Chapter 45: Bloodstained Executioner.

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Going from Level 3 to Level 8 had costed Shen Changqing 20 points of Killing Value.

Looking at the remaining 12 points of Killing Value, Shen Changqing did not continue to use any more.

He delved into his mind and checked the Heavenly Martial True Qi in his dantian. Immediately, a thick aura rose up and a thin layer of Astral Qi had gathered on the surface of his body, about a foot or so in size.

"Heavenly Martial Astral Qi!"

Seeing the pale white aura shield, Shen Changqing understood that this was the Heavenly Martial Astral Qi derived from the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi], after it had broken through to the Innate Realm.

It was named like that for this reason.

"The Innate Realm is divided into the Inner Astral and Outer Astral."

"My Heavenly Martial Astral Qi right now is similar to that of Outer Astral, but I don't know which one is stronger or weaker if this is compared to the real Outer Astral."

Looking at the layer of Astral Qi, Shen Changqing couldn't help but smile.

Heavenly Martial Astral Qi.

Upon reaching Level 8, you would be in the Innate Realm. If you perfected the Martial Art, you would be able to enter the Outer Astral Stage.

When that time comes, if the Outer Astral Qi was combined with the Heavenly Martial Astral Qi, one's defense will reach an amazing level.

At this time, Shen Changqing's Heavenly Martial True Qi in his dantian clashed with the Pure Yang True Qi. The two sides did not give way to each other.

This immediately made the smile on Shen Changqing's face disappear.

"I forgot that two different True Qi’s would have conflict after they reach the same level."

He delved into his mind again and barely suppressed the two types of strands of True Qi.

With this, the problem of the True Qi fighting each other had been temporarily solved.

"As long as I don't use my True Qi in large amounts, there won't be any trouble." Shen Changqing secretly thought. He looked up at the sky and saw that it was dawn.

Shi Qingsheng, who went out to look for people, also came back at this time.

Not all of the Officials stayed at the Government Office. They rotated who will be on duty every day.

It was because of this that the Officials did not lose all of its troops last night.

Seeing Shi Qingsheng return, Shen Changqing immediately spoke: "Immediately prepare some food for me, I need to replenish my qi and blood. Send it all to my room!"


Although Shi Qingsheng was confused, he still answered respectfully.

After that, Shen Changqing looked at all the Officials: "Some of you stay here and make sure nothing goes wrong. As for the others, you deal with the corpses in the Government Office."


When the Officials saw the corpse of Hong Cheng, although they were scared in their hearts, they obediently followed the orders given.

After settling the things here, Shen Changqing went back to his room.

It was now the start of a new day and while the monster that escaped probably went back, he still let a few Officials guard the area so that there would be no problem.


Half an hour later.

Shi Qingsheng had sent all of the things over, which included food that supplements one's qi and blood. 

No one was around and Shen Changqing also did care too much, so he just grabbed something, then began to eat.

He had to make up for his qi and blood deficit.

Soon, half of the dishes on the table were swept clean by Shen Changqing.

After calming down, he started the next round of upgrades.

But this time, he was not only upgrading the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi], but also the [Thirteen Cross Practice].

Level 15 [Thirteen Cross Practice] was able to provide him qi and blood that he needed to upgrade to the Innate Realm, but what about in the later Realms?

If he does not upgrade it, his qi and blood wouldn't be able to keep up with the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi]

Shen Changqing was a little worried that he would not be able to replenish his qi and blood in time, then he will be sucked dry.

Making a decision, his Killing Value changed from 12 points to seven points, and the [Thirteen Cross Practice] was upgraded to Level 16.

His tendons and bones roared in unison.

It was then followed by the surging of qi and blood from somewhere in his body.

Currently, there was a sudden itch from the injury on his back.

Shen Changqing touched it and saw that a scab had fallen off.

Up to this point, the [Thirteen Cross Practice]'s upgrade ended.

But at the same time, he suddenly felt hungry, causing Shen Changqing to be slightly stunned.


"The [Thirteen Cross Practice]'s upgrade has consumed my energy?!"

He had always thought that the [Thirteen Cross Practice] was different from an Internal Martial Art and there would not be any consumption upon upgrade. After all, in the past, he experienced no big loss after the upgrade.

But now, he suddenly felt hungry. 

This was proof that the [Thirteen Cross Practice] would also consume his energy, therefore his qi and blood.

The only difference was that in his previous upgrades, the loss was not high. Plus Shen Changqing did not pay too much attention to it, so he didn't notice until now that it had become significant.

Level 15 to Level 16 was a big leap in its own right, so the consumption naturally increased.

Not to mention that his Killing Value consumption had also changed from upgrading it. It had changed from only three points to the five points now.

Though, it was a good thing that there was still food on the table. This should fill him up. 

Like a whirlwind, Shen Changqing consumed another half of the food on the table.

His hunger immediately disappeared.

Looking at the panel, Shen Changqing instantly entered the next round of upgrades.

His Killing Value was consumed by four points and the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] broke through from Level 8 to Level 9. 

A powerful suction force rose from his dantian, he instantly lost most of his qi and blood. From the outside, one could clearly see Shen Changqing's face turn pale and bloodless.

