Chapter 48: Won't Afford The Price.

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In the Inner Hall of the Government Office.

Two people walked in, in no particular order, under Shi Qingsheng's guidance.

"Cui Cheng (Zhao Yue) of the Returning Yuan Sword Sect, greets Lord Shen!"

As soon as they saw Shen Changqing, Cui Cheng and Zhao Yue cupped their hands in a salute.

"Please sit down, both of you."

"Thank you, my Lord!"

After saying their thanks, the two took their seats.

As they sat down, Shen Changqing took a closer look at these visitors.

The Returning Yuan Sword Sect.

Shen Changqing had not heard much about them, but from Situ Bei, he at least knew that they were a Martial Arts Sect in the Guangyuan Province.

Although they don't have a particularly strong expert, they were not weak either.

Currently, looking at these two visitors, Shen Changqing could not grasp too many things.

After all, although he was an Innate Realm Cultivator, he has not seen the two fight yet, so he couldn't perceive much.

But according to the information given by the Heavenly Inspection Guard, Cui Cheng and Zhao Yue were both at late stage Qi Circulation Realm.

At this moment, an Official served tea.

Shen Changqing retracted his gaze and picked up his cup of tea: "This Official has never had any dealings with the Returning Yuan Sword Sect, so what brings the two guests to my abode today?"

"I just came to Lin'an City not long ago and I heard about Lord Shen's deeds of killing monsters. I can't help, but admire it. This time, I came to see Lord Shen's style."

Cui Cheng smiled faintly.

"And indeed, upon seeing Lord Shen today, I realised that the rumors were true."


Shen Changqing nodded: "Now that you have seen this Official, if there is nothing else, you can take your leave."


The smile on Cui Cheng's face suddenly stiffened for a few moments.

Cui Cheng did not expect that Shen Changqing would not follow the routine in normal pleasantries, and had caught him a bit off guard.

However, Cui Cheng had seen the world. So despite the fact that Shen Changqing did not follow the norm, he did not show too much changes on the surface.

"Lord Shen is quick to speak, so I will also not beat around the bush."

"If your Excellency has something to say, you may as well say it directly." Shen Changqing took a sip of tea and casually put the teacup back to its original position. His gaze then landed on Cui Cheng.

Seeing this, Cui Cheng's expression remained unchanged. He said with an arching hand, "I heard that Lord Shen is from the Demon Suppression Division, so I believe you should have heard the news about the of the appearance of a Demon's Essence Blood!"

"En, I have indeed heard of it."

Shen Changqing nodded his head.

From the beginning, he knew that the purpose of Cui Cheng's visit would not be simple.

Demon's Essence Blood.

From the moment the other party had opened his mouth, Shen Changqing was almost sure in what the other party's purpose of coming to him was.

Cui Cheng said: "The appearance of the Demon's Essence Blood, we and the other forces to people, are quite frankly interested in it. The Demon's Essence Blood has existed in Lin'an City for hundreds of years, so if the Demon Suppression Division really wanted it, they would have many opportunities to strike."

"But so far, the Demon Suppression Division has not made much movement and is making me think that they do not care about the Demon's Essence Blood."

"Of course, the Demon Suppression Division is large and it's normal for them to not value the Demon's Essence Blood. But us and the other small Sects, are very keen in obtaining it."

Cui Cheng paused for a bit, before continuing with a burning gaze: "But I wonder what Lord Shen's view of the Demon' Essence Blood is?"

"You are worried that this Official will go out and snatch it?"

Shen Changqing asked indifferently.

Cui Cheng nodded straightforwardly, "Yes!"

"What would you do if this Official would step in to fight for it? What would you do if I didn't?" Shen Changqing calmly spoke, as he took note of the change in the other party's expression.

Hearing this, Cui Cheng cupped his hand: "If Lord Shen decides to fight for it, then the Returning Yuan Sword Sect is willing to pay part of the price in exchange for dissuading Lord Shen to participate. But if Lord Shen insists on fighting, the Returning Yuan Sword Sect will simply withdraw."

"But at present, the competition for the Demon's Essence Blood is not only limited to the Returning Yuan Sword Sect. So even if we withdrew, the other forces may not be so willing to just give up."

"Likewise, if Lord Shen does not fight for it, that would naturally be a good thing, and if possible, the Returning Yuan Sword Sect is willing to give some benefits in exchange for Lord Shen's help."

Cui Cheng was very sincere in the way he spoke.

After all, the person in front of him was not only a City Governor, he's also from the Demon Suppression Division.

Although the Returning Yuan Sword Sect was not small, in front of the Demon Suppression Division, it's akin to an ant wanting to climb to the sky. 

Doing so would also offend the Demon Suppression Division, which was definitely not a good thing.

Moreover, in the eyes of Cui Cheng, the other party may not necessarily want the Demon's Essence Blood. After all, the Demon Suppression Division kills so many demons, that such a thing like a Demon's Essence Blood, was not something difficult to obtain.

It was only valuable in the eyes of other forces, not to the Demon Suppression Division. 

Since Cui Cheng was blunt, Shen Changqing did not mince with his words.

