Chapter 47: Anger.

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The nine generations of one's family will be implicated!

Colluding with Demons shall not be tolerated!

Although Shen Changqing's words were not spoken in a heavy tone, but with the image of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood in front of him, they were much more effective than any harsh words.

Soon, the Officials began to load the Zhao Family's corpses on top of the prepared carriage and transported them outside the city.

Meanwhile, Shen Changqing returned to the Government Office to change out of his official uniform, before heading towards the Yongfu Pawnshop.

As soon as Situ Bei saw his arrival, Shen Changqing was immediately let in. 

"Last night the Eternal Life Alliance sent two monsters to attack the Government Office. They can't just send monsters out of nowhere, meaning they must have a stronghold in Lin'an City. Therefore, I want the Heavenly Inspection Guard to find the stronghold within two days."

"If you can't find it, the Heavenly Inspection Guard in Lin'an City will be replaced by a new group!"

Shen Changqing's face was icy cold, without his usual peacefulness.


Looking at the other party's expression, Situ Bei was scared in his heart.

Naturally, the Heavenly Inspection Guard knew of last night's battle at the Government Office. But since they were mainly used for spying and gathering intelligence, their combat ability was really nothing special. Hence they did not send people over and added more burden.

If they could not fulfill Shen Changqing's mission, they could only suffer the punishment.

It can be seen that what happened last night had made Shen Changqing furious.

"Is there still no news of the monster that sneak attacked the village? If so, I can not help but doubt the ability of the Heavenly Inspection Guard."

Suppressing his anger from last night's sneak attack, Shen Changqing changed the subject.

From the beginning to the end, his tone did not ease up.

This time, Shen Changqing came with the attitude of asking for answers and responsibility.

That was because the attack last night was such a big thing, yet the Heavenly Inspection Guard did not get any news beforehand.

Shen Changqing was not sure if all of the Heavenly Inspection Guard members were so incompetent, or it was just Situ Bei being too comfortable in his position for too long and was slacking.

This time, if the other side does not give him a satisfactory answer, Shen Changqing will not care and no longer consider the shallow friendship that they had built during his stay in Lin'an City.

"There is already news!"

Situ Bei didn't think twice and immediately replied: "The Heavenly Inspection Guard scouted a 50-mile radius and found that the last trace of the monster that escaped from the village was in Lin'an City."

"So I suspect that among the two monsters that attacked last night, one of them should be the same monster that destroyed the village."

"After all, Lin'an City is a relatively small city. Although important, the Demon's Essence Blood wouldn't have attracted the Eternal Life Alliance that much, hence they shouldn't expend much force here."

"Counting from the monster in Ancient Moon Village, the Eternal Life Alliance has already sent three monsters. It would be unlikely that they would send more."

Situ Bei paused.

"I would like to ask My Lord if in last night's attack, did the two monster's escape?"

"I killed one, and the other one escaped." Shen Changqing replied.

Killed one.

One escaped.

Situ Bei secretly sucked in some air. Shen Changqing's strength had risen to another level in Situ Bei’s heart.

Briefly after being shocked, Situ Bei quickly came back to his senses and calmly analyzed.

"Since my Lord has killed one of the monsters, the Eternal Life Alliance would now have some grasp of my Lord's strength. But currently, just as the Demon Suppression Division has their hands full, the demons' side should also be held back."

"In my opinion, the demons should not put too many forces in Lin'an City."

"Nonetheless, the Heavenly Inspection Guard will strictly inspect the situation in the city. At the first instance of a movement from the demons, I will notify my Lord."

"That would be best."

Shen Changqing's face was still stern to some degree: "As the eyes and ears of the Demon Suppression Division, the Heavenly Inspection Guard should not have made so many mistakes. Brother Situ should wake up a little."

"This time, it was fine since it was me and it's the first major slip up. But in the future, if there are any more problems with the Heavenly Inspection Guard, maybe your head will be the next in line on the execution ground."

"I understand Lord Shen!"

Situ Bei nodded his head honestly. He was also secretly astonished in his heart.

He felt that what Shen Changqing said was not just to scare himself. The latter would actually do it!

Although the Heavenly Inspection Guard does not need to personally take action when killing monsters and demons, their duties were not easy at all.

If they got certain information wrong, the Demon Suppression Division would suffer serious losses.

By that time, not to mention cutting off one person's head, even the members' nine generations could get implicated.

"That's all I have to say. I'm not going to say more, since I believe Brother Situ already has a good idea of it." Shen Changqing does not intend to dwell on this issue. He instead asked: "Is there no exact information on when the Demon's Essence Blood will appear and where?"

Since Lin'an City was not big, there must be an exact location.

The matter regarding the Demon's Essence Blood was related to his current mission and why he was still staying in Lin'an City. Hence, Shen Changqing asked.

Last night's fight with the Grudge Level monster also made Shen Changqing understand that he was not qualified to sweep through Lin'an City, just because he had broken through the Innate Realm.

He could only do so if the strength of the monster was weak or at the Ghost Level.

