Chapter 136: The Seniority Faction Was Wiped Out.

In the Federation's Presidential Palace, Lin Zhen was also paying attention to the selection.

"The seniority faction was eliminated in the first round. The four fifths of the people that survived, except for Fujiwara Ayako, only managed to do so because their opponents happened to be also from the seniority faction. What a big joke!"

Lin Zhen looked at the results of the first round of the selection sent back by Lin Fan and slammed the desk. He was obviously furious.

Across the desk were Sanders and Ed, who were also speechless about the results.

Although they knew that the seniority faction was a waste, they did not imagine that they would be this trash. The only good thing that came out from there is Fujiwara Ayako, that little girl!

They knew who Fujiwara Ayako was, after all, the Fujiwara Family is also a top family in the Federation. Not to mention that she is the only daughter of the current Fujiwara Family head.

"Technically speaking, Fujiwara Ayako is not considered to be part of the seniority faction. On the contrary, she is actually quite of an anti-seniority faction herself! It's just that she's being binded by her family."

Sanders explained to Lin Zhen. Regarding the background of Fujiwara Ayako, he knew a lot more compared to Lin Zhen and Ed, after all, she was a good friend of his granddaughter Sophia.

Sophia had told Sanders that within Lunar Headquarters, there was someone who could compete with herself, and that person was Fujiwara Ayako!

So Sanders once specifically did a background check on Fujiwara Ayako.

"Well, just leave the matter of Fujiwara Ayako to Lin Fan, or anything related for that matter. We'll let him silter through the capable and bad ones."

"Speaking of, we have to discuss how we should deal with this batch of defeated seniority faction."

After Lin Zhen said this, both Sanders and Ed's expressions immediately became solemn.

"President Lin, I think that other than Fujiwara Ayako, we should also just deal with that other seniority faction now. We do not need to wait until the third round of selection, that would be too disgraceful!"

"What does Marshal Sanders mean?"

"It's very simple, send a message to Lin Fan and assign non-seniority faction opponents to all the remaining seniority factions in the second round! We'll wipe them out in the second round!"

Sanders really can't bear to watch anymore, such disgraces! They'll have to quickly clean these trash and remove their stink as soon as possible.

"President, I agree with the Marshal's opinion. We can't let them continue to show their disgrace for a long time. We should just eliminate them early!"

"Alright, let's do that then, I'll contact Lin Fan later. At the same time, you guys should also start preparing. Make a plan on how we should take care of these 500 people after they are eliminated!"


After the discussion, Sanders and Ed both stood up and walked out of the President's office; each went back to make preparations. If this matter is not handled properly, there would be chaos. A proper plan is a must.

After the two walked out of the office, Lin Zhen contacted Lin Fan and informed him of the discussion so that the seniority faction, except for Fujiwara Ayako, would be all eliminated in the second round.

For Lin Fan's side, doing this was not the least bit difficult. Although a bit shady as they're still pulling some strings, it's just to make the process faster. 

The key is that the seniority faction is a waste and Lin Fan also can not continue them to spread embarrassment. That would be too humiliating. They better hurry up and eliminate all of them in the next round, and avoid tainting the military more.

Three days later, the second round of the selection began.

Under Lin Fan's arrangement, the seniority faction did not get matched against their own faction this time.

As for the large number of people who had been assigned to be the seniority faction's opponents, they were all rejoicing! They all had one thought running through their minds.

"Second round, safe!"

Looking at the excitement of this group of people, the others wore faces written with envy and jealousy. Isn't this basically just a free pass to the third round?

The second round was over in just three days because there were half as many people.

As expected, among the seniority faction, except for Fujiwara Ayako, was wiped out!

On the same day, the Presidential Palace held a press conference to announce that they would be establishing a "think tank" that would be directly under the Palace. The members would all be selected from the Lunar Headquarters, exactly 532 officers!

The people were basically not concerned about this. After all, there is nothing to discuss about the establishment of a new think tank.

However, many people in the fleet have noticed that these 532 people were precisely the ones who had been eliminated from the selection!

Regarding the think tank idea, it was Lin Zhen who had given the idea. It was to give these people a decent way out. It's basically the same as a nursing home and the members had no real roles.

When this news reached Horton, Lin Fan simply smiled. This was within his expectations and there was no surprise.

In his opinion, as soon as the Ochs Empire attacked the Solar System, these trash should have been removed already rather than delaying it until now!

A few days later, the third round of the selection officially began. This time, the quality of the battles was obviously much higher than the first two rounds, after all, there were no more weeds. There was no less capable person who had survived to the third round.

As for the ten plus officers that Lin Fan was optimistic about, except for one who was eliminated by Fujiwara Ayako in the first round, the others maintained a perfect victory record.

As for the one eliminated by Fujiwara Ayako, he lost not because he was weak. Even in the third round, if he did not meet Fujiwara Ayako, he would have had no problem.

It was just that Fujiwara Ayako was too strong. He only blamed his bad luck. Of course, if Lin Fan knew in advance that Fujiwara Ayako was so strong, he would've made sure to separate the two and not have them fight so early.

At the end of the seventh round of the selection, from the original 2000 people, only 16 people were left. In these 16 people, other than Fujiwara Ayako, Elio Reid and Xia Yu, the remaining 13 people were from the Interstellar Military Academy that was among the people who Lin Fan was optimistic about.

In the next half month, all of them would battle it out against each other once a day. The top 7 would be determined by a point system and these 7 would be officially appointed as the commanders of the 6th to 12th Fleet of the First Legion.

As for the losing 9, their talents will also not be wasted. Lin Fan will appoint them to positions such as adjutant or chief of staff in these new fleets.

When the number of fleets of the First Legion expands again in the future, they would be the priority for the promotion to commander!

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