Chapter 133: Clearing The Tumor.

Year 67 of the Federation calendar.

Horton Star System, inside the Military Commander's office. 

Lin Fan was frowning.

Three months ago, after the Human Federation reached an agreement with the Io Federation on the building of warships, the Io Federation has worked hard to start production.

According to the Io Federation, it wouldn't even need three years before the warships are ready. It can be finished in just two years!

Lin Fan should have been happy that his System task was originally 20 years could now be completed in two years, but he was currently troubled.

Today, there are five fleets in the First Legion and the Commanders from the First Fleet to the Fifth Fleet are Lin Fan, Chris Rhodes, Emma Campbell, Li Cangdou and Sophia Duncan.

However, in the next 2 years, the remaining seven fleets in the Legion will also be gradually established. Although it is a welcoming event, what about the Commanders of these seven fleets?

If it was the original speed of the ship building and new fleet establishment, Lin Fan did not need to worry, there was plenty of time to slowly dig out potential commanders.

But now, this time was compressed to 2 years, which gave Lin Fan a headache.

If it was just ranked by seniority, there are a lot of officers with the rank of Captain (Brigadier) and above in the Lunar Headquarters. Not to mention 7 fleets, even 70 Fleet Commanders could be filled in.

But the problem is is that Lin Fan can not just do so. Quatre was very good example of why using this method is not good. Regarding the officers in the Lunar Headquarters, except for a very few, Lin Fan really do not have a good feeling towards the others.

Each of them might speak well, but if they're put on the battlefield to command the fleet, many of them wouldn't even be better than some command students in the Interstellar Military Academy.

To put it bluntly, 80% of the officers in the Lunar Headquarters are tumors left over from the early days of the Federation.

These tumors can play with the warships or engage in the Star System's Guard Fleet, but they absolutely can not be let into the frontlines and the main fleet.

After thinking for a long time, the only way Lin Fan could think of is to use the acting commander system and continue to push people with insufficient rank to the top, even if they are Lieutenant Colonels or even Majors.

In this way, the students at the Interstellar Military Academy could alleviate the problem.

However, although Lin Fan does not mind the issue of high or low rank, he still have to find a way to shut everyone's mouth, otherwise there would be chaos.

After all, having low ranking officers assume the position of Fleet Commander is unprecedented. Even with the system that allows officers to command up until two ranks down, his solution is still a stretch. 

For this reason, Lin Fan was going to do a Fleet Commander selection. As long as you are a Lieutenant Colonel, you can participate. Finally, the seven strongest people will be selected as the new seven fleet acting commanders. 

He could shut up the mouths of those tumors in the Lunar Headquarters as Lin Fan would also allow them to participate in the selection. As long as one of them could win to the end, they could also take up the position of an acting commander.

He could also discover hidden talents in the Lunar Headquarters using this method. Sophia is a very good example.

After he had finalized his decision, he immediately started to work and quickly wrote down the problems faced by the Legions as well as his own solutions and submitted them to Marshal Sanders.

To Lin Fan's surprise, only 10 minutes later, he received a direct call from Sanders.

Due to the popularity of Gene Enhancement Medicine, reading such a document composed of several dozen pages would only take a few minutes for the current Sanders.

As the call was connected, Sanders' figure was projected in front of Lin Fan.

"Lin Fan, you're up to something again!"

As soon as Sanders appeared, he looked at Lin Fan and scolded him with a smile.

One could say that Sanders was quite fond of Lin Fan. He even had the idea of playing matchmaker with Sophia and Lin Fan once upon a time.

By his logic, since this kid already had two girls by his side anyways, would it really matter if there's one more? Most importantly, he doesn't think there is anyone else in the Federation besides Lin Fan who can hold down his granddaughter's problematic personality.

It was only after some time ago when Sophia contacted him and asked to be transferred to the First Legion that Sanders learned of a new path. He used several of his eyes in Sophia's fleet and immediately learned what happened.

Soon after that incident, he got another news that Li Cangdou had spent the night in Sophia's room.

By then, the old marshal had put off letting Sophia get together with Lin Fan, and he instead began to pay attention to Li Cangdou.

In fact, the whole thing was just Sanders blindly worrying. It's not that she doesn't want to get to together with a man just that, as Sophia herself said, she likes powerful men but not powerful enough to also overpower her. After all, she is a pure S, how could she look for a man that would dominate her?

Therefore, someone like Li Cangdou who is skillful and powerful, but is an M immediately attracted Sophia. Now, if she does not bully him a little, she would feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

 "Marshal Sanders, I have no other choice. Even with the new system regarding military rank was implemented, it is still inadequate! Where am I going to find seven suitable Fleet Commanders in two years?!"

"Although there are enough people with sufficient ranks, they are… I believe you should also be clear about what I'm talking about, Marshal!"

"We are in a critical period, we absolutely can not allow @$$holes in the main fleet. At the same time, I do not deny that there may be hidden talents within the Lunar Headquarters, hence why I prepared this plan!"

"On one hand, I want to let the truly capable people not get restricted by military rank and on the other, I would also give those officers a chance. If they have what it takes, then I will equally welcome them. But if there is none, then the First Legion will not want them!"

"Kid, don't you know that this will offend a lot of people?"

Sanders sighed, thinking back when Lin Fan had proposed the system of making officers two ranks below the requirement to command. That had already caused an uproar and it was only bacuse President Lin stepped forward that the matter was settled.

It hasn't been long after that incident yet, and now Lin Fan was about to take things a step further. He was going to push a Lieutenant Colonel or even a Major to five or six ranks above, one can imagine how much of a stir the seniority faction will make.

"Marshal, it's time to remove the tumor. Otherwise one day, sooner or later, the Federation will be destroyed in their hands!"

"The strongest fortress is often breached from within!"

Listening to Lin Fan's words, Sanders first froze for a moment.

At this moment, he had made up his mind, for the future of the Federation!

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