Chapter 49: Eternal Life Alliance Hideout.

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Ending his round of Cultivation, Shi Qingsheng went outside.

"My Lord, a letter has been delivered, specifying that it is for you to read."

"A letter for me?"

Shen Changqing's eyebrows raised slightly. After receiving the envelope, he waved his hand for Shi Qingsheng to retreat.

Inside the envelope was a blank white sheet of paper.

Seeing this, Shen Changqing got up and fetched a bottle of white wine. He mixed it with tea and slowly applied it to the top of the white paper.

He then took it outside, under the sun.

After a few breaths, the originally blank white paper began to reveal with words. 

"Sure enough!"

Shen Changqing smiled.

After getting the white paper, he immediately associated it with the secret letters of the Heavenly Inspection Guard. Recalling from his memory, he used the proper procedure to uncover the contents of the letter. 

Back at the Inner Hall, Shen Changqing carefully read the contents of the secret letter and then used True Qi to burn it after he was done.

The letter was sent by the Heavenly Inspection Guard. Since he did not go to the Yongfu pawnshop for the past few days and it's inconvenient for the people of the Yongfu Pawnshop to come to the Government Office, they sent the news through this secret letter. 

The secret letter recorded the location of the hideout of the Eternal Life Alliance in Lin'an City, as well as some detailed information.

"The Zhang Family!"

Shen Changqing's fingers lightly tapped, and his eyes were unconsciously cold.

The Zhang Family was a relatively prestigious family in Lin'an City. Before Zhao Fang succeeded as the Governor, the preceding Governor was from the Zhang Family.

But ever since the emergence of the Zhao Family, the Zhang Family had been low-key.

From the intelligence gathered by the Heavenly Inspection Guard, the Zhang Family residence was the hideout of the Eternal Life Alliance in Lin'an City.

In the last year or two, there were often missing people in Lin'an City. After the investigation of the Heavenly Inspection Guard, it all pointed to the Zhang Family.

"Lin'an City's been missing people in the past year or two, which adds up to a lot of people. Even so, the issue was never brought up, apparently forced down by Zhao Fang. Since there was no trace of demons or monsters, the Heavenly Inspection Guard did not deliberately investigate them."

"Alas, after many years of comfort, this city's Heavenly Inspection Guard is slacking."

"If not for me asking to do an investigation, they would not have found the Zhang Family's anomaly."

The Heavenly Inspection Guard was spread all over the Great Qin.

In some places there will be demons and monsters all year round, while in some places, they could maintain stability. Even if there were demons and monsters in such places, it would be trivial to have any major impact.

Hence the polarization between Heavenly Inspection Guards from different places.

The more dangerous the place, the more vigilant the Heavenly Inspection Guard.

Inversely, the safer the place, the less vigilant and more slacking the Heavenly Inspection Guard will be.

Regarding these things, Shen Changqing couldn't do anything.

He's just a small Yellow Rank Official Slayer. He had no way of interfering with such matters. Fortunately, this time, Situ Bei had given Shen Changqing what he wanted.

According to the intelligence gathered by the Heavenly Inspection Guard, the Zhang Family started to be suspicious more than ten years ago.

The significance of their existence was one, to be the eyes, ears and hideout of the Eternal Life Alliance. Second, to silently cultivate some monsters for the Eternal Life Alliance.

There's also a suspicion written in the letter that the monster in Ancient Moon Village was the one that the Zhang Family had fostered and cultivated.

"If the monster in Ancient Moon Village was cultivated by the Zhang Family, then the monster who escaped from the Government Office should be hiding in the Zhang Family. Perhaps,the Zhang Family is hiding more than one monster."

"Though, for me, the more monsters, the better. For the small Zhang Family, they shouldn't have any Grudge Level monster. As for the Grudge Level monster on that night, the most likely scenario was that it was the Eternal Life Alliance that directly dispatched it."

From the information given by the Heavenly Inspection Guard, Shen Changqing could almost gauge the strength of the Zhang Family.

Even if he knew that the Zhang Family was the hideout of the Eternal Life Alliance, he wouldn't go in without knowing about their strength.

Shen Changqing felt that it was no problem for him to deal with one Grudge Level monster, but if there's two of them, it would be hard to say.

At the same time, if it was a Grudge Level monster that was very powerful and almost at the Fury Level, then Shen Changqing also had no other choice but to retreat. 

"Someone, come here!"

"What are your orders, my Lord?!" An Official who was waiting outside the Inner Hall immediately stepped in.

"Have Zhang Yue come to see me."



A quarter of an hour later.

Zhang Yue walked in and bowed, "Greetings, my Lord!"

"According to this information, invite all these people. Tell them that I have something important to discuss." Shen Changqing grabbed a piece of paper and handed it over.

Seeing this, Zhang Yue took it with both hands. After carefully reading the paper, he immediately clasped his fist: "Don't worry, my Lord, I will go do it!"


Shen Changqing waved his hand, Zhang Yue bowed and retreated.

The content on the paper recorded the specific addresses of the various Sects that had come here, such as the Returning Yuan Sword Sect.

