Chapter 46: Colluding With Demons Is Not Tolerated!

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Today, Lin'an City was much more lively than usual.

That was because today was the day of the Zhao Family's execution.

The Zhao Family.

They were a famous family in Lin'an City.

Zhao Fang had reigned for 20 years, during which the Zhao Family had received a lot of benefits. The development of their power was also extremely rapid.

In the eyes of the people of Lin'an City, the Zhao Family was akin to the sky.

But now it's different.

The Zhao Family Residence was raided and destroyed, they no longer had the prestige of the past.

Officials escorting the prison carts heading to the execution ground with the Zhao Family members, immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Among the crowd, there were some Cultivators who were silently watching from the sides.

"That newly appointed Governor is not simple!"

Cui Cheng sighed.

Zhao Yue, who was standing beside him, had a puzzled look on her pretty face: "Why does Senior Brother say so?"

[T/N: Zhao Yueliu changed to simply Zhao Yue. Mistranslation on my part, I accidentally combined the name with a descriptor for her features]

"Last night's commotion was not small. Today the Officials carried some corpses out and a lot of people had died. If I guessed correctly, last night's sneak attack on the Government's Office should be from the Eternal Life Alliance."

"Zhao Fang was a member of the Eternal Life Alliance. Now that the Zhao Family is going to be executed, the Eternal Life Alliance will not just sit by and watch."

"If the Eternal Life Alliance had won yesterday, there would definitely not be any Zhao Family members that would be beheaded today, they would have escaped."

Cui Cheng was calm, as he looked at the prison carts that were carrying the Zhao Family members.

"The monster was able to consume a whole village, so its strength is likely to be in the middle to late stage of the Qi Circulation Realm. Even if that was a fluke, what happened last night was definitely not."

"The Eternal Life Alliance are not fools. They should have sent stronger monsters at the late stage Qi Circulation Realm and may even be at the Innate Realm.

"With such a line up, the jail break still failed?"

"This only leaves the possibility of the Governor's strength is not as simple as it seems."

Cui Cheng could associate more things.

If he were a demon of the Eternal Life Alliance, after being clear about Shen Changqing's strength, he would definitely not send some weak people.

Since this was the case, Shen Changqing's strength can be imagined.

Zhao Yue looked at Shen Changqing, who was riding a horse and leading at the front, revealing a shocked look.

"Does Senior Brother mean that this Lord Shen is most likely an Innate Realm expert?"

"Even if he's not at the Innate Realm, he definitely won't be too far off. I thought that the Demon Suppression Division currently had their hands full with demons from all over the world, and it's impossible for them to send out too many strong people in a small place like Lin'an City."

"Now, it seems that I thought wrong."

"The depths of the Demon Suppression Division are really not comparable to sects."

Cui Cheng's face was filled with emotion.

The strongest expert in the Returning Yuan Sword Sect was only at the Innate Realm.

Although he's at the late stage of the Qi Circulation Realm, about to break through to the Innate Realm, the time needed would definitely not be very short.

Moreover, this also involved a question of chance.

In the world of Martial Arts, the number of Cultivators in the Qi Circulation Realm was quite a lot, but once they reached the Innate Realm, the number would be drastically reduced.

Any Innate Realm expert had a high status in the Martial Arts Community.

Hence, after understanding that Shen Changqing might be an Innate Realm expert, Cui Cheng's vigilance was heightened.

Hearing that, Zhao Yue nodded in understanding. The look she gave at Shen Changqing's back also seemed to have some changes.


East part of the City, the execution ground.

In front of the execution ground was a shed. Currently, Shen Changqing was sitting inside, while Shi Qingsheng was standing beside him, waiting.

At this time, the prisoner carts escorting the Zhao Family, stopped next to the execution ground.

There were more than two dozen prisoner carts, but each prisoner cart had six to seven people inside.

Even with so many prison carts, the Officials could barely cram all of the Zhao Family members together.

"Take the people down!"

Shen Changqing waved his hand and ordered.

At his words, the Officials immediately opened several prison carts and forcibly dragged out the people inside. Some of them cried and struggled, while some were numb-faced – simply letting the Officials drag them.

Standing on the execution ground, with shackles on, Zhao Li glanced at the crowd and saw Cui Cheng. A ray of hope rose in his heart.

But when Zhao Li perceived that Cui Cheng avoided his gaze, the hope that had just risen immediately disappeared without a trace.

After glancing at the location of the prisoner carts, Zhao Li turned to look at the location where the shed was located.

"Lord Shen, the Zhao Family knows that they have sinned deeply and have no objection to the court's verdict, but some of the clansmen, however, are innocent. So I hope your lordship can be open-minded and let them live."

After saying this, Zhao Li simply kneeled down.

On the other hand, Shen Changqing's face was indifferent: "This Official is only acting according to the law. The court's verdict said that the nine generations and those linked with the Family shall be killed."

"I believe that just like today's execution, the rest of the Zhao Family's branches around the world would also suffer the same fate."

"You know that colluding with demons is not tolerated."

"If you want to point fingers, then blame Zhao Fang for colluding with demons and turning his back on the human race!"

"Blame yourself for being part of the Zhao Family!"

"My Lord-"

Zhao Li's face was anxious and he wanted to say more, but Shen Changqing directly waved his hand, interrupting him: "Peak noon has arrived, execute them!"

