Chapter 43: Possession.

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Shen Changqing looked at the panel and saw that his Killing Value went from four to six points.

Obviously, that slash just now didn't just break the illusion. It had also caused some kind of damage to that monster.

The increase in Killing Value was an undeniable proof of this.

At the same time, it also made Shen Changqing understand that he did not need to kill the demon or monster. As long as he caused some damage to it, he could also get the corresponding Killing Value.

Back when he was in the Demon Suppression Prison, when he got the Killing Value from the demon's remnants, he had guessed that if he wanted to obtain Killing Value, there was more than just one way other than just killing demons and monsters.

The tip of the sword was pointed towards the ground. Shen Changqing did not make the next move.

Now that the monster had launched an attack, it would certainly not stop here.

From the frontal encounter just now, the strength of the monster was, at most, at the Ghost Level. It was also weaker than the monster in Ancient Moon Village.


Even before his breakthrough, Shen Changqing was sure that he could kill the monster. 


Now that he has broken through the Innate Realm, a Ghost Level monster was not worthy in his eyes.


What Shen Changqing was worried about, was not the Ghost Level monster, but rather that the Eternal Life Alliance would send a Grudge Level monster or above.

To be frank, he had only just broken through the Innate Realm. Although the transformation of the Pure Yang True Qi made its suppressing effect on monsters and demons increase by a lot, if there was a really powerful Grudge Level monster, Shen Changqing was not 100% sure if he could deal with it.

With his attack just now, the Ghost Level monster had been wounded and it won't easily strike again.

Time passed.

Shen Changqing still stood with his sword drawn. His perception was at the maximum, as he observed the subtle changes in the surroundings.

Yin Qi suddenly surged to his side.


Shen Changqing's body moved fiercely and he swung his sword, sending out heat waves in all directions.

A pale palm collided with the sword, but it was instantly defeated.


An ear-piercing scream sounded and the monster retreated.

Shen Changqing took a step forward, trying to capture the location of the monster. But the other party disappeared too quickly and by the time he arrived, he had pounced on empty air.

"Damn it!"

He cursed in his heart.

Shen Changqing's gaze was cold and stern, as he once again began observing the changes around him.

The biggest problem in dealing with monsters was that they were invisible and massless. If he does not find the monster's possessed item, it would be difficult to nail the other party.

"Right now, I could either catch up to it or quickly kill it in its next appearance. Otherwise, I would need to find the possessed item."

"Other than these two solutions, there is no other possibility."

Shen Changqing was a bit helpless.

If he can not find an opening, he could only passively wait.

Right now, within his sight, there were quite a few items and he was not certain on which one was the item possessed by the monster.

Not to mention that the monster's possessed item did not necessarily have to be inside the Government Office. It may also be on the outside.

According to Shen Changqing's understanding of monsters, the scope of the monster's illusion was determined by their strength.

A Ghost Level monster's illusion had a range of at most a thousand to two thousand feet. It had a range of attack of a hundred feet and it cannot attack beyond this range.

Meaning, the possessed item was within a hundred feet of Shen Changqing.

If it was not the Government Office, Shen Changqing would like to burn it directly.

"The inside and outside of the Government Office is not too far apart, but unfortunately I can't leave now. The monster is definitely after the Zhao Family!"

As long as Shen Changqing does not leave here, the monster could not let the Zhao Family escape, provided that no other powerful monster appeared.

At this time, his state of mind was at its peak, his Pure Yang True Qi was fully mobilized, coursing through his limbs and bones.


Shen Changqing was waiting.

Waiting for an opportunity to kill the monster with a single blow.

Before breaking through the Innate Realm, he did not have such capability, but after the breakthrough, the Pure Yang True Qi's transformation was completely different.

As long as his timing was right.

Even if he can't find the monster's possession item, it was possible to kill the other party.

After that little exchange.

The surroundings became quiet again.

Shen Changqing stood at the entrance of the prison like an iron tower, unmoving and firm.

Not long after, his ears moved slightly. There were some subtle sounds, followed by a burst of Yin Qi at his side.

But this time, Shen Changqing did not move, he let the Yin Qi attack him–

However, the Yin Qi suddenly dissipated when it came within three feet of his body, as if it was not there to begin with.

It was a test!

Shen Changqing sneered in his heart.

From the previous encounter, the monster perceived him as powerful, so now it did not dare to easily attack him. It only dared to simply test him.

Once the test was fruitless, the surroundings quickly calmed down.

Less than half a quarter of an hour.

The other side of the Government Office suddenly resounded with a cacophony of voices.

There was a lot of commotion.


Shen Changqing gripped his sword, as he coldly looked in the other direction where there were flashes of fire, as if a battle was taking place.

"Should I stay..."

"Or save them?"

He was not sure. He could either stay here, making sure that the monster could not break into the prison, or abandon the Zhao Family and rescue the others.

At this moment, a man suddenly ran over in a panic.

"My Lord, something has happened!"

"What happened?" Shen Changqing looked at Hong Cheng, who staggered over and frowned.

The Hong Cheng in front of him did not have any blood on his body. Although his face looked panicked, for some reason, it also looked twisted.



Shen Changqing was startled and did not hesitate to slash towards Hong Cheng.


He saw Hong Cheng, who should have been panicking, wear a strange smile on his face. In the next instant, Hong Cheng dodged the slash and his calloused palm, which was covered in sharp nails, went for Shen Changqing's chest.

"How dare you!"

Shen Changqing was furious. He did not draw his sword back, but instead used his other hand to attack. Wind whistled as he sent out a Palm strike, which met with the opponent's palm.



The powerful force caused Hong Cheng's nails to crumble, and his arm also was twisted by the powerful force.

'Hong Cheng's' body retreated. Although his arm's bone was poking through his flesh, his face did not have even the slightest pained look. He only looked at Shen Changqing in shock.

"Innate Realm!"

"Grudge Level monster!"

Shen Changqing couldn't help, but exclaim. His voice was like the cold winter.

His worst guess had come true.

Not only had the Eternal Life Alliance sent a monster for a prison break, they had also sent out a Grudge Level monster.

The Grudge Level monster wasn't not only limited to inanimate items anymore. It can now directly possess a living person and manipulate everything.

The current Hong Cheng was in a possessed state.

With the original Ghost Level monster, there were now a total of two monsters in the government office.


Without any extra dialogue, Shen Changqing rushed forward and slashed at 'Hong Cheng.'


The sword breaking the air sounded like thunder!

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