Chapter 35: The Governor Of Lin'an City.

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"Please speak!"

When Situ Bei talked about this matter, Shen Changqing's spirit clearly lifted.

His strength had reached a bottleneck and to break through in a short time, he had to rely on Killing Value to do so.

Also, the source of Killing Value can only be found from the demons and monsters.

"According to the tip, more than 20 miles East of Lin'an City, there is a village where all of the people had died overnight. After the preliminary judgment of the Heavenly Inspection Guard, it should be the work of a monster."

Situ Bei paused for a bit, before continuing, "But when the Heavenly Inspection Guard carefully investigated the village, we found no trace of a monster, so I suspect that the monster has left. It should be looking for its next target. Right now, the Heavenly Inspection Guard has spread out to find its whereabouts."

"I believe that it will not take long to find the exact whereabouts of the monster."

Monsters were not limited in one place, they can move.

Although monsters were attached to something, powerful monsters could leave their original attached objects and look for new ones. Not to mention that it could also trick people into thinking that there was nothing.

So, not finding the monster in the crime scene was not strange.

"It had the ability to massacre the village, so the monster's strength is not ordinary. It was also able to leave the place–"

When Shen Changqing reached the end of his words, his face was already gloomy.

A monster that can move was, at least, beyond the Ghost Level.

Although Shen Changqing was already an Innate Realm Cultivator, if he really went against a Grudge Level monster, he did not have too much certainty for winning.

Situ Bei shook his head: "Judging from the news, the monster should still be in the range of Ghost Level. If it is at the Grudge Level, the Heavenly Inspection Guard wouldn't have been able to obtain the news."

"As for above the Grudge Level, it is even more unlikely."

“There are Guardians in Guangyuan Province, if there was a monster above the Grudge Level, the Guardians would definitely take action!"


Shen Changqing nodded.

The Guardians of the Demon Suppression Division were different from Slayers, they basically sat in a certain place.

In the nine provinces of Great Qin, each province had a Guardian in place.

In addition to that, some of the more important cities and towns will also have Guardians.

But for Lin'an City and other small cities, there would be no Guardian. After all, the number of Guardians that the Demon Suppression Division could deploy was limited.

Monsters at the Grudge Level and above, any one of them was called an evil calamity. They could easily wipe out a city.

Once there was this level of monster, the Guardians would be the ones to strike first and kill them.

"Use this time and find the definite location of that monster. Since it extinguished a village and left, it must be heading for another village. You can not delay too long. Otherwise, the more blood essence it has absorbed, the more difficult it will be to deal with."

Shen Changqing became sober. He suspected that the appearance of the monster may be related to the Demon's Essence Blood coming out.

After all, Lin'an City was more than 20 miles in size. Strictly speaking, the village was still within the jurisdiction of Lin'an City.

First, there's a monster in Ancient Moon Village, then there's another monster in another village.

Lin'an City was just a small city, so how could monsters pop out, one after another? There must be something that attracted these monsters to come, or there was some existence behind the scenes that was pulling the strings.

"If it's because of the Demon's Essence Blood then fine, but if there is another purpose, then there will certainly be something more to see!"

Shen Changqing thought in his heart, and his gaze became profound.

The Eternal Life Alliance wanted to cultivate a Fury Level monster in Lin'an City, but it was stopped by him. There was no way that the Eternal Life Alliance hadn't gotten word of this matter.

An organization controlled by demons and monsters, they would certainly not be an amiable bunch.

In other words, now that their plan was ruined, they would definitely not let go of the person who ruined their plan.

Hence, the reason for the sudden appearance of another monster might be because of the Demon's Essence Blood, or it could be him.

Either of the two was a possibility.

Regardless, Shen Changqing would not let the other party live.

"Lord Shen, don't worry. In a day or two, at most, we will be able to find the location of that monster."

"In addition, this news does not need to be passed on to the Demon Suppression Division for the time being. Anyway, the Demon Suppression Division can't spare any manpower, so let me handle it."

After thinking about it, Shen Changqing added.

He did not want other Slayers to come over and grab the monster for themselves.

Moreover, it was also true that the Demon Suppression Division could not spare any hands right now.

Situ Bei nodded: "The Heavenly Inspection Guard had reported the news to the Demon Suppression Division after we obtained it. But if Lord Shen would take care of the monster, the Heavenly Inspection Guard could also report that the matter will be taken care of by Lord Shen."

"In this way, the Demon Suppression Division will not send a new Slayer to deal with this matter."

"Then please."

Shen Changqing got up and walked away.

After leaving the Yongfu Pawnshop, he headed towards the Government Office.


After receiving the appointment letter, he was already considered the Governor of Lin'an City. Even if it was only a temporary one, he was still the Governor.

As a Governor, he naturally should reside in the Government Office.

Since it could also get rid of the embarrassing situation of a Governor living in an inn, Shen Changqing was also happy to do so.

There were not many people that remained in the Government Office because most of the Officials were besieging the Zhao Family.

"Lord Shen!"

Seeing the arrival of Shen Changqing, the two Officials who were present, paled. They panicked and immediately bowed their heads in greeting.

"Is the Book Master in?"

"Yes, Lord Shen, the Book Master is currently handling affairs inside!"

"Tell him to find me in the inner hall, I have something to say to him." Shen Changqing instructed, then walked straight into the Government Office. The two Officials did not dare to obstruct him.

The inner hall was still the same, other than the fact that Zhao Fang's body had been arranged properly and the blood stains were cleaned. Now, it looked like there never was a dead person here.


Not long after sitting down, Shen Changqing saw a middle-aged man with a plump body quickly walking in.

"Greetings, Lord Shen!"

"You are the Book Master of the Government Office?" Shen Changqing carefully looked at the person in front of him. When he first came to the Government Office, the other party was following Zhao Fang.

But at that time, Shen Changqing was not clear about who he was. It turned out that the other party was the Book Master.

"Yes!" The Book Master nodded, with a nervous expression.

"Take a look at it."

Shen Changqing took out the appointment letter, and then handed it to the other party.

Seeing this, the Book Master took the appointment letter. After carefully opening it and reading it once, his face changed.

Soon, he handed the letter back and bowed solemnly: "Shi Qingsheng, greets the Governor!"

"No need to add the word ‘Governor’. I am only temporarily acting as the Governor, while we are still waiting for a new Governor to take the post later."

"But right now, you are the Governor of Lin'an City, Lord Shen!"

Shi Qingsheng smiled.

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