After all, they couldn't possibly be sleeping on the street.

Therefore, Shen Changqing had found their specific location through the Heavenly Inspection Guard.

In less than an hour, Cui Cheng and others arrived, one after another.

A total of ten people from the five Sects were sitting in the Inner Hall.

In fact, most of the Sects had some friction against each other, so they were wary of each other. 

Not long after, Shen Changqing strode in.

When everyone saw his arrival, they all got up and cupped their hands: "Lord Shen!"

"All of you are here!"

With a smile on his face, Shen Changqing took his seat at the top position.

When Shen Changqing took his seat, someone cupped his hand and asked, "I wonder why Lord Shen suddenly summoned us here?"

The rest of the people also had doubts on their faces.

They did not have too many encounters with Shen Changqing. Since the other party suddenly summoned them, he must have some purpose.

To be honest, the people here do not want to have too much involvement with the Demon Suppression Division and the court.

The previous visit was just to confirm some things.

Their main reason was to avoid any conflict with the Demon Suppression Division, when fighting for the Demon's Essence Blood.

Shen Changqing said: "This Official has also already told you. As long as you do not disturb the security of Lin'an City, this Official wouldn't interfere with you. But since we are all people of the Great Qin, if there is a demon or monster, you certainly cannot just watch on the side, could you?"

"What does Lord Shen mean?" Cui Cheng had a bad premonition in his heart.

"We have received news from the Demon Suppression Division that there is a demon hideout in Lin'an City. We are people of the Great Qin and we should take the responsibility to eliminate the demons, so I decided to take action to eliminate the demon hideout."

"But most of the Government Officials are just ordinary people. Even if there are one or two Body Forging Realm Cultivators, that's it. Clearly, the manpower is very lacking."

"This Official hopes that you can help and eliminate the demon hideout together."

Shen Changqing slowly said.

As he finished speaking, many of the people's faces changed slightly.

"I wonder what Lord Shen knows about that demon hideout?" The person, who belonged to the Heavenly Sword Sect, asked in a deep voice.

Although the others were reluctant in their hearts, they did not immediately refuse.

Shen Changqing said: "This Official suspects that the monster that attacked the Ancient Moon Village is from the demon hideout in Lin'an City. But since Lin'an City is only a small place, the strength of the hideout shouldn't be too strong."

"To be honest, I am from the Demon Suppression Division, so killing demons is my duty."

"This includes eliminating the hideout. I will do it alone, however, to ensure that nothing goes wrong, I need you to lock down the demon hideout. We absolutely can not let any person, demon or monster escape!"

"Likewise, if this Official is defeated, I also hope that you can help."

"After all, if this Official can not deal with the monster, you would certainly be dragged into the chaos that would be caused by the monster. Regardless if you wanted to help or not."

Hearing these words, the hearts of the people present tightened and, at the same time, were somewhat relieved that they were not the ones doing the work. 

It would be best if they didn't have to personally take action.

There should not be any danger, if they were simply blocking the possible exit routes.

As for Shen Changqing's strength, those who were present all had their guesses.

If even Shen Changqing can not deal with the monster, they would certainly consider evacuating from Lin'an City.

At this moment, Cui Cheng cupped his hand: "Since Lord Shen has said so, the Returning Yuan Sword Sect is certainly the first to support!"

"The Heavenly Sword Sect also has no objection!"

"The Burning Heaven Villa also has no problem!"

"The Seven Obsidian Sect–"

All of the people answered with willingness.

Even if they didn't agree, there was nothing they could do.

After all, they have already come to the Government Office. With Shen Changqing's identity, no one would have a good enough reason to refuse.

If this matter was poorly handled, it may lead to a whole lot of trouble.

Besides, no one wanted to offend Shen Changqing for this matter, nor offend the one backing him, which was the Demon Suppression Division.

Of course, the reason they agreed so quickly was because of Shen Changqing’s strength.

Even if it's a Cultivator who had just entered the Qi Circulation Realm, if that person was from the Demon Suppression Division, the Sects would not be willing to risk it.

"Very well, the factions in the Guangyuan Province are indeed passionate, united in eliminating demons and monsters!"

A kind smile appeared on Shen Changqing's face.

Immediately after that, his face became solemn again.

"Since all of you agree, then this Official will not waste time. The earlier we eliminate the demon hideout, the more people will be saved. Today will be the day when the demon hideout in Lin'an City will be uprooted! Someone, come here!"

An Official then came in.

"Have Zhang Yue come see me!"


Soon, Zhang Yue hurriedly rushed over.

"What are your orders, my Lord?"

"Gather all the Officials and go to the Zhang Family. Make sure to seal off all the exits of the Zhang Family, no one is allowed to escape." Shen Changqing ordered in a cold voice.

"I understand!"

Zhang Yue did not dare to ask the reason, bowing and receiving the order.

After that, Shen Changqing got up, looking at Cui Cheng and the others, "The strength of the Officials from the Government Office is limited, so I'll ask for your assistance in the matter of besieging the Zhang Family."

"We will certainly do our best to help!"

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