Otherwise, if there were two Grudge Level monsters joining hands, Shen Changqing would have no certainty that he would be able to deal with it.

Therefore, he could only hope now that the Demon's Essence Blood would appear as soon as possible.

He had to hurry and complete the mission, then hurry back.

A small Innate Realm Cultivator, like himself, cannot stay here for long 

Hearing that, Situ Bei pondered: "According to the information, the Demon's Essence Blood should appear within a month. As for its location, I am not 100% sure."

"That's because the expert that killed the demon was heavily wounded from the battle and passed away not long after."

"At present, there are several suspected places. The most likely is the East part of the City's mass graves, which was one of the locations of the battle. The remaining locations are also not far from each other."

"But with the sealing means of the expert, it should not just be as simple as being buried underground. Right now, we can only wait for the seal to break, in order to get the specific situation."

"Good. As soon as there is news, immediately notify me."

Shen Changqing got up and left.

He did not stay at the Yongfu Pawnshop for too long.

He was the current Governor of Lin'an City at the moment. Although he did not have to deal with anything, it was still necessary for him to stay in the Government Office on weekdays.

Back at the Government Office, in the late afternoon.

Shen Changqing was sitting in the inner hall, his meal had been prepared early.

After eating and drinking enough, Shi Qingsheng let people put the things away, then reported what happened today.

"In accordance with Your Excellency's orders, all of the bodies of the Zhao Family have been buried at the mass grave."


Shen Changqing nodded, then asked, "How many people are left in the Government Office at the moment?"

"If we're talking about the Officials, there are only eleven people left!"

Shi Qingsheng replied with some embarrassment.

Originally, there were around 20 Officials, but after last night, it was almost half that died.

The remaining 11 people were the bare minimum for the Government Office to operate properly.

"11 people!"

Shen Changqing shook his head: "The Government is large, 11 people is too little. Take the time to issue a notice that we are recruiting to expand our current manpower. In addition, now that Hong Cheng has died, who is the next oldest person to take up his post?"

"The most Senior Official should be Zhang Yue!"

"You tell him to come see me tomorrow."


Shi Qingsheng nodded, then looked at Shen Changqing before respectfully retreating.

Getting up, Shen Changqing walked out of the inner hall and looked at the dark sky outside. After that, he turned back to his bedroom and started a new round of Cultivation.

He had already reached Level 11 of the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi], but he still had Level 12 and above to reach.

Killing Value was precious, so if he can Cultivate it by himself, he would undoubtedly do so, to save some Killing Value.

In today's chaotic world, the risk in killing monsters and demons was great, nor was it an easy thing to do.

Time soon passed and it was the next day.

Shen Changqing got up early, swallowing the first ray of Purple Qi from the Heavens and Earth.

Although the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] had disappeared from the panel, the Purple Qi's effects were still there.

Although the effect was not as powerful as when there was still the [Pure Yang Kung Fu], mosquito meat was still meat. 

Shen Changqing simply washed up and ate breakfast. After that, he sat in the inner hall and looked at the papers sent by Shi Qingsheng.

Written on it were all the things that happened in Lin'an City.

There were both important and unimportant things.

As the Governor, even if it was only temporary, Shen Changqing also needed to read through it. As for how to deal with the issues in the end, that would be all dumped for Shi Qingsheng to do.

At this time, a stout and solemn-looking middle-aged Official, with a sword walked in.

"Zhang Yue greets my Lord!"

The moment he saw Shen Changqing, he bowed and spoke in a loud voice.

"There's no need to salute."

"Thank you, my Lord!"

Only then did Zhang Yue straighten up and look straight ahead.

Shen Changqing put down the paper in his hand and took a good look at Zhang Yue. He secretly nodded in his heart.

Strong bones, full of qi and blood.

Although Zhang Yue's strength may not be much stronger than the dead Hong Cheng, he's younger.

The Body Forging Realm was different from other realms.

The younger you were, the more abundant your qi and blood was. Middle age was considered the peak of the Body Forging Realm. Once you cross this time period, your qi and blood would gradually go into a decline. It would decay step by step, until you no longer have any possibility of a breakthrough.

After his initial checking, Shen Changqing withdrew his gaze and casually picked up the cup of tea on the table.

"From what Shi Qingsheng said, you are currently the most Senior Official, is that right?"

"Yes, my Lord!"


Shen Changqing nodded: "Last night, there was an attack on the Government Office. I believe you are clear about this and know that Constable Hong Cheng had been killed in action. Currently, the Officials are without a leader, so how about taking up the post?"

"Thank you for your trust my Lord, I will definitely not disappoint you!"

Zhang Yue's face finally changed a little, as he clenched his fist, a bit excited.

Shen Changqing waved his hand: "That's all for now, you can go. From today onwards, the Officials at your command must play a role in protecting the safety of the Government Office. If there's any abnormalities, quickly report it."

"I understand!"

Zhang Yue nodded. He immediately bowed and retreated.

As he retreated, Shi Qingsheng came in.

"Your Excellency, there is someone outside the Government Office asking for an audience!"

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