Chapter 54: Crazy Upgrades.

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"No matter how I was in my previous life, now that I am here, I am part of the Great Qin. The demons sees the human race as food, and if the demons ever prevail in the future, I will definitely not fair any better!"

"I have joined the Demon Suppression Division and became a Slayer, swearing to protect the people of Great Qin; but it is more appropriate to say that this is mostly to have a better life for myself--"

The blazing flames that engulfed the Zhang Family Residence, was reflected in Shen Changqing's eyes.

If he hadn't come in contact with the demons, he would have never truly understood how serious the scourge brought by the demons was.

Perhaps in the eyes of the demons, the human race was no different from pigs and sheep. They were using the human race as a food source, as a natural instinct. However, he was not a demon.

"I am a human, naturally, I should stand in the sides of the human race!"

Shen Changqing was relieved.

He was a human. Naturally, he could not get around in the perspective of humans being pigs and sheep raised for food.

The same was true for because he was human, he wouldn't agree in the perspective of the demons eating humans. Even if it was in line with the nature of the Heavens and Earth.


Back at the Government Office.

Shen Changqing first asked Shi Qingsheng to count today's harvest.

The Zhang Family in Lin'an City was considered a large family, and they had a lot of things.

Hence, Shi Qingsheng needed a night's time to count them all.

It was only at the start of dawn, was the liquidation finally completed.

"Your Excellency, all of the assets of the Zhang Family have been counted. All of the stores, land deeds and other things, amounted to 130,000 taels of silver!"

130,000 taels of silver!

Shen Changqing nodded, it was a little different from what he expected, but the difference was not big.

The Zhao Family's assets totaled to 210,000 taels of silver, while the Zhang Family was a bit worse with only 130,000 taels of silver.

"With both the Zhao Family and Zhang Family, the total amount of money for a small city like Lin'an is already more than 300,000 taels of silver. What about the bugger cities, how much assets is in their hands?!"

Shen Changqing couldn't help, but sigh.

When he was in the Demon Suppression Division, his monthly salary was only one tael of silver.

Now that he had become a Yellow Rank Official Slayer, his salary had increased to five taels of silver.

But then again, the real benefits of joining the Demon Suppression Division were never just in terms of salary.

In fact, the salary of a Slayer was already much higher than other professions.

Its just that if a Yellow Rank Official Slayer gets five taels of silver per month, that's sixty taels of silver a year. In order to save as much money as the Zhao Family in Lin'an City, the Slayer would need to save for 3500 years without eating or drinking.

"3500 years--"

Shen Changqing felt a headache.

At this moment, Shi Qingsheng, who was standing at the side, could not help, but remind Shen Changqing in a low voice after seeing the change in his face: "Your Excellency, the assets of both families are only temporarily stored into the treasury of the Government Office, and are not yet escorted to the capital for the time being."

"So there might be some discrepancies between the records on the books and the actual inventory, which is inevitable-"

Saying up to here, he closed his mouth.

Though Shi Qingsheng's words did make Shen Changqing snap out of it.

As long as one was not a fool, one would be able to understand Shi Qingsheng's meaning.

"Was this how the Governor used to be?" Shen Changqing's expression remained unchanged. That was, he did not get angry, nor did he show his eagerness.

"That's natural."

Shi Qingsheng nodded, and then laughed: "Otherwise, how could the Zhao Family have such an industry in Lin'an City in just one or two decades? One has to remember that a Governor's salary is only a few taels of silver."

"How much discrepancy do you think is feasible to not cause trouble?"

"The assets of the two families are counted by my office. As long as they are not too excessive, the court will not investigate the matter thoroughly. It is not appropriate to move too much and it would be best for Your Excellency to go within 30,000 taels of silver. I think this would be the most appropriate."

Shi Qingsheng acted in a very experienced manner.

In this regard, Shen Changqing knew it well in his heart.

It was obvious that the other party was following Zhao Fang's side and had done such things not infrequently.

However, Shi Qingsheng's words did make him feel moved.

30,000 taels of silver.

According to the salary of a Yellow Rank Official Slayer, it would take several hundred years to save that much.

Thinking of this, Shen Changqing gazed at Shi Qingsheng: "Regarding what to say and what not to say, this Official believes you are very clear about it. Although this Official is only here temporary, I am still from the Demon Suppression Division."

"And the Demon Suppression Division has a lot of ways to silence a person."

"I think there's no need for this official to remind you of this!"

"Your Excellency, don't worry, I don't know anything!" Shi Qingsheng replied with some panic.

"Very good!"

Shen Changqing nodded with satisfaction, then said: "The Zhao Family and Zhang Family's total assets amounted to 310,000 taels of silver. Your side must do a good job of registering them, without any omissions."

"As for the rest, do what you see fit."

"I understand!"

"Also have someone prepare some tonic that replenishes one's qi and blood. As well as some chicken, duck and fish. Send them over immediately. If the Government Office subsidy is not enough, this Official will bear the remainder of the cost."

"Yes, I'll go do it now!"