Without any hesitation, Shen Changqing hastily grabbed the remaining things on the table and stuffed them all into his mouth.

The food were constantly transformed into qi and blood.

At this point, he had replenished himself enough.


Shen Changqing let out a long breath. He looked at the remaining three points of Killing Value and did not continue to upgrade. 

The cheapest Martial Art he could upgrade right now required the four points of Killing Value, he wouldn't be able to upgrade even if he wanted to.

"Level 9 of the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] is considered to have completely surpassed Level 11 of the [Pure Yang Kung Fu]!"

"In this way, I will be able to use the Heavenly Martial Astral Qi and start devouring the Pure Yang True Qi."

Shen Changqing arrived at the bed and sat down on his knees.

The matter of True Qi conflicting with each other was serious and had to be resolved immediately.

Level 8 of the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] was only equal to the Pure Yang True Qi. There was no way to devour it, but now that the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] had reached Level 9, it was no longer a problem.

He then checked himself and manipulated the Heavenly Martial True Qi to devour the Pure Yang True Qi.

Normally speaking, although the Heavenly Martial True Qi was stronger than the Pure Yang True Qi, it was not an easy task to devour the latter.

With Shen Changqing as the main force, the Pure Yang True Qi took a direct blast of damage.

At the beginning, the Pure Yang True Qi was still able to struggle a little, but as the Heavenly Martial True Qi refined more and more, the speed of devouring accelerated.

After two hours of work, the Pure Yang True Qi was swallowed cleanly.

By this point, the Heavenly Martial True Qi had become extremely powerful.

Afterwards, under Shen Changqing's control, it rushed towards the other meridians in his body.


The rushing True Qi surged like a gushing river, and the sound of big waves was incessant.

With the breakthrough of the Heavenly Martial True Qi, the temperature in the room also shot up.

After God knows how long, a knock suddenly sounded at the door of the room.


Shen Changqing immediately retracted his True Qi and asked: "Who is it?!"

"Your Excellency, noon is approaching. The Zhao Family's beheading is today in the East part of the City, you need to supervise the beheading!"

Shi Qingsheng's voice sounded from the outside.

Supervise the beheading?

Shen Changqing also remembered that there's also this matter.


"This humble servant excuses himself!" Shi Qingsheng said, and then Shen Changqing heard the sound of footsteps moving away.

Only when the other party left, did Shen Changqing turn his attention back on himself.


Name: Shen Changqing

Power: Great Qin Demon Suppression Division

Status: Yellow Rank Official Slayer 


Martial Arts: [Thirteen Cross Practice] (Level 16, cannot be upgraded), Heavenly Martial Astral Qi (Level 11, cannot be upgraded), Seven Killings Blade Technique (Level 2), Iron Sand Palm (Level 2)

Killing Value: 3


The [Pure Yang Kung Fu] had completely disappeared from the panel. Although the memory of it existed in Shen Changqing's mind, it was not displayed on the panel.

"The [Pure Yang Kung Fu] was permanently erased after the Pure Yang True Qi was devoured?"

"No, the fact that I have the memory of the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] means that I still retrain the [Pure Yang Kung Fu]. Its just that it not being shown on the panel, proves that it is no longer possible to upgrade it with Killing Value!"

Looking at the panel's behavior, Shen Changqing had gained more understanding about this Golden Finger of his (aka cheat).

A Martial Art can only appear on the panel once.

Once the Martial Art disappeared, it will not appear on the panel again.

He could only Cultivate it through his own efforts. There was no shortcuts anymore.

Regarding this, Shen Changqing can accept it.

Although the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] was gone from the panel, because the Pure Yang True Qi was at the Innate Realm, the Heavenly Martial True Qi was raised from Level 9 to Level 11. 

Level 11 of the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi].

Shen Changqing was already close to the completion of the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi].

Once he reaches Level 12, he would cross into the Outer Astral Realm.

"Not to mention that–"

"It's not like the Pure Yang Power has completely disappeared!"

Shen Changqing stretched out a hand and True Qi burst out. His palm instantly became red, as if it was hot iron.

Devouring the Pure Yang True Qi tainted the Heavenly Martial True Qi.

The scorching temperature was the best proof.

With such a harvest, it was a completely unexpected surprise.

"The greatest advantage of Pure Yang True Qi is its ability to restrain demons and monsters. Now, this ability is grafted onto the Heavenly Martial True Qi, thereby granting it a restraining effect."

"Since this is the case, the sacrifice of Pure Yang True Qi is not a loss, but instead a big profit!"

Shen Changqing smiled.

Advancing two levels of the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] saved him 10 points of Killing Value. Not to mention that the Heavenly Martial Astral Qi now had the Pure Yang True Qi's ability. It's power had greatly increased.

Compared to the front, his strength had improved considerably.

Getting down from the bed, Shen Changqing took out the official uniform Shi Qingsheng gave him, and then changed into it.

Standing in front of the mirror, he looked at himself with a black veil on his head. He had a bit of a heroic aura around him.

"The aura and look it provides may not be comparable to a peerless Emperor, but it's very fitting for a bloodstained executioner!"

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