Once the order was given, an executioner, who was already prepared, took a mouthful of wine and sprayed it directly on his sword. He then followed it up by chopping it down.


As the sword descended, a head was separated from its body.

The bloody scene caused the onlookers to shriek, likewise, making the Zhao Family's members go pale.


Zhao Mingye shouted in grief and anger. He couldn't believe that the prestigious and prospering Zhao Family would one day be pressed into the execution ground, beheaded one by one.

Zhao Li was dead.

Zhao Mingye wanted to struggle and rush over.

But just as he took a step, he was held down by the Officials on both sides, forcing him to kneel on the ground.


Shen Changqing's face was icy cold.

An executioner carried out his due diligence and another head fell.

"No, I don't want to die..."

"Why?! It's Zhao Fang who colluded with the demons! Why also kill us?! This is not fair!"

"I'm just a servant of the Zhao Family, I'm innocent!"

One by one, people cried and shouted. They wanted to live, but unfortunately, it was of no use.

The executioner's sword continued to chop and heads continued to roll.


In just a moment, blood stained the execution platform red.

Whenever someone was beheaded, there would be Officials that would carry the body down and discard it to the side.

The strong smell of blood made many people feel a strong amount of discomfort.

"This Lord Shen is really ruthless!"

Looking at the constant beheading of the Zhao Family members, Cui Cheng also felt a little sick to his stomach. He looked at Shen Changqing sitting inside the shed and saw that from beginning to end, his face did not change. Shen Changqing’s gaze was did not have the slightest ripples.

It could be seen that he was indifferent towards life.

Standing on the side, Zhao Yue's pretty face had long become white.

Looking at the falling heads, as well as the strong smell of blood, she felt her stomach turn upside down and she had an urge to vomit.

"Senior– Senior Brother, we should go!"

Zhao Yue tugged at Cui Cheng's sleeve, her speech was not even smooth because of her discomfort.

Cui Cheng looked at his Junior Sister's pale face and shook his head: "Look, if we want to walk on the path of Martial Arts, we will eventually have to face such a scene. Adapting to it now will be good for you."

Although he was also not that comfortable, he had no intention of leaving.

In today's chaotic world, corpses could be seen everywhere.

If he can't even endure this, how could he be successful in his path of Martial Arts? 

Hearing Cui Cheng's words, Zhao Yue could only endure the discomfort in her heart.

On the other side of the crowd, there were two youths who were also watching the scene on the execution ground.

"When we go back, we should investigate this Lord Shen. He may become a strong hindrance if we want to seize the Demon's Essence Blood!"

Xiao Bo's voice was low and his face was stony.

"Senior Brother, what does our Heavenly Sword Sect seizing the Demon's Essence Blood have to do with him? Could it be that the Imperial Court also wants to intervene?" Xiao Qu, who was standing on the side, had a look of doubt.

"I don't know about the court, but it is not guaranteed that this Lord Shen will not have any idea about the Demon's Essence Blood. Last night, the Eternal Life Alliance had sent some people, but were defeated. His strength is unfathomable."

"As the saying goes; 'Know your enemy and know yourself. You will win a hundred battles!' It wouldn't hurt to investigate."

Xiao Bo shook his head slightly and patiently explained.

In his view, during last night's battle at the Government Office, the Eternal Life Alliance should have managed to kill all of the people in the Government Office.

After all, this was the second time they struck, the Eternal Life Alliance must have come prepared.

But even so, the Eternal Life Alliance still failed.

Although some people died in the Government Office, now the people of the Zhao Family were still being beheaded. This was enough to explain everything.

On the execution ground, people from the Zhao family were being beheaded, one after the other.

Some were from the Zhao Family's direct line, while some were the Zhao Family's servants. No matter how they cried, they could not avoid the ending of their head rolling on the ground.

Shen Changqing sat there, silently watching all this.

In his eyes, the Zhao Family's people were not innocent.

The servants, who had signed a contract, were also, in principle, the people of the Zhao Family.

When the Zhao Family was in its prime, they worked for the Zhao Family and enjoyed many benefits. Now that the Zhao Family was in trouble, they should naturally bear the corresponding karma.

Time passed by.

One by one, people from the Zhao Family were taken to the execution ground and beheaded.

There were only a few executioners and to make sure that each chop would cut the heads off, the energy consumed was not low.

For this reason, some executioners had to take a short break.

A large number of corpses were soon piled up, it looked shocking to the eye.

It was no different from the expression, 'a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.'

"Your Excellency, the Zhao Family's 187 people have all been beheaded. What shall we do next?"

Shi Qingsheng reported in a low voice. If you look carefully, one can see that his face was also pale.

Shen Changqing nodded slightly, stood up from his position and walked to the outside of the shed, looking at the piled up corpses.

"The Zhao Family colluded with the demons and turned their backs on the human race. All of them have been beheaded and were made as an example to the public, in accordance with the law of the Great Qin. Now, heed my order and bury all the bodies of the Zhao Family in the mass grave outside the city. I forbid anyone to go to pay respects."

"At the same time, I also hope that others will seriously take this as a warning."

"Anyone who colluded with demons will implicate his/her family's nine generations and will not be tolerated!"

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