Chapter 64: Someone From the Heavenly Inspection Guard.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

In the inner hall.

Shen Changqing was dressed in casual clothes and sat at the head of the table.

Below him was a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance, standing.

"May I ask Your Excellency's name, I wonder what is the matter?"

The middle-aged man had vigorous Qi and blood. However, whether he had actually crossed into the Qi Circulation Realm, Shen Changqing was not very sure.

Just seeing the person and sensing his aura were not enough to identify one's Cultivation.

In particular, a Qi Circulation Realm's True Qi was hidden in his dantian and meridians. They usually do not just have their True Qi out, so it was difficult to detect any abnormalities.

The middle-aged man cupped his hand and smiled faintly: "Heavenly Inspection Guard Rong Yuan, under the Demon Suppression Division, meets Lord Shen!"

"Heavenly Inspection Guard?"

Shen Changqing raised his eyebrows, and took another serious look at the person in front of him.

"You say you are from the Heavenly Inspection Guard, but do you have any proof?"

"This is the identity token of the Heavenly Inspection Guard, please look at it!"

Rong Yuan took out a square token from his pocket, stepped forward and handed the token over.

Shen Changqing took the token and inspected the token twice, before finally returning it.

"Since you are a member of the Heavenly Inspection Guard, there is no need to stand, please sit down."

"Thank you, my Lord!"

Rong Yuan took back the token and sat down at the lower position.

From beginning to end, the expression on his face was respectful, without the slightest overstep of rudeness.

Shen Changqing did not have any doubts about Rong Yuan's identity as a Heavenly Inspection Guard anymore. After all, impersonating a Heavenly Inspection Guard member doesn't work on him.

The main thing was that even if someone was really impersonating a Heavenly Inspection Guard member, it won't take long for the real Heavenly Inspection Guard to realize it.

Looking at Rong Yuan, Shen Changqing asked, "What is your business this time?"

"The original stronghold of the Heavenly Inspection Guard in Lin'an City was suddenly overwhelmed by monsters, I wonder if Lord Shen has some information?" Rong Yuan cupped his hand and asked.

"I don't have any information."

Shen Changqing shook his head.

"When I arrived, Situ Bei and the others had all died. As for their corpses, they were also buried under the Yongfu Pawnshop. If you dig there, you would be able to confirm that what I'm saying is true. I believe that the corpses are still there."

Just as Rong Yuan was about to continue, Shen Changqing suddenly said. 

"There's no need to ask too much about the matters of the Heavenly Inspection Guard. I have no intention to intervene. The Yongfu Pawnshop is still there, if there is any information left, you can go to find out for yourself."

"As for the monsters, I do not know much about them."


"But from the information we've gotten so far, it's likely that the people of the Eternal Life Alliance were fighting for the Demon's Essence Blood, which caused the commotion."

"As for the specifics, I can not guarantee anything."

"After all, the Slayers of the Demon Suppression Division had never been good at gathering intelligence. On the contrary, as the eyes and ears of the Demon Suppression Division, the Heavenly Inspection Guard should have more information than I do."

Hearing this, Rong Yuan helplessly smiled.

"Lord Shen is straightforward, I have no more doubts."

What he wanted to ask, had already been answered by the other side.

"By the way, since the Heavenly Inspection Guard is well-informed, I wonder when the new Governor will come?"

Shen Changqing suddenly remembered an important thing.

How many days had it been? The new Governor did not get killed on the way, did he? If he does not come, Shen Changqing was worried that he would become the official Governor.

Even if the status of a Governor seemed to be not low, compared to the identity of a Slayer, a small city's Governor can not compare. Not to mention that the latter don't have access to Martial Arts. 

Shen Changqing's only hope to avoid such a thing from happening, was for the new Governor to arrive in a hurry, that way he could also go back doing his own thing.

Hearing the words, Rong Yuan cupped his hands and replied, "The new Governor is expected to arrive in Lin'an City in another day or two."

"Some days ago, the demon attack was quite big. So although the Demon Suppression Division suppressed them, it still caused a considerable impact."

"For this reason, many things have been delayed."

"Demon attack, how about the loss?"

Shen Changqing keenly noticed that when talking about the demon's attack, Rong Yuan's face was unusually grave.

"Naturally, the loss is not small."

Rong Yuan took a deep breath: "Five cities were destroyed, and nearly a million people were displaced. The Slayers had suffered a big loss and rumor has it that even guardian/s had died."

"In fact, Lin'an City, where Lord Shen is, had suffered the least damage among the cities where the demons caused trouble."

Speaking of this, his face had a look of admiration.

In recent times, demons have become more and more rampant. All parts of the Great Qin had been attacked to varying degrees.

But compared with other places, the loss in Lin'an City was considered light.

Although it can be said that since Lin'an City was only a small city and that the attack it received was not very strong, at the same, the one guarding Lin'an City was Shen Changqing, who was only a Yellow Rank Official Slayer. 

