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Chapter 140: Move Out.

While the Kabat Empire was reveling in the increase of their territory and strength, they did not realize that their demise was at hand.

Three years ago, in order to pay for 50,000 sets of Energy Shields devices, the Kabat Empire had taken out all their resources.

A key factor here was that they do not have Warp Engines and couldn't deliver them to the Human Federation.

Fortunately, the Human Federation sent transport fleets to each of the Kabat Empire's Star System and collect the resources. Otherwise, god knows how many years it would've taken before the delivery was completed!

In this way, the Human Federation also managed to scout all the regions of the Kabat Empire without arousing any suspicions. 

Subsequently, the detailed intelligence gathered was sent to Lin Fan's hands.

"The above is the entire battle plan! Are there any more questions?"

At this moment, Lin Fan was explaining their plan of action in the conference room. There was a virtual projection of the Star Map that were showing a bunch of information.

On the Star Map were every Star System, the amount of troops stationed in each area, the population size, fortresses, etc., All was displayed in its entirety.

Such details made the commanders' eyelids jump.

This was basically undressing the Kabat Empire from top to bottom, almost like a population census.

"No questions!"

"I have a question!"

A discordant voice was mixed in with the uniform answers of the commanders.

Lin Fan didn't even need to look to know that it was Sophia that replied differently.

"Alright, Sophia, what's your question?"

"Military Commander, this is a 'passionless' sneak attack, it's not exciting at all!"

"It is indeed a sneak attack and not exciting. If you have a problem with it, how about you stay here and guard the place instead?"

"No, I have no problem with it!"

'What a joke, even if it's not exciting, it's still better than being stuck in this place!"

The other commanders saw Sophia defeated and held back their laughter. 

"Very good, then let's ready to attack, three days later the whole legion will move out!"

"Yes, Military Commander!"

When the meeting was over, the whole of Horton was busy. Supply ships were constantly going back and forth between each warship and fortress – transporting all kinds of supplies on board one after another.

At the same time, the soldiers who were on leave on Horton were also urgently called back, and all fleets were put into combat-ready state.

Everyone knew that the legion was about to move out, and the atmosphere in Horton gradually became solemn.

The current 1st Legion was not comparable to the 1st Legion from a few years ago. At this moment, 240,000 Killer Whale-Class Battleships were lined up in neat formation in the void. Such a formation was enough to make any Level 3 Civilization tremble.


More than 10 light years away, Viter Star System.

After conquering the last resistance of the Ochs Empire, Hamid concentrated all their other fleets to Viter – about 3.8 million warships – except for some that were left to serve as temporary Guard Fleets.

Long years of long-distance raids as well as continuous combat made the soldiers of the Kabat Empire unable to leave their warships for a long time. This lead to their mental condition getting worse and worse. There even many soldiers who showed signs of mental illnesses, which was the inevitable result of long-term separation from a Natural Life Planet!

Therefore, after assembling the fleet in Viter, Hamid gave the order for the whole army to rest, and all soldiers could take turns to enjoy a vacation on a Natural Life Planet.

Hamid was in no hurry because he still needed to wait here for the delivery of the 50,000 sets of Energy Shield devices from the Human Federation, before he could continue their expansion.

As for the delivery time, Hamid had contacted the Human Federation for confirmation before. The Human Federation had given an exact date and that the goods would be delivered to Viter in 12 days!

With the Human Federation's definite reply, Hamid was in a good mood. Business with the Human Federation was a pleasure!

Not only did the former was allowed to pay with resources, they also didn't need to worry about the delivery of it. The Human Federation would also deliver the goods at the location specified by the Kabat Empire, without the Kabat Empire having to worry about the whole process!

Hence, Hamid immediately ordered that 50,000 warships to be sent to the improvised upgrade station to carry out preliminary modifications.

After all, to install an additional system, some space inside the warship needs to be slightly altered. Various electric lines also need to be laid in advance in accordance with the requirements of the upgrade. After making these preparations, they could immediately install the Energy Shield devices the moment it arrives.

The Kabat Empire had long gotten comfortable with such modifications, after all, they have already had experience from the previous 90,000 warships.

After the 50,000 warships were brought onto the upgrade station, they started to work on the modifications.

In a battle between Level 3 Civilizations, they would still use multi-ship cooperative combat because they have no Energy Shields.

So in the 3.8 million Kabat Empire warships, there were only only 680,000 main ships. Among them were 130,000 Battleships, 550,000 Battlecruisers, and the rest are Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates, and Carriers.

In the 130,000 Battleships, 80,000 of them were the ones that had been upgraded with Energy Shields. Meaning, this 50,000 warships is the last batch.


Three days later, Horton Star System.

All fleets have completed preparations and were now neatly arranged in 12 phalanxes in the void. The 1st Legion was ready to depart.

As for the defense in Horton after they leave, there was no need to worry as it's already been taken care of. When the 1st Legion began to replace the warships with Killer Whale-Class Battleships, the old Snow Leopard-Class Battlecruisers and Mother Sky Carriers were sent to the Lunar Headquarters to the Lunar Headquarters to form Guard Fleets, one of which was currently in Horton to defend the Star Path.

Although these warships were phased-out and 'outdated,' they were more than enough to defend Horton which was once called the majestic pass of the Ochs Empire.

"Everyone, news has come from the Lunar Headquarters. The main force of the Kabat Empire, about 3.8 million warships, is currently stationed in Viter as previously expected!"

"Therefore, there is no need to make amendments to the battle plan. I now declare that the first phase of Operation Dawn, officially begins! The legion will proceed to warp according to their respective targets as outlined in the plan!"

"Yes, Military Commander!"

With Lin Fan's order, the entire 1st Legion began to move.

In the first phase of Operation Dawn, each fleet was assigned a target, and the 1st Legion would simultaneously attack all areas of the Kabat Empire located within the former Ochs Empire territory, except for Viter.

With each bending of space, a fleet would warp and disappear.

Just a few minutes later, the 240,000 Killer Whale-Class Battleships were no longer in sight.

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