Chapter 38: The Verdict.

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Shen Changqing sat in the inner hall. About a quarter of an hour later, Hong Cheng walked in with a hurried expression on his face.

"Greetings, My Lord!"

When he saw Shen Changqing, Hong Cheng bowed and saluted.

Obviously, Hong Cheng already knew that the other party was temporarily acting as the Governor.

If it was said that the people of the Demon Suppression Division did not have direct control over the life and death of Government Officials, then the Governor of a city certainly had this right.

Thinking of when Shen Changqing just killed someone without even blinking, Hong Cheng did not dare to be the slightest bit rude.

"This is the court's verdict on the Zhao Family, read it!"

Shen Changqing placed the letter of verdict on the table.

Hong Cheng took a few steps forward, picked up the letter and carefully read it.

His face then gradually became gloomy.

Only when he finished reading everything, did Hong Cheng respectfully place the letter back: "My Lord, now that the verdict has come, what should we do now?"

"What else can we do? Colluding with the demons is a dead end, it is only normal to have this type of ending."

Shen Changqing shook his head slightly, and a cold smile appeared on his face.

"Zhao Fang was the Governor and the Zhao Family's power is also not small. At present, the only clan in Lin'an City is the Zhao Family. They also have many branches."

"But no matter how many branches there are, it's useless. The verdict has arrived and I believe the court has also made its move. The Zhao Family branches in various places will not be spared."

"Pass down my order. Capture everyone in the Zhao Family, including the servants, and throw them in prison!"


Hong Cheng nodded, and then hesitated slightly: "The Zhao Family has a lot of people and there are those who are not willing to go to jail. The Government Officials have some Martial Arts skills, but it's still lacking."

"If the Zhao Family rebelled, I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to do anything!"

Finally, Hong Cheng showed an embarrassed face.

A Government Office can't even suppress the Zhao Family...

But although it was embarrassing, it was the truth.

The Government only had one or two dozen Officials, while the Zhao Family, including the servants, had one to two hundred people.

Currently, the Officials were able to guard the Zhao Family because they were being held inside. The Zhao Family also still had some hope, and did not dare to start any head-on conflict with the court.

But with the verdict, it was undoubtedly a death sentence for the Zhao Family.

At this point, the people of the Zhao Family will certainly not wait for death.

When conflict broke out, with the meager amount of manpower the City's Government had, they were likely to be overpowered.

Shen Changqing smiled lightly: "What do you mean?"

"I hope that the Lord could also go to deter them. The Zhao Family will not dare to resist in front of the Lord!"

Hong Cheng then continued, not forgetting to boot lick.

"After all, My Lord's strength is the first in Lin'an City."

"Well, I guess it's fine, I also happen to need to go see the Zhao Family."

Shen Changqing got up.

Seeing this, Hong Cheng instantly sighed in relief.

Hong Cheng was afraid that the Zhao Family would resist and if one or two people escaped, he would certainly not escape punishment.


Zhao Family Residence.

Ever since Zhao Fang committed su¡c¡de, the atmosphere in the Zhao Family residence had been extremely somber.

Anyone could understand that the charge of colluding with demons was a unified mistake by the family.

The problem was that the Zhao Family had no way of leaving because of the guards outside. Unless they really disregarded all pretense and rushed out all at once, there was no chance of escaping.

But by doing that, not only would they be charged with colluding with the demons, they would also be charged with disregarding the laws of the Great Qin and intending to plot a rebellion.

By that time, the Zhao Family will really have no way to live.

At this moment, in the lobby, all the main members of the Zhao Family were gathered together. Everyone's expression was different, some were gloomy and some were panicking.

"The court has not yet made a move, but you know very well what the consequences of colluding with the demons is. At this moment, our heads are basically on a chopping board, ready to be cut off at any time."

The Head of the family was a middle-aged man, who looked quite scholarly.   

He was named Zhao Li, a direct descendant of the Zhao Family, from the same generation as Zhao Fang.

Now that Zhao Fang committed su¡c¡de, among the Zhao Family members, Zhao Li had the highest seniority.

In the hall, people were sobbing in small voices. The female family members were scared and had started crying.

A feminine looking youth sneered: "To think that the Zhao Family has fallen to such a state. But according to me, as long as there is someone who takes the blame, the court will not necessarily drive the whole family to extinction!

"Zhao Mingye, what do you mean!" Another youth shouted angrily.

"Zhao Mingtang, what I mean to say is very clear. The debt of the father has to be paid by the son. Your father has done wrong, naturally someone should pay. It's one person's fault, but the whole Zhao Family has to bear the consequences?!"

Zhao Mingye stood up and spoke loudly.

"Currently, in the Zhao Family's estate, there's a total of one to two hundred people. Do we want them all to be buried for the sake of the Eldest Uncle?"

"First Uncle did something wrong, so you, as his son, can not escape the responsibility."


"It is better for you to go to the court and confess your guilt, maybe the court will be lenient."

"Even if you are sentenced to death, you deserve it. We, on the other hand, are innocent, right?"

Someone responded.

"Mingye is right, Zhao Mingtang, why should we bear the wrong for the things your father did?!"


"That's right, you can die, but you don't have to drag the hundreds of people in the Zhao Family. You are heartless!"

"In my opinion, it would be better to tie him up and bring him to the court to atone for their crimes..."

One by one, more people opened their mouths. They looked at Zhao Mingtang with eyes that were already full of coldness and viciousness.

In their view, the Zhao Family had ended up in this situation because of Zhao Fang.

Zhao Mingtang was furious: "In the past, when my father was the Governor, the Zhao Family had received many favors from my father. But now that we are in trouble, you all want to shift the blame–"

"That's enough!"

Just when the crowd started to argue, Zhao Li coldly shouted and interrupted them.

The scene was instantly quiet.

Though, there was still indignation on the faces of many people.

Zhao Li looked around and calmly said, "What Mingye said is not without reason."

"Second Uncle--"

Zhao Mingtang's face changed.

Zhao Li waved his hand and interrupted: "But reason is one thing, and the court is not always reasonable. Historically, the light punishment for colluding with the demons is being sent to the army, the more serious punishment is the elimination of the family's nine generations."

"The longer the matter drags on, the more unfavorable it will be for us."

"We can not stay in Lin'an City."

"Second Uncle's meaning is that we leave Lin'an City?" Zhao Mingye asked, with some doubt.

Leaving Lin'an City was not a small thing.

If they really did that, there would be no turning back for the Zhao Family, and they would definitely be wanted by the court.

Zhao Li looked at him and a cold light flickered in his eyes.

"Since the court does not give us a way to live, the Zhao Family will find a way on our own!"

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