Chapter 69 (nice­čśĆ): No Need To Worry Too Much.

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The next day, Shen Changqing woke up early and then left the door to go somewhere else.

Now that he had returned to the Demon Suppression Division, there were some things he needed to report to Jiang Fu.

After all, the other party was still the Steward of the Yellow Court. All of the Slayers who lived in the Yellow Court were under his jurisdiction.

[Tuk Tuk~]!

Shen Changqing knocked on the door of Jiang Fu's courtyard.

In two breaths of time, the door was opened.

Despite the first time seeing Shen Changqing since the latter came back, Jiang Fu wasn't surprised.

"You're here, come in!"

He did not close the door. Instead he turned around and walked inside.

It was obvious that as early as when Shen Changqing returned to the Demon Suppression Division, he had already gotten the news.

Seeing this, Shen Changqing followed him inside.

There was a small pavilion in the courtyard with a table and chairs, where Jiang Fu sat down at.

"You don't have to be too formal in my place, sit down."

"Thank you."

Shen Changqing sat on the opposite side.

After the two sat down, Jiang Fu's gaze on Shen Changqing suddenly became hot.

"I've heard about what you did in Lin'an City. To be able to make the Eternal Life Alliance fall on its face, your potential and strength are much stronger than I thought."

"Steward Jiang jests."

Shen Changqing said modestly.

Jiang Fu shook his head: "Since the credit belongs to you, you should admit it. In fact, the Demon Suppression Division is not as dark as you think. Although the rules here are very strict, it's also one of the most inclusive organizations."

"No matter if you show amazing talent or encounter a great opportunity, as long as you can get it, it's yours."

"Remember, there is no need to hide in the Demon Suppression Division. The Division is happy to see talents."

"In all seriousness, all of the rules of the Demon Suppression Division can be summed up into one. That is - absolutely do not abandon the Human Race!"

Speaking of this, Jiang Fu stared straight at Shen Changqing: "So if you have the ability, even becoming a Guardian wouldn't be a problem. As long as you do not abandon the people, do not abandon the Great Qin, then the Demon Suppression Division is your strongest backing."

"Sometimes, one does not need to worry too much."

Shen Changqing's face changed slightly.

"What does Steward Jiang mean by that?"

"You have a very good talent, and you were able to make the Eternal Life Alliance fall on its face, so your strength is definitely more than simply at the Innate Realm."

"To be honest, a talent like yours can almost be called the first in the Demon Suppression Division."

"I dare not say that there is no one after you, but there is no one before you."

Jiang Fu looked solemn, without the slightest falsification.

"When Martial Arts first began to flourish, someone who took 10 years to break through the Innate Realm was called a genius by the world. Then, when someone only took 5 years to break into the Innate Realm, breaking the previous record, they were called a monster."

"Later, when someone else broke into the Innate Realm in just two years, they were labeled as the Number One genius of the Human Race."

"Now, you have broken into the Innate Realm in a year, it is inevitable that the news will spread and cause a shock."


"Maybe in a few years, there will be someone that could do the same feat in just a half-year, or maybe there's none."

"Nowadays, Martial Arts is flourishing and geniuses are popping up all over the place, so no one dares to say they're Number One."

"In addition, the Innate Realm might be considered to be an expert in the Martial Arts World, but in the Demon Suppression Division, it's only so-so."

At the end, Jiang Fu had a faint smile on his face.

On the other hand, Shen Changqing remained seated, silent.

Jiang Fu's words made him look at things differently. As if the clouds had parted and showed the moon.

All along, Shen Changqing did not dare to expose himself too much. It was only in Lin'an City that the eyes on him had lessened, that he became a little more reckless.

The reason why he kept a low profile was because he didn't want to be labeled as colluding with the demons, since he was able to gain such strength so quickly. 

But now, hearing Jiang Fu's words, he realized that he had fallen into a misunderstanding.

That's right.

Reaching the Innate Realm in one year was considered to be shocking in today's world.

But the truth was, every record of a Martial Artist that was perceived as unbelievable would be broken. One day, someone would do something even more unbelievable.

'I was short-sighted!'

Shen Changqing secretly sighed.

So what about the Innate Realm? It's nothing in the Demon Suppression Division.

Above the Red Black Official Slayer was the Earth Rank, and then above that was the Heaven Rank.

Not to mention that there was still the Guardians above the Slayers

In the end, the Innate Realm was just the beginning. At most, he just took two steps more than others.

"Steward Jiang's words have enlightened me."

"It's good that you've figured it out. The Demon Suppression Division is much bigger than you think, so don't look at it from the Martial Arts World's perspective."

Jiang Fu nodded, and then said.

"A few days ago, demons had caused disasters and many places in the Great Qin were attacked. Most of the experts were deployed to the towns and cities. They barely managed to calm down the chaos, so it was a last resort to let you guard Lin'an City alone."

