Chapter 139: Three Years (Part 2).

Three years ago, the Kabat Empire placed an order of 50,000 sets of Energy Shield devices to the Human Federation.

Of course, the materials used to offset the payment for the goods were also delivered to the Human Federation during the three years. These materials naturally made the Human Federation happy.

After all, the Human Federation is selling Energy Shield devices to the Kabat Empire at 1000x profit, not to mention that the price is in the Human Federation currency!

And what if the Kabat Empire has no Human Federation currency?

The same as before, they use materials in exchange in exchange for the currency, but what did the Human Federation do?

To easily explain this, here's an example.

A tonne of steel in the Human Federation is 300 yuan, but the Human Federation would offer the same tonne of steel to the Kabat Empire at 3,000 yuan! All other resource acquisition projects were also based on this standard.

Now, the Kabat Empire had bought 50,000 in one breath!

This was not even including that the Human Federation had already sold the Kabat Empire over 80,000 sets prior to this latest transaction!

One can imagine how rich the Human Federation was today.

It can be said that in this total of 130,000 Energy Shield devices, the Kabat Empire had cleaned hundreds of years worth of their wealth accumulation.

But for the Kabat Empire, it was very worth it, after all, relying on these equipment, they were able to extinguish the Ochs Empire on the border and take down a large number of Star Systems. Currently, they were even planning on going to Level 2 or 3 Civilizations.

In the words of the Kabat Emperor Farhale, use war to sustain war!

How wonderful it was to plunder and then buy more equipment with the plundered resources!

If it weren't for the fact that the Kabat Empire was in the way in the Human Federation's access to the vast galaxy, they would really just have the Kabat Empire by their side as a money printer.

Alas, since the Human Federation is located on a corner of Orion's Arm Branch, they only have two directions that they could choose to develop outward; one is in the direction of the Io Federation and the other is the Kabat Empire.

It is impossible for the Human Federation to attack the Io Federation since not only they were allies, the latter is also the key to the humans' population problem.

Meaning, the only option left was the Kabat Empire.

It can be said that the Kabat Empire just had bad luck and was destined to be destroyed by the Human Federation.

Therefore, three years ago when the Kabat Empire placed an order for 50,000 sets of Energy Shield devices, the Human Federation told them that because of the current production constraints, there was a need for a bulk delivery which could only be done three years later.

At that time, the Kabat Empire did not think much about it and simply delivered a large amount of materials as payment to the Human Federation.

The Human Federation used 20,000 giant cargo ships with Warp Engines to retrieve the materials but it still took them two years to finish!

From this, one can imagine how huge a fortune the payment was. With this huge amount of resources, Lin Zhen decided to fully develop all the planets in the territory, regardless of the cost!

One might question that, isn't Lin Zhen emptying the Human Federation's finances by doing this?

Well, even if Lin Zhen was extravagant in his spending, he wouldn't be able to make a dent in the finances for a long time.

This was not an exaggeration, after all, the Kabat Empire is a Level 3 Civilization and they used hundreds of years of savings from billions of people as payment.

At this moment, three years are up and it was near the agreed delivery time.

To be fair, the Human Federation technically wasn't fully deceiving the Kabat Empire, as they would still deliver their promise. The only difference is that it's not Energy Shield devices that would be delivered but 240,000 Killer Whale-Class Battleships!


Horton Star System, in the flagship Uranus.

That's right, Lin Fan's new flagship is still named Uranus. The old flagship was also not given to the Guard Fleet, but was instead sent to the Federal Museum.

It was a museum built in space, and one of the exhibition areas was dedicated to the Human Federation's famous warships, Lin Fan's old Uranus was in it.

The current and new Uranus inherited many features from the old ship and fitted Lin Fan's requirements.

For example, the silver-white paint, the streamlined and graceful hull, and the gorgeous and noble appearance that would be imprinted into people's mind after looking at it. 

Currently, Lin Fan is sitting on the main seat of a conference room, while Liang Xue is sitting on his left.

Below them sat eleven fleet commanders, all holographic projections, of course!

"Everyone, our fleet is now fully formed and has undergone a full year of acclimatisation training, we are now a full combat force!"

"I'm sure everyone has been bored out of their minds these past three years, especially Sophia! Right?"

Lin Fan livened up the atmosphere a bit, saying so while looking at Sophia and the others laughing.

For three years, everyone had been in a Legion and were already familiar with each other, and Sophia's character was clear to everyone.

Being stuck in Horton for three years suffocated Sophia. It was said that in order to soothe her mood, every night, she would capture Li Cangdou to her room for some exercise!

It must be said that Li Cangdou's M characteristics had been completely developed in the past three years.

Without caring about the surrounding group of commanders, Sophia showed a slightly excited expression.

"Military Commander, is there a battle?"

"You're really... Sigh~ there is indeed a battle. This battle is not small, in fact, the other side has about 5 million warships!"

"Yes, that's great, let's set off immediately!"

Hearing what Lin Fan said, Sophia got excited. Her face became flushed. A battle with 5 million warships! This will certainly satiate her craving for battles.

Looking at Sophia, Lin Fan couldn't help but facepalm. The other commanders also laughed even more.

"Okay, everyone quiet down, we'll discuss the mission now!"

Hearing Lin Fan say so, all the commanders stopped laughing and immediately switched to their serious faces, even Sophia had her rare seriousness.

"You should all have seen the Star Map. You know the location of the Human Federation is blocked in by two Level 3 Civilizations and we're unable to expand outward!"

"The Io Federation is our hardcore ally, so it's impossible to fight them!"

"So, we only have the only choice, and that is to destroy the Kabat Empire and open the way for the Human Federation to expand to the vast galaxy!"

"This operation will be codenamed Dawn, and I will start talking about the specifics of the operation!"

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