Chapter 144: Backdoor.

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Looking at the person in front of him, Hamid immediately recognized the other party.

This was none other than the Commander of the fleet, from when the Human Federation first came into contact with the Kabat Empire many years ago. This man's name should be Lin Fan!

"Your Excellency Lin Fan, it has indeed been a long time. Are you the one escorting the goods this time?"

Hamid looked unusually respectful. Hamid could still remember that this master in front of him had a bad temper. Back then, he loaded Hamid into the shuttle ship and was thrown out from inside the warship!

Lin Fan then threw 10,000 sets of Energy Shield devices in space, not saying anything before leaving. 

This deep memory made Hamid show respect to Lin Fan, lest this master decided to do the same thing again!

"I'm just the vanguard unit coming over to clear the way. After all, there's no room for error in delivering 50,000 sets of Energy Shields in one go! According to the rules, I need to lead the fleet here and make sure that there is no threat. As for the cargo fleet, it will not arrive for another 1 day!"

"So that's how it is. Your civilization is really knowledgeable, we still have a lot to learn."

"Alright, stop with the kiss @ss. Do what you need to do, don't mind us!"

After saying that, without waiting for Hamid to speak, Lin Fan hung up the call.

This should be the attitude of a normal Level 4 Civilization towards a Level 3 Civilization, right?

Looking at the suddenly ended call, Hamid's forehead was filled with wrinkles.

This master was really not easy to please. It's a good thing that they only needed to wait one more day!

"Order all of the fleets to not cause trouble! Except for the usual Patrol Fleet, all other warships should stay away from the trading area, so as not to cause a misunderstanding!"

"Yes, Military Commander Hamid!"

Faris quickly followed Hamid's orders and executed them.

Currently, there were about 3.8 million Kabat Empire warships in Viter, but the Starport that was recently built here could only dock 1 million ships.

Therefore, Hamid ordered that each group of 1 million ships would take turns docking at the Starport. Then the personnel on board could go to a Living Planet for 3 months of rest and recuperation, to relieve mental stress.

Now it's the third round of the fleet resting, and the Starport group's docking space was filled with 1 million warships.

As for the remaining warships, under Hamid's order, they moved one 1au away from Viter, making only Lin Fan's 1st Fleet remain in the entire area!

"Military Commander, the full Star System has been scanned!"

"What's the situation?"

"As we expected, there are currently 1 million warships docked in the Starport group, 80,000 warships are docked in the fortress, while the remaining warships have evacuated to the orbits of other planets. The closest to us is a full 1au away. I think the conditions are ripe for the second phase of the operation!"

"En, the time is indeed ripe. Send a signal to Reo, the second phase of the operation officially begins!"


When Liang Xue sent out the order to start the second phase of the operation, the eleven fleets located in Reo immediately took action. One fleet, after the other, locked onto their mission targets and activated their Warp Engines.

Equipped with the second generation of Warp Engines, it only took them a mere day to travel from Reo to Viter.


Soon came the next day.

Three million kilometers away from Viter III, in the Uranus.

"Military Commander, 60 seconds until combat time!"

"Good, order the entire fleet to get ready, make sure to destroy all of the Starports within one hour!"


"Activate the Quantum Communication System. Execute Encryption Program No. 3, and send the CODE at the first instance after the battle starts."

"Yes... The Quantum Communication System has been activated! Encryption Program No. 3 has been loaded... 30 seconds before sending... 20 seconds... 10 seconds... 3 seconds...!"

At this time, not far from the 1st Fleet, the void shrank violently and nine fleets appeared around it.

At the same time, Liang Xue's countdown timer had also ticked to zero.

"Already sent through the Quantum Communication System! Feedback has been accepted, ready for overload!"

"Good, order the fleet to destroy all of the Starports immediately!"


The entire ten fleets, 200,000 Killer Whale-Class Battleships, launched an aggressive attack on the Starport group in Viter III's orbit.

Meanwhile, the alarm also resounded throughout the Kabat Empire's fortress in the orbit.

"Military Commander Hamid, multiple Human fleets have suddenly appeared and are attacking our Starport group!"

"What?! How is this possible?"

"Military Commander Hamid, if we don't do something, our entire million warships will all be destroyed in the Starport."

"Have you contacted Lin Fan?"

"We have, but the other party refuses to answer the communication request!"

Faris said with an anxious face, he also sensed that something was not right!

"Quickly order all resting personnel on the planet to return to the Starport on shuttle ships immediately! At the same time, order the 80,000 Trap Fleet warships to intercept the Human Federation's warships and buy time for the planet's personnel to board the Starport!"

"Yes, Military Commander Hamid!"

Soon, under Hamid's orders, 80,000 Trap Fleet warships started their engines and sailed out of the fortress.

On the other hand, Lin Fan was waiting exactly for this moment. If these 80,000 Trap Fleet warships didn't start, he wouldn't be able to start the 'backdoor' that they had inputted.

"Liang Xue, immediately issue an order to overload!"


The so-called overload, was the backdoor left on the Energy Shields sold to the Kabat Empire by the Human Federation. After the code was sent through the Quantum Communication System using the Encryption Program No. 3, all foreign trade versions of the Energy Shields within range would be controlled. Thus overloading operation, and finally...

Just as there's a code for the Energy Shields sold to the Kabat Empire, similarly, there's also one to the Energy Shields, as well as the Warp Engines, sold to the Io Federation.

This was why Lin Fan had to wait for the other side's warships to start before he could activate it. After all, if the warships didn't start, what energy would they use to perform the overload?

"Military Commander, the overload order has been issued. It is expected to exceed the critical value in 30 seconds!"


Right at this moment, the Trap Fleet instantly went into chaos!

"Commander, the Energy Shield system on the warship is abnormal. It is running in overload and cannot be shut down! Something will go terribly wrong if this continues!"

"Find me a way to shut it down!"


Of course the Commander understood what this meant. If left unchecked, it could blow up the warship.

However, just a few dozen seconds was not enough time for them to come up with a solution, and this was not an isolated case of a problem!

Apparently every single warship in the Trap Fleet had the same problem!

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