Chapter 40: Tomorrow At Noon, Beheaded In The Public.

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With Shen Changqing's ruthlessness as a deterrent, the people of the Zhao Family were easily controlled by Hong Cheng and the Officials.

In shackles, the Zhao Family was then led to the prison.

Shen Changqing just stood on the side and did not intervene with the process.

Among those who were taken away, were several elderly and even some infants.

But from the beginning to the end, Shen Changqing's complexion did not change.

It's because colluding with demons was a sin that cannot be forgiven.

"If you want to blame something, blame it on the fact that you are from the Zhao Family!" Shen Changqing shook his head slightly, and then looked at Hong Cheng on the side: "After all of the Zhao Family members are imprisoned, they shall be beheaded tomorrow at noon."

"In addition, send someone to clear the Zhao Family residence. All of the things confiscated will be put into the treasury of the Government."

"Yes, My Lord!"


The hundreds of people in the Zhao Family were all taken into the Government Office, which naturally attracted the attention of many people.


"Good catch!"

"Hah! The Zhao Family dares to collude with the demons, they should have been captured and exterminated long ago!"

"I thought Zhao Fang was a good official, but now it seems that I was wrong, shucks!"

"Thousands of people in Ancient Moon Village died in vain, the Zhao Family deserves to be buried with them."

"Haha, the court has finally done something about this evil–"

The onlookers were applauding the Zhao Family's downfall.

Back when the news of the Zhao Family's collusion with demons was spread out, the Zhao Family's reputation had already hit rock bottom.

Now that the family was arrested, in their eyes, it was deserved.

Colluding with demons, in everyone's eyes, was not condoned.

"Alas, the Zhao Family is finished!"

The sword-bearing Cui Cheng looked at the Zhao Family members and could not help, but sigh.

In fact, as early as when he got the news from Zhao Li, he had come to Lin'an City.

But Cui Cheng never had the intention to stand up for the Zhao Family.

Although he has some friendship with Zhao Li, friendship was just friendship. The matter at hand was something a mere friendship cannot resolve.

Once he took action and he was exposed, he could possibly implicate the Returning Yuan Sword Sect behind him.

Sacrificing his own sect for a friend was obviously impossible.

Though, in this regard, Zhao Li had been kept in the dark. He only thought that after he sent out the message, Cui Cheng did not have time to arrive. In actuality, however, Cui Cheng was already here and just chose not to interfere.


"Senior Brother, the Zhao Family is a bit pitiful!"

On Cui Cheng's side, Zhao Yueliu slightly frowned. Perhaps it's because she was also surnamed Zhao, that she had some compassion towards the Zhao Family.

Especially when she saw the infants. She couldn't help, but feel dissatisfied.

Hearing this, Cui Cheng looked sideways to his Sect junior sister. He said, with a solemn look: "Junior Sister, you can say this to me, but you must not say it in front of others."

"Otherwise, it will bring misfortune to the Returning Yuan Sword Sect!"

"Senior Brother--" Seeing Cui Cheng's solemn expression, Zhao Yue's face immediately showed dissatisfaction.

In regards to her reaction, Cui Cheng sighed and patiently explained: "You have to understand that historically speaking, colluding with demons is an evil sin that has taken hundreds of thousands of people's lives."

"Ever since then, the Great Qin has set up laws. Anyone who colluded with the demons, will implicate their family's nine generations."

"The purpose is to deter others from making the same mistake and also collude with the demons."

"Although the people of the Zhao Family are innocent, the people of Ancient Moon Village are even more so innocent. If the Zhao Family is just let off, everyone will follow in their footsteps, as there are no consequences to fear. By that time, more innocent people will die tragically."

"If you really speak of this publicly, to put it mildly, you're considered to have disregarded the laws of the Great Qin. To put it more seriously, you may be charged with also colluding with the demons."

"At that time, even the Returning Yuan Sword Sect will definitely not be able to protect you."

Zhao Yue's face turned white.

"I, I was just casually saying a couple of words. How, how is this colluding with the demons?!"

"Some things do not necessarily have to be done, for it to be labeled as such. For others, just a word can put a lot of charges on you. Especially when I have many enemies in the Sect, who are always looking for a slip up they could use."

"They would definitely make a big fuss if they heard of this."

"Some words are just better kept in your heart. And even if you do say it out loud, you also need to consider the situation."

Cui Cheng seriously warned. After he finished speaking, he felt a little tired.

This junior sister of his, who had never been out much, really gave him a lot of trouble along the way.

If not for his own strength being good and the reputation of the Returning Yuan Sword Sect in the Guangyuan Province, they probably would have been in trouble.

While the two of them were talking, the Zhao Family had been taken into the Government office.

Many people followed the Zhao Family's march, but after arriving at the entrance of the Government Office, they all stopped in their tracks.

They were waiting.

Waiting for a result.

What they were waiting for, didn't take very long.

Shi Qingsheng, the Book Master, came out of the Government Office.

He looked at all the people and spoke in a loud voice: "Tomorrow at noon, the Zhao Family will be beheaded in public in the East part of the city!"


After Shi Qingsheng finished speaking, he walked back inside the Government Office. Only two Officials remained at the gate.

Beheaded in the public!

The four words caused an uproar among the people.

Before, they were only guessing, but now, Shi Qingsheng's words confirmed it. He had announced the death sentence of the Zhao Family.


Cui Cheng took a deep look, and he pulled Zhao Yue away.

There was no need to look anymore.

The words 'beheading in the public', had already sealed the fate of the Zhao Family.

If at the beginning, he did not make a move, now, it gave him all the more reason to continue and not make a move. The Zhao Family was destined to perish.


The news of the Zhao Family's imprisonment, plus tomorrow's beheading, spread like wildfire. In just a short amount of time, the news had already spread throughout the city.

Everyone knew that tomorrow at noon, the Zhao Family will be beheaded in the East part of the city.

This topic has become the talking point for the majority of the people.

"The law of the Great Qin is as ruthless as ever!" In an inn, a man lamented. He then lifted his glass of wine and downed it.

The people at the same table smiled and shook their heads.

"The more people are killed, the less people will dare to join the demons."

"Forget it, this kind of thing has nothing to do with us. Let's just drink! We can go to the scene tomorrow to see the beheading."

"Good, let's drink and drink!"

The two people clinked glasses and drank to their heart's content.


Meanwhile, Hong Cheng led a few people into the Zhao Family's residence and turned the place upside down. After a thorough search, they left with all of the confiscated items. 

In the inner hall, Shi Qingsheng was holding a booklet and was reporting some things.

Shen Changqing sat at the table, holding a cup of tea, and was listening to the report.

"Your Excellency, we have found, in the Zhao Family's residence, 3,000 taels of gold, and 7,000 taels of silver. There are also a number of antique paintings and calligraphy, of which the preliminary estimated worth is about 20,000 taels of silver–"

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