"After all, joining the Demon Suppression Division means that you need to kill demons and monsters, protecting the Great Qin."

"Whether it's you, me, or the Guardians, we can't retreat when facing the demons."

"Over the years, there are many Guardians who have died in battle because of the demons."

"If a powerful Guardian wants to retreat, the demon would find it very difficult to intercept the former. But no Guardian would retreat, because they are Guardians. They shoulder the mission of guarding the Great Qin."

"The mission of the Guardians is to guard the Great Qin, and the mission of the Slayers, such as us, is the same."

As he spoke, Jiang Fu also paid attention to the change in Shen Changqing's expression.


The mission of letting the other side guard Lin'an City alone was difficult.

He understands that the person in front of him was a rare genius.

If the Lin'an City mission made the latter dissatisfied with the Demon Suppression Division, it would be a loss for the Division.

He needed to make some things clear.

"I understand Steward Jiang's words." Shen Changqing smiled faintly, his expression did not change.

He knew the meaning of Jiang Fu's words.

Anyone could judge things by their own standards.

Even if Jiang Fu did not say it, Shen Changqing understood the meaning of the Demon Suppression Division of letting him guard Lin'an City by himself.

After all, if he was defeated, he wouldn't be the only one that would die. He might be buried together with Lin'an City's 100,000 people.

Even if the Demon Suppression Division wanted to sacrifice him alone, it was unlikely that they would take the 100,000 people of Lin'an City, unless it was really a last resort.

Jiang Fu said: "Now that you have guarded Lin'an City and the mission is complete, you do not have to go out for a mission until next year. In the meantime, you can choose to stay in the Demon Suppression Division or go somewhere else."

"An Official Slayer is not restricted in the Demon Suppression Division."

"You only have to complete a fixed number of missions each year. As for the rest of your time, you can arrange whatever you want."

"Does Steward Jiang think that it is better for me to be promoted to the Red Black Official Slayer now, or should I wait until the deadline is about to expire?"

Shen Changqing asked his inner doubts.

Since his Cultivation level was out, he had no more worries to be concerned about.

His original thought of wanting to keep a low-profile was already exposed to the Demon Suppression Division. 

"Being promoted or not, is indeed something that needs to be considered."

Jiang Fu seriously pondered with his head down.

A few moments later.

He raised his head and looked at Shen Changqing.

"There are many benefits to being promoted to the Red Black Rank. As long as you complete the annual mission standard, you can get a bottle of Clear Meridian Pills, and you can also get a Spirit Boosting Pill."

"I assume you are already familiar with the Clear Meridian Pill, so there's no need to explain. As for the Spirit Boosting Pill, it is the key to being promoted to the Grandmaster Realm."

"Only when you are promoted to the Red Black Rank, then you get an additional Spirit Boosting Pill every year. At the same time, you can exchange for Spirit Boosting Pill using merit points. But if you stay at the Yellow Rank, you won't have this treatment."

Regarding the merit points.

Shen Changqing knew about it.

It was a merit value exchange system set up by the Demon Suppression Division.

Any Slayer, after completing corresponding missions, can get merit points.

The only thing was that he had not had the time to understand the specifics.

"Normally speaking, a bottle of Clear Meridian Pills requires a lot of merit points. The jade pendant you submitted last time has the aura of two monsters, which was not enough to exchange for a whole bottle of Clear Meridian Pills."

"However, the Guardians thought that you needed some reserves to guard Lin'an City, so they gave you the bottle of Clear Meridian Pills. After deducting your original merit points, the remaining shortfall was paid by the Guardians."

"As for the other things regarding merit, you can go to the Slayer Hall to find out more."

Jiang Fu added.

Shen Changqing also nodded.

However, the most important thing for him was not merit.

What really attracted his attention was what Jiang Fu said.

The Spirit Boosting Pill!

The Grandmaster Realm!

Ever since he broke through the Innate Realm, Shen Changqing was eager to find out what the difference between the Grandmaster Realm and the Innate Realm was.

Originally, he planned to go to the Library to find out, but now that Jiang Fu mentioned it, he might as well ask directly.

After all, the other party was a veteran slayer. He had a different perspective and insight.

"I knew you would ask this question. If it were ordinary people asking, I wouldn't have bothered replying, but with your qualifications, it won't take too long before you could break through the Grandmaster Realm. So why not just give you a little bit of explanation?"

Jiang Fu pondered, then slowly opened his mouth.

"Grandmaster Realm Cultivators are called Grandmasters in the Martial Arts World. Those who can be called as such, are all powerful people who are qualified to start and establish a Sect."

"And the Grandmaster Realm completely surpassed the Innate Realm because of one critical thing–"

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