Shi Qingsheng respectfully retreated.


In less than an hour, Shi Qingsheng delivered all of the things. Along with the tonics, came a thick stack of silver notes.

Shen Changqing counted and the silver notes were almost 30,000 taels of silver. Technically speaking, it was a few taels less.

Looking at the table full of food, Shen Changqing lamented.

"It takes several taels of silver to eat such a meal. Relying on the salary issued by the Demon Suppression Division alone, probably wouldn't suffice. If I want to raise my strength, no doubt that it will take long and a lot of time would be wasted."

To upgrade with the panel, Killing Value was not necessary, but the daily consumption to replenish his Qi and blood was also equally essential.

In the past, Shen Changqing did not think it would be a problem. But now, as his realm became higher and higher, his consumption also gradually increased.

By now, for a breakthrough, he needed to prepare a lot of things to supplement his energy consumption.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have been so cheap to cheat 30,000 taels of silver out of the two families.

With the previous experience, Shen Changqing first ate part of the food to fill up his stomach, and then delved into the panel to improve his Martial Arts.

[Thirteen Cross Practice], upgrade!

5 points of Killing Value consumed.

A powerful suction force generated from within the body. The food he had just eaten disappeared at an extremely fast speed, turning into Qi and blood.

Soon, he felt a strong feeling of hunger.

Shen Changqing did not dare to hesitate, and again took advantage of the opportunity to eat a lot.


His body shook and his skin seemed to have a faint shine glowing under them.

Up to this point, the [Thirteen Cross Practice] had broken through to Level 17.

His external power had been strengthened, his qi and blood were filled up.

Shen Changqing then began to make a breakthrough with the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi].

His thoughts moved and his Killing Value was instantly consumed by 10 points.

Immediately after that, his qi and blood was consumed, transforming into Heavenly Martial True Qi in his dantian.

It didn't take long for the True Qi in his dantian to overflow. The overflowing True Qi then began to compress in reverse, when they couldn't break through the dantian's restraint-

One drop!

Two drops!

The vapor-like True Qi began to liquefy.

God knows know how long it took, but all of the True Qi in Shen Changqing's dantian was finally transformed into a red liquid.

At the same time his True Qi turned into liquid, and all the opened meridians throughout his body connected together. The Astral Qi that existed in his body soon grew wildly and became incomparably solid.

At this time, an incomparable feeling of weakness overcame Shen Changqing.

The feeling of both fullness and weakness intertwined, causing Shen Changqing's spirit to drift off for a moment.

After snapping out of it, Shen Changqing scrambled to grab some food on the table and stuffed them into his mouth, regardless of what it was.

In just a moment, the table was turned into a mess. All of the food had entered Shen Changqing's belly, but even so, it still did not fill his consumption completely.

"Someone come here!"

Shen Changqing loudly bellowed.

Someone immediately came in.

"My Lord, what are your orders?" As Shi Qingsheng saluted, his eyes glanced at the messy tabletop and was secretly astonished.

He clearly remembered that he brought enough things for several big men to eat.

He did not expect that in such a short time, it would be eaten up by Shen Changqing alone.

However, after remembering the identity of Shen Changqing, Shi Qingsheng did not think much about it.

Strong people, who can kills demons, need to eat more.

Shen Changqing took out ten taels worth of silver notes and handed it to Shi Qingsheng: "Immediately prepare another batch of food for me, at twice the standard of the one before!"

"Yes, this humble servant obeys!"

Shi Qingsheng did not dare to ask more questions. He simply took the silver notes and retreated.

Shen Changqing sat still on the stool and closed his eyes to feel the changes in his body.

With the [Thirteen Cross Practice] breaking through to Level 17, the overall quality of all aspects of his body had improved.

However, there was also an obvious disadvantage and that was, this kind of improvement couldn't be able to keep up with the consumption of his True Qi.

In just a level of upgrade, with the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] going from Level 11 to 12, the consumption almost drained his qi and blood.

This shows that if the [Thirteen Cross Practice] was a level lower and he upgraded his True Qi, it wouldn't be enough to support the consumption.

"Level 13 of the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] would definitely have a much greater consumption. The [Thirteen Cross Practice] might have to reach Level 19 in order to support that much consumption in one go."

"The rank/level of this Martial Art was ultimately too low."

"Even with the Killing Value breaking its limit, compared to other Martial Arts, the cost performance ratio is not good."

If it wasn't cost-effectiveness, it was destined to consume more Killing Value to get the desired effect that one wanted.

In this regard, Shen Changqing also wanted to change Martial Arts.

Just that, right now, he couldn't go back to the Demon Suppression Division. Even though he had the intent, the situation does not permit him to do so.

However, the same goes for saving his Killing Value until he goes back to the Demon Suppression Division. It wouldn't be appropriate.

With the current turbulence in Lin'an City, especially now that he had just uprooted a stronghold of the Eternal Life Alliance, the Eternal Life Alliance would certainly make some moves.

In the end, with the limited conditions, Shen Changqing must increase his strength as much as possible!

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