Chapter 134: Meeting.

After understanding Lin Fan's thoughts, Sanders made up his mind.

Since Lin Fan wanted to make a big scene, he would use this opportunity to fan the flames. He'll remove all the poisonous tumors that have been in Lunar Headquarters for decades!

The current leader of the seniority faction is Richard Leon, the deputy commander-in-chief of the Lunar Headquarters. He is a Five-star Admiral and he was the one who helped Quatre rise to the top before.

Sanders wants to kick Richard off, or at least, use this opportunity to first cut off part of his party.

After sorting out the plan of action, Sanders contacted Lin Zhen and the two spoke for two hours.

The next day, Lin Zhen held a meeting at the Presidential Palace. In addition to the Vice President and Board Members, there was Sanders – the Commander-in-chief of the Federation Fleet, and Richard – the Vice Commander-in-chief.

Inside the meeting room, everyone felt that there was something different today. Usually when meetings are held, if the people from the fleet are involved, only Marshal Sanders is invited. This was the first time Richard was also invited.

"Good, everyone is here, we shall start the meeting!"

When everyone had arrived and the doors of the conference room were closed, Lin Zhen immediately started speaking.

"The subject of today's meeting is very important, if not handled properly, it will bury the future of the entire federation!"

Once Lin Zhen's words sounded, everyone in the conference room was stunned except for Sanders and Ed who knew.

What was the topic? How could President Lin Zhen say something so serious?

Is something big going to happen?

"Let me start with by confirming that everyone knows that we are letting the Io Federation build our warship hulls, right? However there is one thing that we have not considered!"

"That is we may now have warships, what about the massive lack of commanders to lead these warships?"

"According to the reports from the two legions, even under the current system of allowing those two ranks below to assume position, there is still a large shortage of suitable people to take up the post!"

Once this was said, the crowd understood that this was indeed an oversight.

Previously, they only thought about how to give the two legions warships as soon as possible. But they did not consider the problem of insufficient commanders.

The two legions had a lack of officers above the Captain Rank, so much so that three months ago, they even let Li Cangdou rank up through the merit he gained. At that time, the Lunar Headquarters' seniority faction made a good deal of trouble because of this.

The people present here we're not stupid. They have realized that Lin Fan is going to do something again, and this time it may be directly targeting the seniority faction. Otherwise, why would Richard, as the leader of the seniority faction, be called over for the meeting? 


"President Lin, it's not quite right for you to say that. Within the Lunar Headquarters, there are plenty of capable officers, even if we have two more legions, we would still have enough to fill the commander vacancies."

It's coming!

These words instantly flashed in everyone's heart.

"Vice Commander-in-chief Richard, I don't deny that there are many officers in the Lunar Headquarters, but how many people there actually have the skill? You should know that the incompetence of the commander will simply lead to the downfall of the army!"

Richard's face instantly turned ugly.

"President, isn't saying this is a bit too much? You can not just generalize just because of one person (aka Quatre)!"

"I am not saying it's impossible for them to lead, but they need to go through the test! If they are proven capable, I will definitely not stop them!"

"How would the President go about the test?"

Richard looked at Lin Zhen with a slightly shady look.

He knew that the President was up to something today!

"Recently, the First Legion submitted a proposal about a selection to choose suitable Fleet Commanders. Any officer above the rank of Lieutenant Commander can participate!"

"What? Isn't Lin Fan fooling around, again? As long as they are at the rank of Lieutenant Commander? Is he preparing to push a Lieutenant Commander to a Fleet Commander? What kind of decency is this!"

 "No, I think this proposal is very good. Just that the details should be changed. It will not be limited to the officers in the First Legion, the Lunar Headquarters can also participate in it. As long as they can win, they could become a Fleet Commander!"

"At the same time, Marshal Sanders and I feel that the current Lunar Headquarters has a lot of vases (unreliable), so we'll take this opportunity to weed out those undeserving of their positions."

"I think that with so many experienced and capable officers at the Lunar Headquarters, it shouldn't be a difficult task to beat the juniors in the selection! What do you think, Vice Commander-in-chief Richard?"

Hearing what Lin Zhen said, how could Richard not know what kind of trick Lin Zhen was trying to do?

Richard was cornered and he doesn't have anything to refuse such an offer.

But how could he not know the capabilities of the officers under him? If they want to win, it would be difficult!

If he bows down and admits defeat, the seniority faction will become more and more marginalized, and finally gradually die out.

Participate? It is likely that they would lose, and Lin Zhen and Sanders would use this to sweep the seniority faction out of the Federation Starfleet!

Resist? That is even more unlikely. The seniority faction only controls 28,000 old warships' from the Solar System's Guard Fleet, while the two legions control a fleet of more than 100,000 new warships. Resistance is akin to looking for death!

"We are currently at a critical moment, one mistake could lead to the extinction of our civilization. I believe the downfall of the Ochs Empire is still fresh in everyone's mind, right? This is the cruel interstellar era!"

"For this reason, I must not allow anyone to drag our feet!"

Lin Zhen looked at Richard, who had been thinking for a long time and still had not spoken, and said.

Lin Zhen's words were explicitly warning Richard that if the latter doesn't agree, for the future of the Federation, the former would use ironclad means to remove the vases!

Richard naturally understands the meaning of Lin Zhen's words.

"We'll go with the President's arrangements!"

With a sigh, Richard said helplessly.

"Good. Again, those who are capable would be no problem but those who are not will be cleaned out. Of course, we will let them quit the Federation Fleet with dignity. However, if they want to make small moves, don't blame me for not being merciful."

Richard understood that letting the incompetent exit Lunar Headquarters in a dignified manner was already Lin Zhen's last goodwill.

If they still don't get it and make the wrong move, the President may use a forceful approach.

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