Of course, in terms of real strength, the other side was not weaker than a Red Black Official Slayer. 

But even so, to protect the peace of a city was not an easy task.

According to Rong Yuan's understanding, Lin'an City had more than just one Grudge Level monster and his face became taunt.

Shen Changqing smiled lightly: "Your Excellency is too serious. When the Heavenly Inspection Guard rebuilds their stronghold here, as long as it's still me acting as the Governor, the Government Office will give as much help as possible."

"But for other things, I can not help much."

"The rebuilding of the stronghold will naturally be done by the Heavenly Inspection Guard, I dare not bother Lord Shen!"

As he spoke, Rong Yuan stood up.

"I hope I can have the opportunity to talk with Lord Shen in the future."


Shen Changqing nodded slightly, then said aloud: "Someone see the guest away!"

An Official then came in from the outside.

"Your Excellency, please!"

"Lord Shen, goodbye!"

Rong Yuan solemnly cupped his hand, then he turned around and left.

Watching the other party leave, Shen Changqing's eyes were deep. It wasn't until Rong Yuan's figure completely disappeared from his line of sight, did he slowly retract his eyes.

"Heavenly Inspection Guard--"

Shen Changqing shook his head and lost his smile.

He had no intention of getting too involved with the Heavenly Inspection Guard.

Even if the Heavenly Inspection Guard and Slayers both belonged to the Demon Suppression Division, the two sides were in two different departments.

Also, he's only the temporary Governor of Lin'an City. He would have to pack up and leave in a few days. Even if he had a good relationship with the Heavenly Inspection Guard here, it will not help him.

Instead of wasting time with forming useless connections, it's better that he would just live his life.

Once the new Governor arrives, he can go back to the Demon Suppression Division.

On the other hand, after Rong Yuan left the Government Office, he walked into the crowd then came to a street corner.

Not long after, Rong Yuan left that corner, but his clothes and face were very different from his prior appearance.

He turned left and right, before finally stopping in front of a small courtyard.

He knocked on the door of the courtyard in a certain way. Soon, the closed door opened, and Rong Yuan stepped in.

The courtyard was nothing out of the ordinary.

It just looked like a normal residence.

When Rong Yuan came in, a few people dressed up as commonfolk surrounded him.

"Head Rong is back!"

"Did you see Lord Shen?"

The people took turns to ask.

Rong Yuan nodded: "I have met Lord Shen, but he was a bit distant from me. He must not quite believe in my identity as a Heavenly Inspection Guard."

"I heard that he has killed many monsters, and that his strength should not be underestimated." One person said.

"Indeed, he is not to be underestimated."

One of the people's faces was solemn, and his eyes showed fear.

"Although I have not seen him fight, from the intelligence, this Lord Shen is not an easy match. Not long after coming to Lin'an City, the blood on his hands was already flooding. Typically, people that are that ruthless are veterans."

"For him to be so ruthless right after joining the Demon Suppression Division, he is born to be a talent suitable for the Demon Suppression Division!"

Some don't necessarily have to fear the strong.

However, the strong with a ruthless heart should be truly feared.

With that kind of person, if one was not careful, one may not even know how one died.

Hearing this, the others were also apprehensive.

Seeing this, Rong Yuan smiled and said: "Don't worry, we have nothing to do with him. This time, the Heavenly Inspection Guard's stronghold here was destroyed by the Eternal Life Alliance. The original stronghold is no longer usable. We must find a new place as a stronghold."

"In addition, we also need to visit the Yongfu Pawnshop to see if we can find some past information."

"The Heavenly Inspection Guard in Lin'an City was too lax. Among the Heavenly Inspection Guard all over the Great Qin, there are very few examples of an entire stronghold being uprooted like this."

One of the people said in anger.

A stronghold of intelligence gatherers did not have any prior preparation, and was completely destroyed by the demons.

This matter would become a laughing stock if this was spread out.

The fact that the Eternal Life Alliance sent a monster to wipe out a stronghold was a great shame.

"Don't mention this matter again."

Rong Yuan interrupted.

The rest of the people saw this and also kept their mouths shut.

Then, a few people deliberated a bit, before there was no more movement.

When the night fell, Rong Yuan took two people and quietly went inside the Yongfu Pawnshop, looking for information that may exist here.

It was only after dawn, did the three leave the Yongfu Pawnshop and blend in with the crowd, changing their appearance several times before meeting back at their original location.

Two days passed.

No one realized that the owner of a restaurant in Lin'an City was a new person.

There seemed to be no change.

Lin'an City was like a calm lake, without the slightest ripple.

But in the dark, all of the information about Lin'an City was collected, and was compiled one by one. They were then sent to the strongholds of the Heavenly Inspection Guard in various places, before finally falling into the hands of the Demon Suppression Division.

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