Chapter 145: Star Path Blockade.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

In the orbit of Viter III, the Trap Fleet of the Kabat Empire was currently in complete chaos.

Every warship was full of ear-splitting alarms that resounded in every corner of the ship. Although the technicians were already urgently troubleshooting, Lin Fan only left them with 30 seconds, and even the best technicians could do nothing in that amount of time.

30 seconds later, with a rumble, all 80,000 Trap Fleet warships had turned into a bunch of fireballs.

When Lin Fan activated the backdoor, the Trap Fleet had just sailed out of the fortress. So when the big explosion due to overload had occurred, two-thirds of the warships were still inside the fortress and hadn't had time to sail out.

This led to the destruction of nearly 60,000 warships within the fortress. It hit the fortress so hard, that even the command center where Hamid and Faris were located was affected. It was pure chaos!

"Faris, quickly go confirm the situation of the Trap Fleet!"

"Military Commander Hamid, the Trap Fleet is gone! The Energy Shield devices on all of their warships had suddenly started acting abnormally and overloaded, followed by..."

"D@mn it, so the Humans were scheming against us from the very beginning!"

As for why all the Trap Fleet warships had problems at the same time, Hamid didn't even need to think about it. He could immediately tell that the Energy Shield devices that the Humans had sold them had been tampered with.

As for why the Humans suddenly attacked the Kabat Empire, Hamid didn't have the time to think about it right now!

He must save their warships, he can not let all of the warships be lost here!

Considering that 80% of the entire Empire's main fleet were here, the Empire was basically ruined if they were lost!

"How many Human warships are out there?"

"Military Commander, according to our scans, the other side only has 200,000 warships, but all 200,000 of these warships are Battleships!"

Hamid listened to Faris's report and frowned tightly. 200,000 Battleships with Energy Shields and Warp Engines... Even if their surrounding 2 million plus warships come to the rescue, it was highly probable that they would not win.

After all, the Kabat Empire had been using Energy Shields for several years. They were well aware of the difference in combat power between those with Energy Shields and those with none. Not to mention that the Humans had sold them a weakened version!

"Faris, order all fleets to not come to the rescue, our side is already doomed. Instead, while the Human Fleet is attacking our Starport group, have them head towards Cecil's Star Path and use their fastest speed to withdraw from Viter!"

"Yes, Military Commander Hamid!"

As the 2.8 million warships, which were originally stationed in the orbits of the planets, headed towards Viter III to provide support, they had received Hamid's orders to retreat.

The content of the order was that in order to preserve the main force of the Empire, all fleets should immediately evacuate through the Star Path in Cecil, and evacuate as much as they could, at all costs.

After a slight amount of hesitation, the Fleet Commanders gritted their teeth, ordering their fleets to turn around and head for the Star Path in Cecil.

In the orbit of Viter III, a volley of attacks was shot at the Starport group, causing explosions everywhere. Every now and then, a large explosion would appear.

One doesn't have to look to know that another Starport had been completely destroyed.

The Starport group was not a fortress after all. It only had some medium-range weapons and a large number of close defense systems. They couldn't counterattack, even if they want to.

At this time, a large number of shuttle ships flew from the planet of Viter III into space and headed for the Starports.

These were the crew members of the warships that were resting on Viter III, and under Hamid's orders, they rushed to the Starports, where their warships were located.

However, Lin Fan did not bother with them. After all, warships were not something that you can start up and immediately drive like a car. 

These people first have to successfully rush into the Starport under the uninterrupted range of fire, activate the systems, and ensure that they nor the Starport wouldn't get blown up.

It can be said that to complete this entire process in these conditions, no one in ten thousand people could do so!

Even if individual warships succeeded in sailing out, they absolutely could not escape the firepower of the Human Fleet.

On the other side, 10 Legions of the Kabat Empire were heading towards the Star Path in Cecil. Two of them, which were originally located close by, attacked with 700,000 warships and had already arrived at the entrance of the Star Path that's less than 10 million kilometers away.

However, at this time, an unexpected event happened. The void near the entrance of the Star Path suddenly shrunk and 40,000 Human warships appeared without warning.

The first of these was the "Hercules", the flagship of the 4th Fleet, and the flagship of the 5th Fleet, the "Artemis"!

"Little Li Zi, they're here, 700,000 warships! It's really the right choice to choose the blockade mission!"

Sophia looked a little excited. At that time, she asked Lin Fan to give her the blockade mission because she knew that this was the only place where the hard combat would happen in the whole second phase. It was only here that she could satisfy herself!

"Look at the Military Commander's side, purely sneaking around! The enemy has no resistance at all, it's simply too boring! It's better for us here!"

Inside Hercules, Li Cangdou was speechless after listening to what Sophia had said.

Was it really a bad thing that the enemy could not resist?

"Little Li Zi, as agreed before, the blockade will be under my full command! You do not have a problem with it, right?"

At this time, Sophia was already in a state of excitement and her face was flushed.

If it was a normal person, being in such a state, he/she would definitely not be suitable to command the fleet.

But the 1st Legion knew that Sophia was anything, but ordinary. The more she was in this state, the stronger her command ability was!

"No, I do not. You are in charge of the overall command, I will act according to your instructions!"

Regarding this request of Sophia, the two actually had discussed it before they set out.

After all, they were guarding the same front. If each of them had their own command, it would be chaotic. Such a situation would always need a person responsible for the overall command, so...

That night, the two had a friendly 'sparring session' in Sophia's room, and Li Cangdou was unfortunately defeated after holding out for 50 minutes. Eventually, the command of the blockade fell into Sophia's hands.

"Good, immediately change the formation. The 5th Fleet will be in the center of the formation, while the 4th Fleet would be divided into two groups on both sides of the 5th Fleet, at a distance of one million kilometers!"


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