Chapter 37: The 1st Strand Of True Qi.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 


Name: Shen Changqing

Power: Great Qin Demon Suppression Division

Status: Yellow Rank Official Slayer

Martial Arts: Thirteen Cross Practice (Level 15, cannot be upgraded), Pure Yang Kung Fu (Level 11, cannot be upgraded), Heavenly Martial Astral Qi (not yet activated, cannot be upgraded), Seven Killings Blade Technique (Level 2), Iron Sand Palm (Level 2)

Killing Value: 4


Compared to the previously barren panel, Shen Changqing's current panel was much more decorated.

He had mastered five Martial Arts, two of which had broken through their limit.


The remaining Heavenly Martial Deity was not initiated, but he was also confident that he would officially cross over to the first level in a short time.

Shen Changqing recalled the Cultivation Method of the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] and started to progress to the first level.

The minimum requirement to Cultivate the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] was that for the Cultivator to have True Qi and had entered the Qi Circulation Realm.


The first level of the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] was to transform one's True Qi into Heavenly Martial True Qi.

When one breaks through to the Innate Realm, the Heavenly Martial True Qi would then give rise to a powerful Astral Qi, called the Heavenly Martial Astral Qi.

This was also the origin of the Martial Art's name, [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi].

"I currently possess two types of True Qi. One is Pure Yang True Qi and the other is Thirteen Cross Practice True Qi. Though the latter only serves as nourishment for the former, it is being devoured by the Pure Yang True Qi as soon as it is created."

Shen Changqing sank his thoughts into his body. After breaking through to the Innate Realm, he could already achieve internal vision.

In his dantian, the Pure Yang True Qi was like a great sun blazing like a furnace, emitting a scorching temperature.

Every time some Thirteen Cross Practice True Qi would get created, it would be devoured clean by the Pure Yang True Qi.

When the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] broke through Level 11, the power of the Pure Yang True Qi was no longer comparable to the past.

Although the [Thirteen Cross Practice] would produce some True Qi to be transformed by the Pure Yang True Qi every once in a while, it does not necessarily play a big role.

Take that the strand of Thirteen Cross Practice True Qi just now. After the Pure Yang True Qi devoured it, the former did not even provide the latter the slightest increase in strength. 


Exiting from the internal vision, Shen Changqing gained some understanding of his Cultivation: "The [Thirteen Cross Practice] is ultimately a low-end Martial Art. Even if it broke through the limit, there was just no way for it to give much improvement."

"It's also unable to provide decent sustenance to the Pure Yang True Qi."

"If I didn't Cultivate and just relied on the Thirteen Cross Practice True Qi to be devoured by the Pure Yang True Qi, I'm afraid that it would take me a few decades just to get to the next level."

Obviously, there were benefits to completing an External Martial Art, but once a Cultivator reaches a high level, the benefits given would become minimal.

Unless, of course, it was a rather high level of External Martial Art. But that kind of Martial Art was not easy to obtain.

In Shen Changqing's opinion, there should be one in the Library. But he can't go back, so he can only think about it for the time being.

Shen Changqing collected his thoughts and then sat in a lotus position. His body did not move, as he silently monitored the changes in his dantian.

Time passed and another strand of True Qi was born.

He immediately moved his thoughts and stopped the Pure Yang True Qi from devouring it. Then he followed the Cultivation Method of the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi], manipulating that strand of True Qi to leave the dantian and head for a certain place in his body.

The True Qi was like a silver snake.

Driven by his intent, it painstakingly opened up a tiny meridian.


The night quickly passed by.

Shen Changqing withdrew from the state of Cultivation. The hard Cultivation overnight did not make him tired, instead he was in high spirits.

At this time, in his dantian, in addition to the Pure Yang True Qi, there was also the presence of the Heavenly Martial True Qi.

But compared to the Pure Yang True Qi that was like a sun, the Heavenly Martial True Qi was really weak. It was forced to squeeze in a small corner of the dantian and couldn’t move.

Regarding this, Shen Changqing did not care too much.

As long as the Heavenly Martial True Qi was not devoured up by the Pure Yang True Qi, then it would be fine.

Shen Changqing then checked the panel.

In one night's time, the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] was considered to be officially activated to the first level, which was pretty much what he expected.

For a powerful Cultivator with a good foundation, starting a new Martial Art would not be too difficult.

The real difficulty lies in becoming proficient in the Martial Art.

"Once the Heavenly Martial True Qi is stronger, I can transform the Pure Yang True Qi to Heavenly Martial True Qi. That way, Cultivating the Heavenly Martial Astral Qi will be much faster. At the same time, the quality of the True Qi would also be much stronger."

Shen Changqing secretly thought so.

Transforming True Qi was a necessary process.

A dantian cannot contain too many different powerful True Qi’s at the same time, otherwise it will cause a strong conflict. Right now there was no conflict because the Heavenly Martial True Qi was too weak to pose a threat to the Pure Yang True Qi.

But when the time comes, the two different True Qi's would erupt into a strong conflict.

So, Shen Changqing needed to retain only one of the two True Qi, while the other True Qi would be used as nourishment for the other.

Since the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] was at a much higher level than the [Pure Yang Kung Fu], Shen Changqing didn't even need to think much about it. He simply decided to feed the Pure Yang True Qi to the Heavenly Martial True Qi.

"Transforming Level 11 Pure Yang True Qi into Heavenly Martial True Qi and using it as fuel for the latter, will certainly distinguish my Heavenly Martial True Qi from others' Heavenly Martial True Qi!"

Getting up from his position, he walked towards the outside of the study.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Book Master Shi Qingsheng standing there, holding a green-colored robe in his hand, with a pressed black hat on top.


"Your Excellency!"

"What is the matter with Master Shi?" Shen Changqing frowned.

"Yesterday, there were some things I forgot. Although Your Excellency is only the temporary Governor, you should still have your own official uniform. So today I am delivering your official uniform."

Shi Qingsheng replied.

"Official uniform?"

Shen Changqing's eyes fell on the black hat and took it in his hand.

"You're doing well."

Shen Changqing did not know how capable Shi Qingsheng was as the Book Master, but as far as the details of doing things, he was considered good.

"This is part of my job, Your Excellency." Shi Qingsheng said with a smile, he then asked, "Your Excellency did not leave the study all night, so I figured that you might be hungry. I have already prepared breakfast, please come."

"Lead the way!"

"Please, Your Excellency!"


The wine and food were good.

The meal was much better than when Shen Changqing was in the Demon Suppression Division.

But then again, there was nothing wrong with it.

After all, when he was in the Demon Suppression Division, he was only an Apprentice Slayer. So when it came to food, how could he compare with a City Governor?

The whole process Shen Changqing ate, Shi Qingsheng stood on the side and waited.

Only when Shen Changqing finished eating, did Shi Qingsheng bow and ask, "I wonder where Your Excellency is going next, or if there is an order you want to delegate?"

Shen Changqing wiped his mouth and replied: "Have Hong Cheng come to see me for a moment."


Shi Qingsheng received the order and retreated.

Shen Changqing looked at the mess on the table and did not pay much attention to it. He turned around and left.

He doesn't need to clean it himself, someone will naturally handle such things.

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