Chapter 135: The Start Of The Selection.

When the news reached the ears of all the seniority faction, it immediately caused an uproar.

What was the President up to? Was it a purge of them?

This is related to the power of a large group of people, they naturally will not sit idly. On the same day, with two Admirals leading, they organized people and were ready to set things straight.

But how could Lin Zhen and Sanders not be prepared for this? As soon as these people gathered, a large group of officers from a special department and heavily armed personnel rushed into their meeting room. These people were then arrested!

At this time, everyone realized that the President and the Marshal were really serious this time.

It's either they obey and participate in the selection and fight for the position along with the others or be shown no mercy.

After this arrest, the others gradually quieted down. They had no choice but to prepare for the selection.

Though not all people in the Lunar Headquarters were mad about this decision of making them participate in the selection. They were the actual and capable talents who were usually pressed by the seniority faction.

Now that they are given the opportunity, how could they not take it? Even if they fail, because the Lunar Headquarters would have a lot of personnel removed, there would be many vacant positions that they could take.

In short, there are a lot of opportunities and it has become a grand celebration for the non-seniority faction. 

Two months later, a large number of officers began to converge on Horton. The number of people from the Lunar Headquarters alone reached an appalling 1200 people, 180 of which were Captains (Brigadier) and above while the rest ranged from Lieutenant Colonels to Commanders!

In the seniority faction, except for Richard, the Lieutenant Colonels and above all came. Even the two Admirals also came. In total, the number of people exceeded 500!

With this, you can imagine how much power is in the hands of the seniority faction. If it did not concern the main fleet, Lin Zhen and Sanders wouldn't have made such a drastic move. 

In fact, the seniority faction once held the most power in the Federation Fleet. In the initial four fleets, three of them were in their hands, only to get wiped out at the beginning of the war with the Ochs Empire.

It was only when Lin Zhen rose to the top and Liang Xingchen got promoted, not to mention the subsequent emergence of Lin Fan, the seniority faction soon lost their grasp with the fleet.

Even Quatre who was easily promoted through the back door was kicked from his position because of his stupidity.


A few days later, the selection officially began and everyone was gathered in the Lunar Headquarters.

This time, the selection was using the simulation warfare method of elimination. Each round, the two sides would be put in a different environment. This goes for a total of three round. Those who won two rounds will be the one to advance to the next stage.

A week later, the first round of battles were over. Among the 500+ people from the seniority faction, more Than 400 people were eliminated. According to statistics, only one Commander defeated his opponent. The others only survived 

 becaus their opponents were also from the seniority faction.

Overall, the Lunar Headquarters although useless for the most part, was not entirely useless. There's still capable people in the faction that was just suppressed and it was only this time when they had the opputunity did they shine. Speaking of, Lin Fan found two rare talents from the Lunar Headquarters.

Elio Reid, age 38, Commander Rank, from the Lunar Headquarters' Logistics Department.

Xia Yu, age 29, Lieutenant Commander Rank, from the Fleet Lunar Headquarters' hangar ground crew.

Looking at the two's profiles, Lin Fan was furious. These two were obviously talented, but judging from their information, they were suppressed and put into ordinary jobs!

One was thrown to the Logistics Department while the other got it way worse and was simply out into the ground. Such great talents were buried for so many years!

In addition to these two, there were 10 people in the Interstellar Military Academy who were also exceptionally outstanding.

Carol Taylor, age 36, Commander Rank, commander of the 8th Sub-fleet of the First Fleet of the First Legion. Currently in the Interstellar Military Academy for further training.

Dennis Linden, age 38, Commander Rank, commander of the 3rd Sub-fleet of the Second Fleet of the First Legion. Also currently studying at the Interstellar Military Academy.

Shangguan Yunting, age 32, Commander Rank, Tactical Chief of the Bridge Command Group in the Third Fleet of the First Legion.

Qin Tian, age 26, Lieutenant Commander Rank, a staff officer of the Fourth Fleet of the First Legion.

Bai Shaowei, age 29, Commander Rank, also a staff officer but in the Fifth Fleet of the First Legion.

After watching the first round of battles, Lin Fan is no longer too worried about the lack of personnel.

Now, it just depends on among these 10 people, who are the seven who can win in the end.

But what slightly surprised Lin Fan was that one person from the seniority faction had actually advanced and defeated a candidate commander from the Interstellar Academy, and was definitely not bad.

Lin Fan immediately asked Liang Xue for this person's file.

Ayako Fujiwara, age 28, Commander Rank, from the general staff of the Lunar Headquarters.

After Lin Fan played back Fujiwara Ayako's mock battle, he found that this woman was different from the others in the seniority faction. She was someone who really had the talent fitting for a commander. Her talent and potential were definitely not weaker than Emma's.

But the question is, why is she in the seniority faction's side? This situation makes no sense. From her command style, Lin Fan can see that she is definitely not a vase like most of the people in the seniority faction.

However, after reading more of her information, Lin Fan could finally understand why such a skillful person was mixed among brittle ceramics.

The reason came from her parents. Fujiwara Ayako came from a famous military family. Her parents were both officers in the Lunar Headquarters and both belonged to the seniority faction.

Therefore, Fujiwara Ayako was naturally treated as part of the seniority faction by the others. It was only after reading her profile did Lin Fan see that this woman was not necessarily a seniority faction at heart.

It was mostly just because she was forced to obey from the pressure of her family.

In fact, as Lin Fan guessed, for Fujiwara Ayako, her family is like a cage that she is not yet able to get rid of. Hence, she had to temporarily stay in the seniority faction even if it is her least favorite faction.

Now that there was opportunity before her eyes, if she can enter the First Legion, she would be finally able to completely get rid of her family's bindings and be free to express her will. 

Therefore, this selection is extraordinarily important for Fujiwara Ayako.

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