique] and [Iron Sand Palm]."

"In the beginning, these two Martial Arts could not be upgraded with Killing Value."

"This proves that the panel is not 100% all-powerful."

"But now, the External Martial Arts and the Seven Killings Blade Technique both have the option to be fused. What will change after the fusion, will it be stronger or weaker?"

Shen Changqing's expression changed.

Before he fully understood the Fusion Function, he was not sure whether this function was good or bad.

But when he thought about it carefully, since there was this function on the panel, the probability was that it would not be detrimental.

Thinking of this, Shen Changqing sank into his mind. He decided to fuse the [Seven Killings Blade Technique] and the [Breaking Sword Technique] to try out the function.

"The [Seven Killings Blade Technique] and [Breaking Sword Technique] are found to have the same attributes, the fusion consumes 10 Killing Value points!"

It was then, 10 Killing Value points disappeared.

At this time, the [Seven Killings Blade Technique] and [Breaking Sword Technique] on the panel began to distort. They then fused together and became a new Martial Art.

Level 2 [Hundred Battles Sword Technique]!

Without waiting for Shen Changqing to react, new and completely unfamiliar information emerged in his mind.

Under the impact of that information, he almost lost his mind.

It was only after a long time had passed, that he could barely digest it completely.

"[Hundred Battles Sword Technique]!"

Shen Changqing murmured softly, the shock in his eyes could not be concealed.

The so-called fusion was really fusing two Martial Arts into one, and he would then get the information of that Martial Art.

At the same time, his experience with the [Seven Killings Blade Technique] and [Breaking Sword Technique] did not disappear either. They simply disappeared from the panel.

The five levels of the [Hundred Battles Sword Technique] correspond to five styles.

Steady Sword!

One Against a Thousand!

Lone Sword!

Unfettered Sword!

Conquering a Hundred Battles!

Each of the five styles contained subtle variations.

At the same time, Shen Changqing found that he was familiar with the first and second styles. He felt as if he had performed them a thousand times. He also felt a great sense of pride and had the urge to draw his sword.

It took him a long time to suppress this impulse.

"The fusion of the panel has extracted the subtleties of those two sword techniques and then blended them together."

"If I can understand the fifth style, I will have a chance to comprehend True Intent!"

Shen Changqing sorted through the information he received, and a smile appeared on his face.

According to the memory of the [Hundred Battles Sword Technique], the fifth style was the threshold of comprehending True Intent.

"Looks like I don't need to switch to another Martial Art. The True Intent of the [Hundred Battles Sword Technique] is quite compatible with me!"

He doesn't know why, but Shen Changqing had a fondness for swordsmanship. Otherwise, he wouldn't have chosen the [Seven Killings Blade Technique] in the first place.

Now, the [Hundred Battles Blade Technique] was obviously more suitable for him than the [Seven Killings Blade Technique].

"Speaking of..."

"I had reached Level 3 of the [Seven Killings Blade Technique]. So after fusing it, I entered Level 2 of the [Hundred Battles Blade Technique], and it saved me a lot of effort!

Shen Changqing thought that after he fused the Martial Arts, he would have to start training from scratch.

But now,  it seemed that he was thinking too much.

After the successful fusion of the [Hundred Battles Sword Technique], he directly gained two levels of proficiency, which was equivalent to saving a lot of hard work.

After all, this Martial Art was more delicate and difficult to comprehend.

If he had started from scratch, Shen Changqing felt that it would take him at least a year and a half to reach Level 2.

Soon, his agitated mind calmed down.

He then focused his attention on the [Thirteen Cross Practice] and [No Leakage Golden Body].

Armed with the previous fusion experience, Shen Changqing was confident.

"The [Thirteen Cross Practice] and [No Leakage Golden Body] had the same attributes, fusion consumes 20 Killing Value points!"

Looking at the prompt, Shen Changqing took a deep breath and exclaimed: "20 points!"

The consumption was twice as much as the [Hundred Battles Blade Technique].

But although he was a bit distressed, the fusion could enhance his Martial Arts and was considered laying a good foundation for his future, so...

For this, he could only acquiesce.


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