Chapter 137: Fleet Commanders.

Whilst the First Legion was in the process of selecting commanders, Russell, one of the three border nodes between Ochs Empire and Kabat Empire – more than 10 light-years away – was at war with millions of warships involved.

The last of the frontliners of the Ochs Empire and two Guard Fleet were stationed here in Felton.

Of course, they also learned the news of the fall of the capital circle and the demise of the Empire. Like Viles, they first sent messages back to confirm the authenticity of the news.

Obviously, in the end, all these messages were not answered.

It can be said that the territory of the original Ochs Empire, except Russell, has been divided by the Io Federation, the Human Federation and the Kabat Empire.

Especially the Kabat Empire who directly ignored Russell, and instead occupied all its surrounding areas.

Russell's defenders did not know that they had been surrounded by the Kabat Empire's millions of troops. It was only until, on a certain day, the alarm rang through all the fortresses and warships were they informed.

Russell has four star paths, two of which are leading to the Kabat Empire and Witte, the border node of the former Ochs Empire. The other two are the territory of the former Ochs Empire leading to its rear.

Witte was won by the Kabat Empire several years ago, and now even the two areas behind Russell have fallen into the hands of the Kabat Empire.

In today's situation, Russell's defenders are surrounded in every direction by more than 1 million warships of the Kabat Empire.

When the alarm sounded, warships of the Kabat Empire suddenly began to exit the four Star Paths. The doomed of Russell's defenders was inevitable.

After all, with only 1.2 million defender troops, it is impossible to hold four Star Paths at the same time. Not to mention that the warships of the Kabat Empire have Energy Shields.

Over the years, by trading with the Human Federation, the Kabat Empire has managed to arm 80,000 of their warships with Energy Shields. They then deployed 20,000 of such warships in every Vanguard Fleet!

In just half an hour, under the onslaught of the 80,000 energy shield-equipped warships, all four Star Path's defences began showing signs of collapse.

The result of the battle was already clear. At most, in an hour, the last troops of the Ochs Empire will be wiped out!

However, the soldiers of the Ochs Empire here still did not surrender, even if they knew of their demise. It was just like when Lin Fan had destroyed them. 

The soldiers of this Empire are the types that would fight till the end.

An hour later, after the last warship of the Ochs Empire was destroyed, the Kabat Empire unified the battlefield casualties in detail. When the unified results came, everyone gasped.

Even with the absolute strength advantage, plus the Energy Shield advantage of various Vanguard Fleets, the Kabat Empire still paid the price of 800,000 warships to wipe out the Ochs Empire.

At this moment, the Ochs Empire OFFICIALLY perished.

After the destruction of the Ochs Empire, the Kabat Empire and the Human Federation took Horton as the border node, and the territory of both sides directly bordered. But Emperor Farhale and the Commander of the Interstellar Fleet, Hamid, dared not to continue to invade.

They know that the Human Federation that occupies the territory ahead has a relationship with a Level 4 Civilization. If they do something stupid, I'm afraid that the Kabat Empire will not exist soon!

There is no need to annoy a Level 4 Civilization for those territories. They can still expand in other directions.

Also isn't it better to use their Quasi-Level 4 Civilization warships to bully the lower Level 1 to Level 3 civilizations?

Isn't it better to easily acquire a lot of territory somewhere else and then buy more Energy Shield devices from the Human Federation?

This is what Farhale and Hamid were thinking. Just that, if only they knew that Lin Fan would destroy them in three years… The expressions on their faces would definitely be interesting to look at.

After their success, the Kabat Empire ordered 50,000 sets of Energy Shield devices from the Human Federation. The required resources were also ready, and the humans could come and take them away at any time.

Seeing such a big order, the Human Federation's government is in a good mood. A lot of resources have entered their pocket!

Well, it's 50,000 units, right? Don't worry, they will be delivered in three years!


Half a month later, in the Horton Star System.

The selection ended and the final seven commander candidates were successfully decided.

Fujiwara Ayako, aged 28, was awarded the rank of Captain (Brigadier) and was the commander of the 6th Fleet of the First Legion.

Carol Taylor, aged 36, was awarded the rank of Captain (Brigadier) and was the commander of the 7th Fleet of the First Legion.

Dennis Linden, aged 38, was awarded the rank of Captain (Brigadier) and was the commander of the 8th Fleet of the First Legion.

Elio Reid, aged 38, was awarded the rank of Commander, and was the acting commander of the 9th Fleet of the First Legion.

Shangguan Yunting, aged 32, formerly at the rank of Commander. She was awarded the rank of Captain (Colonel) and was the acting commander of the 10th Fleet of the First Legion.

Xia Yu, aged 29, formerly at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. She was awarded the rank of Commander and was the acting commander of the 11th Fleet of the First Legion.

Qin Tian, aged 26, formerly at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. She was awarded the rank of Commander and was the acting commander of the 12th Fleet of the First Legion.

With the order of the Lunar Headquarters, all the seven officers were promoted to a higher rank.

Of course, since the four of them have not reached the rank of Captain (Brigadier) even after being promoted, there was the need to add the word "acting" before their posts.

Although they are called as acting commanders, it is actually no different from a formal commander. As long as they don't make mistakes, they won't be deprived of their position. When they reach the rank of Captain (Brigadier), they will automatically become a full member.

As for the nine people who lost in the final round in the selection, Lin Fan also accepted them.

In addition to these nine people, there are some people who lost in the early stage of the selection but have the ability, so Lin Fan also took them in. For example, the poor guy who got defeated by Ayako Fujiwara in the first round.

These people will be out into the seven new fleets, serving as adjutants or chief of staff.

Now that the problem of the lack of personnel was resolved, Lin Fan won't have to worry about having no people or his fleets. As for ordinary personnel, that's no problem.

After all, the new killer Whale-Class Battleships only need half the personnel of the current Snow Leopard-Class Battlecruisers. The surplus personnel in the 1st to 5th fleets after the upgrade of warships alone would meet more than half of the needs of these seven fleets.

Regarding the commanders of the Sub-fleets and bridge command group, Lin Fan knows that there are many suitable talents in the Interstellar Military Academy.

The future commanders are still waiting for their warships, so they can go to the academy to personally recruit their own people. They just need to report it to the Legion Headquarters for approval.

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