"The Demon's Essence Blood is dispensable to this Official. As for asking me to lend a hand, to be honest, your Returning Yuan Sword Sect may not be able to afford the price."

Shen Changqing was already touching the Outer Astral Realm and the strongest person in the Returning Yuan Sword Sect was only at the Outer Astral Realm.

Meaning, that unless they empty their pockets, they wouldn't be able to satisfy a Cultivator that's almost similar in strength with their strongest expert. 

Besides, compared to what the Demon Suppression Division has to offer, a small Returning Yuan Sword Sect, was not something Shen Changqing would see eye to eye with.

With such straightforward words, Cui Cheng was a little embarrassed. If it were other people who said such demeaning words to his Sect, he may have long flown into rage.

But since the words were said by someone from the Demon Suppression Division, he had no way to refute.

As for Zhao Yue on the side, she also did not dare to easily interject in the conversation.

She still recalled the image of heads rolling yesterday and Shen Changqing's indifferent eyes towards life.

Compared to Shen Changqing's words towards their Sect, Zhao Yue was more worried that if their two parties had a fall out, Shen Changqing would want to kill them. What should she do by then?

Ignoring Cui Cheng's embarrassment, Shen Changqing continued to speak.

"This Official's task is only to guard Lin'an City. As long as you do not disturb the order of Lin'an City, no matter how you decide to fight for the Demon's Essence Blood, it has nothing to do with this Official."

"Likewise, if there are demons or monsters in the city, you, as people of the Great Qin, should also help out when you are able to."

"What Lord Shen said is indeed true."

Cui Cheng hastily echoed.

"Alright, if there's nothing more, you can take your leave. You do not have to worry about this Official snatching the Demon's Essence Blood from you. Just remember that when the demons and monster's attack, the city is in need of help, this Official does not want to see someone shirk."

"It doesn't matter if it's you or the other Sects, remember that you are Qin people."

After Shen Changqing finished speaking, he picked up his cup of tea and basically sent off the guests.

Seeing this, Cui Cheng could not say anything else. He could only stand up and cup his hands: "Lord Shen, we will take our leave first!"

After saying that, the two left the Government Office.

Looking at the departing back of the two, the corner of Shen Changqing's mouth arched into a smile.

The purpose of these two from the Returning Yuan Sword Sect was to test him, whether he really had the intention of competing for the Demon's Essence Blood or not. It seemed that he was already being seen as a significant weight in the eyes of these forces.

The reasons for this were...

One was that the Demon Suppression Division was backing him, and the second was related to what happened in the Government Office.

"Power reigns in this chaotic world! How could they slay the demons, if they stayed inside their homes?"

Shen Changqing could not help, but shake his head.


It can be seen that the attitude of these Sects towards demons was that they avoid the latter and then would also not easily approach them.

Demons were bizarre and one might inadvertently die upon encountering them.

But regardless if these Sects were scared of demons, as long as they were not enemies nor had turned their backs from the human race, Shen Changqing will not say anything.

After all, the fear of death was the right of every person.

However, sitting back and watching the demons wreck havoc was also somewhat unjustified.

"These Sects managed to continue existing because of the people, but they did not do anything to help them. What is the difference between these Sects and leeches? I just hope that they are at least sensible!"

Shen Changqing thought of some cases he had seen in the past.

In addition to the necessary things like Martial Arts, there were many records about demons and Sects in the Library.

One example was people supporting a Sect, but when the demons came, the Sect closed their doors and just watched the people of several cities get slaughtered.

Afterwards, the Demon Suppression Division naturally took action and exterminated this Sect.

This incident served as a warning to other Sects. 

It was just that there was still no way to completely deter these Sects and from time to time, there will be some forces who would just watch the destruction happen.

Some will be disciplined by the Demon Suppression Division, while some looked for a suitable excuse to avoid the severe punishment of the Demon Suppression Division.

But no matter what.

The past history of such cases left Shen Changqing with no good feelings towards these Sects.

After the visit of Cui Cheng, in the next few days, other forces also came to visit.

Without exception, they all wanted to test Shen Changqing or the Demon Suppression Division, to see if they have the intention to compete for the Demon's Essence Blood.

After determining that Shen Changqing and the Demon Suppression Division did not have that idea, they left at ease.

So far, Lin'an City was back to its old quietness.

In the past few days, other than for necessary social engagements, Shen Changqing just Cultivated the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi].

The [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] had broken through to Level 11 and was near the Outer Astral Realm.

The more he Cultivated, the more he felt that the thin layer of Astral Qi inside his body was undergoing some wonderful changes, causing some slight itching all over his body. 

However, simply relying on just his talent to break through the Outer Astral Realm was not so easy.

In the few days of deep Cultivation, Shen Changqing didn't have any other changes, other than finding out that his control over the Heavenly Martial Astral Qi had become a little stronger.

As for a breakthrough, the difficulty of advancing from Level 11 to Level 12 level was not ordinary.

"Upon reaching the Outer Astral Realm, the Cultivator's defense and attack will greatly increase. But if I just rely on myself, it would take me a year and a half to break through to the Outer Astral Realm."

"Unless there is a demon or monster that would give me Killing Value, I have no way of speeding up the pace of breakthrough."

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