Chapter 138: Three Years (Part 1).

In the 70th year of the Federal Calendar.

Three years have passed since the selection of the commanders for the new fleet of the First Legion.

In these three years, the development speed of the Human Federation was simply staggering. By virtue of the Brain Development Medicine, all kinds of technology are being discovered and innovated. Almost every day there would be new technologies that would surface.

Of course, this is only within general technology, mostly civilian technology. After all, key technology is not something you can easily achieve a breakthrough.

However, even so, the Human Federation's general technology can now be compared to a late stage Level 3 Civilization. This is already a very impressive feat. 

After all, the average Level 3 Civilization which would have to go through thousands or even tens of thousands of years, to be able to reach the middle or late stages.

Now, compare that to the humans who, just a decade ago, have entered Level 3 Civilization. It only took them around a decade to achieve the same progress as the thousands of years that other Level 3 Civilizations would.

In fact, if this thing was really taken seriously, it should've only taken five years. After all, the Human Federation began to popularize Brain Development Medicine five years ago.

In terms of key technologies, there is actually not much progress compared to three years ago. However, whether it is in terms of Energy Shields, Warp Engines, energy weapons and so on, the Human Federation is actually no weaker than an early Level 4 Civilization.

Of course, if they really want to compare with a veteran Level 4 Civilization, the gap is still quite large.

Other than that, the main cannon of the Human Federation's warship was also a tad bit stronger than that of the Ochs Empire's Aegis warship, which is a nerfed warship sold to the Ochs Empire by the Babawi Empire.

It is worth mentioning that the composition of the Human Federation's two legions of warships has once again undergone a major change; warships are now more unified. The main fleet of the Human Federation, other than the flagship, is only composed of one kind of warship, that is, the Killer Whale-Class Battleship. As for the carriers, they were discarded from the main fleet and were instead given to the Guard Fleet to use.

The culprit for all this is the mech.

As previously mentioned, today's mechs are completely useless in the face of Level 4 Civilization warships, after all, their weapons are too small and weak!

They also can't possibly let a mech carry a warship's main cannon, could they? Just the size of the cannon alone is more than ten meters, so how would a mech carry it? 

Not to mention that even if there was a way to carry the cannons, would there be enough energy to fire it?

For this reason, the Human Federation stopped developing mechs and abolished the mechs in the main fleet. They were even close to throwing the mechs into the garbage!

But at that time, the voice of opposition was also very big, after all, although mechs cannot be used to attack warships, they are handy for atmospheric and fortress raid operations and so on.

Therefore, the final decision was to temporarily retain the mechs and the mech development team, but they would no longer set up a special carrier for the mechs because it is a waste of fleet composition.

Instead, the mechs were dispersed within each Killer Whale-Class Battleship. It was for this reason that a mech depot and corresponding ejection ports were designed within the Killer Whale-Class Battleship at the beginning of its design.

Each Killer Whale-Class Battleship now carries a squadron of mechs – around 300 units – the same as Lin Fan's flagship Uranus.

One advantage of this change was that the fleet did not lose mechs in their line up, while saving 2,000 warship space for the fleet. Meaning, the number of Killer Whale-Class Battleships built increased from 432,000 to 480,000!

In other words, today, the Human Federation's main fleet has one 10-million-ton heavy Battleships, 11 8-million-ton heavy Battleships, and 240,000 Killer Whale-class Battleships at full strength.

In terms of personnel, each Killer Whale-Class Battleship has a standard crew of 892. Of course, this was only the bare minimum to operate the warship. There's also another 300 people for the mechs and 500 ground crew.

Therefore, each standard main fleet would have a total number of people that reached a terrifying 30 million people! As for a full legion, it would require a full 400 million people to operate!

If it was more than a decade ago, the humans certainly could not get so many people to support two legions.

After all, the two legions require 800 million people; plus there's also the Guard Fleet, the ground forces in the planets, and personnel for the Starports, fortresses, etc. Overall, it is no less than a billion people.

How many billion people? Currently, the entire human population is only at 15 billion. This basically means that one billion soldiers is one tenth of the entire human population!

The most critical thing is that the fleet also just doesn't accept random people. They need more than a billion age-appropriate and highly professional talents!

This would have been an impossible task, but the emergence of Gene Enhancement Medicines has made it possible!

Many retired military personnel who were originally 60, 70 or even 80 years old have seen their life expectancy increase and their body functions recover after using Genetic Enhancement Medicines.

The vast majority of senior citizens were able to recover their vigor at around the time when they were thirty or forty after the use of the medicine, so a large number of veterans who had been retired for a long time, after a simple training, managed to return to the fleet.

Nowadays, not to mention two legions, the Human Federation would be able to accommodate four legions.

There's also the fact that people can't resist the temptation of being in huge ships with cannons. Who doesn't have a dream of sitting in the captain's seat and commanding a warship or even a fleet? Who does not dream to one day become someone like the military god Liang Xingchen or Lin Fan?

Another huge part of the demand in entering the military was that according to a survey in the Io Federation, the angels don't like cowardly men. They only like brave men who fight on the battlefield!

Back when this interview was broadcasted in the Human Federation, the recruitment from all over the place and planets boiled. 

It is worth mentioning that it's not human males who had participated in this endeavour, there are also a large number of women that participated. Who said women can't like other women?

In short, with the above reasons, the Human Federation was not short of soldiers. Especially now that there are new intelligent industrial robots that need less labor force. Hence, there are many who have their hands free.

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