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Chapter 42: Sneak Attack.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 


There was no abnormality?

Shen Changqing frowned, could it be that his perception was wrong?

Still thinking, he looked at the Official: "Keep a strict watch, don't make any mistakes. If any of them escapes, no one will escape punishment!"

"I understand!"

The Official's body trembled, as he hastily bowed his head.

Shen Changqing waved his hand and let the other party leave.

Looking at the back of the departing Official, the ominous feeling in his heart did not ease. Instead, it became stronger.

"This is not right!"

"There must be a problem!"

Shen Changqing frowned deeply. He had never had such a strong sense of foreboding.

That was to say, there might really be something bad happening.

Standing in the same place, Shen Changqing fell into deep thought.

"Zhao Fang is a member of the Eternal Life Alliance. Now that the Zhao Family has been captured, it's not completely impossible if the Eternal Life Alliance would make some moves!"

"Moreover, the monster in Ancient Moon Village was killed by me, and Zhuang Mingyuan also died by my hands. As an organization that can threaten the Great Qin, the power they wield is bound to be not weak. Not to mention that there are demons backing the Eternal Life Alliance."

"No matter which way one looks at it, there is no reason for the Eternal Life Alliance to just stand by and watch--"

After being still for a long time, Shen Changqing's mind once again pointed into one thought: the prison!

The Eternal Life Alliance was created by the demons and their purpose was to divide the human race.

If, at the beginning, the others were not clear that Zhao Fang was from the Eternal Life Alliance, then when the Zhao Family was captured, there would definitely be some people who would get the news.

At this time, if the Eternal Life Alliance did not make any moves, it would undoubtedly be detrimental to their subsequent development.

No matter what, the Eternal Life Alliance had to make a statement. A move that can attract other people to join, as well as make the members feel at ease. Hence, the probability of making a prison break before the scheduled beheading of the Zhao Family was not small at all.

Even if the prison break ultimately fails, it would make other people understand that if something happens to them, the Eternal Life Alliance will not idly sit by.

In this way, the people who join the Eternal Life Alliance would have a greater sense of belonging to the organization.

"I would like to see if you are qualified to do a prison break in front of me!"

After almost affirming his own guess, Shen Changqing walked towards the outer hall.

Since they were not far apart, it did not take him too long to arrive in front of the prison's passage. Led by Hong Cheng, a few Officials were holding torches and weapons, patrolling the area.


Seeing Shen Changqing's arrival…

"My Lord!"

Hong Cheng was first stunned, but immediately went forward to salute, after regaining his senses.

It was the middle of the night. He did not understand why Shen Changqing was not resting in the inner hall and instead came here.

"Is there anything unusual?"

"This humble servant and the others are strictly patrolling, and have not found anything unusual for the time being." Hong Cheng replied truthfully.

At these words, Shen Changqing looked at the dark passage below, where the specific entrance to the prison was. 

Since the prison exists underground of the Government Office, one could only enter the prison from here.


Of course, one could also dig and chisel from other places to enter the prison, but the movement will not be small, and the level of difficulty was high.

That was because the construction of the prison was not made of ordinary stone.

As early as the construction of the prison, the court had already thought of this possibility and made the corresponding precautions.


After taking over the Government Office, Shen Changqing also understood this point.

After looking at the entrance twice, his eyes fell on Hong Cheng.

"I will stay here to keep watch. You all go back individually, and do not come out when you hear any sound."

"Does My Lord mean--"

Hong Cheng's face turned grave. The other party's words gave rise to a bad feeling.

Shen Changqing stroked the hilt of his sword, with a slight smile on his face. Though the smile looked a little grim under the illumination of the torch.

"There may be something that would come to the prison, but this matter is not your business."

Should there be a demon or monster coming to the prison, it will not be a simple matter.

Although the Officials and Hong Cheng were Cultivators at the Body Forging Realm, they were weak against a demon or monster.

Not to mention a Body Forging Realm Cultivator, even a Qi Circulation Realm Cultivator would not have 100% certainty of success.

"My Lord be careful!"

Hong Cheng took a deep breath. Shen Changqing's words instantly made him understand something. Knowing that he would only be dragging Shen Changqing's feet if he stayed here, Hong Cheng immediately ordered the Officials to leave.

Soon, only Shen Changqing was left alone in the prison's entrance.

The moonlight shone from the sky and illuminated the darkness. The scene was silent.

Time passed, little by little.

The barks of the watchdogs sounded from time to time.

A few hours passed, but still no movement occurred.

Regarding this, Shen Changqing was not impatient.

In his opinion, if the demon or monster does come, then he would be able to intercept them. Even if they did not come, there would be no problem and that would be for the best.


The wind caused some rustling of the leaves. However, the sound of insects and birds chirping abruptly disappeared at this moment.

Coldness quietly creeped from all sides. The chill could make people have goose bumps.

Here it comes!

Shen Changqing gripped the hilt of his sword.

Though his face remained calm, his gaze was quickly sweeping back and forth in the surroundings.

A monster was invisible and massless.

If it does not take the initiative to show up, it would be difficult to detect its specific location.

But the monster's body comes with a cold aura. As long as the other party was close, that feeling was almost impossible to cover up.

The situation right now had indicated that a monster was around, just that its specific location was still unknown.


The sound of the wind whistling had become a few octaves louder.

Mixed with the whistling of the wind, were vague, cheerful children's laughter. But when you carefully listened to it, it was as if there were people crying and cursing.

Such a situation did not faze Shen Changqing, not even a bit.

It was not long before the scene in Shen Changqing's eyes suddenly changed. He soon found himself inside a broken temple.

The door frame of the temple was crooked and the place was littered with cobwebs.

An unreadable black shadow hung down from above. Shen Changqing's grip on the hilt tightened.

When he looked at it carefully, he found that the black shadow was actually a hanging female corpse.

The female corpse's limbs were stiff. Her face was deeply rotten and one of her eye sockets was empty. Instead, it had maggots filling the space and were wriggling around.

Before Shen Changqing could react, he suddenly felt his neck tightening. A straw rope was hanging down from the beam, intending to hang him.

Pure Yang True Qi erupted.

Shen Changqing squeezed the rope with one hand and forcibly burned it.

At this time, a cold aura rose from the bottom of his heart. The female corpse in front of him issued a violent struggle, as if to come to life. Bits of her decaying face and flesh fell off during the struggle.

Seeing this, the Pure Yang True Qi in Shen Changqing's dantian fully activated. It instantly swept through his body and as he took his sword out of its sheath, a blazing flame spewed out. The surrounding temperature rose sharply and the gloomy cold dispersed.



His sword slashed the female corpse, splattering black blood mixed with decaying internal organs all over the ground. This was all accompanied by an ugly ear-piercing scream. 

Shen Changqing only saw the scene in front of him get distorted and he was back inside the Government Office.

The Pure Yang True Qi-covered sword emitted a sizzling sound. It was as if something was being burned. A familiar aura then gushed into his body from along the sword.

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