Chapter 129: Tragic Li Cangdou.


Human Federation, Horton Star System, in the flagship of the First Legion Fifth Fleet.

Late at night, 12 o'clock, inside a certain commander's remodeled bedroom.

This room was not originally a bedroom. It was only after someone who disliked the commander's room for being too small complained that it got turned from a warehouse into a bedroom.

However, in the 100 square feet of space, except for a desk and bed in the corner, the rest of the place can not be seen as a bedroom.

In the middle area were a fighting arena and fitness equipment, and in the other corner of the room were 2 mech simulators.

In addition, somewhere in the room were all kinds of weapons, cold weapons included.


On the training arena, Li Cangdou was knocked down by someone with a single punch to the ground.

"Little Li Zi, there is progress, this time you lasted 38 minutes!"

Sophia looked at the time projected on the edge of the fighting arena and said with a flushed face.

"Sis, it's already 12 o'clock, we have a mock battle in the morning, let's stop here today, shall we?"

Li Cangdou gasped as he climbed up strenuously. He looked at Sophia, who was still in a state of extreme excitement, and said weakly.

Speaking of which, although Sophia's face was slightly lower (in quality) compared to Liang Xue's and Emma's, she was still a rare beauty.

Not to mention that with the Gene Enhancement Medicine, her appearance maintained a youthful appearance at a prime age of 27-28 years old. Coupled with a hot body, it can be said that she was a bombshell.

But Li Cangdou did not have the slightest interest in appreciating her beauty or figure, he only wanted to hurry and escape the clutches of this crazy woman!

If Lin Fan was here at the moment, he would surely despise Li Cangdou for not following through the play.

It was obvious that he has been acting like an M and he already sent himself to Sophia's door, and yet he was backing out now? What is this if not BS?

"Oh, it's already past 12 o'clock? Ah~ time really flies, Little Li Zi, you are really a good playmate!"


Li Cangdou was not sure what sins he committed in his previous life to end up like this...

"Fine, I'll let you off today. Go wash and then you can sleep here!"


"What? Little Li Zi, do you now dislike your sister?"

"No… sis, it's just that you only have one bed!"

"Yeah, I'll sleep on the bed and you sleep on the floor. Isn't that perfect?!"


Li Cangdou lost all his strength as he walked towards the bathroom with a dead face.

Sophia, who was still in the fighting arena, looked at Li Cangdou's back and revealed a satisfied smile.

These days, it's not easy to find a man who's an M who could satisfy her. Now, with Little Li Zi, Sophia was very satisfied.

"Well, it's really late, it's too much of a waste of time to wait for Little Li Zi to finish before washing."

As she said so, she walked towards the bathroom and soon after, the bathroom resounded with the fearful cry of Li Cangdou.

The next day.

At 6:00 am, Li Cangdou opened his eyes. He was being used as a pillow and could not move at all.

Although nothing happened in the bathroom yesterday, it really scared him enough. During the whole process, he always had his head to the ground and was too afraid to even take a glimpse. 

When he finally escaped from the bathroom and was ready to sleep on the floor, he was suddenly picked up by someone and thrown to the bed, used as a pillow!

Now, Li Cangdou was still in a dazed state.


At 7:50 am, the two arrived at the simulation training room located inside the First Legion's headquarters.

"What a coincidence, you two arrived together? Hmm? What's wrong with you, Li Cangdou? Why do you have black circles under your eyes?"

Lin Fan glanced at the two and found Sophia with a radiant face, while Li Cangdou was beat up and completely out of shape.

Li Cangdou wanted to die at this moment. He was being held by an aggressive hot beauty in bed all night long, he had to make sure he did not make any mistake!

Although his eyes were closed, he in fact did not even catch a wink of sleep. So how could he not have black circles under his eyes?


"Well, Little Li Zi, you better get your mock battle done as soon as possible. Do not waste time, this sister can't wait for her turn against Military Commander Lin Fan!"

Sophia said while kicking Li Cangdou.

Helpless, Li Cangdou came in front of Emma.

"Commander Emma, I'll trouble you!"

"It's alright, but are you really okay in this state?"

"No problem, let's get started!"

"Okay, if you say so."

Soon, the two walked into a fleet command special simulator separately.

Lin Fan, on the other hand, led a group of other people to the observation room, in the center of which were images of the battlefield being projected. A tactical map of the battlefield was also projected, which was very convenient.

What the two sides simulated was a Level 1 (Civilization) battle, that is, 20,000 versus 20,000, and of course, the warships were without Energy Shields and Warp Engines.

The battlefield was set in Horton, completely simulating everything in Horton today.

Half an hour after the start of the battle, the two sides still hadn't made any contact.

Emma hid her fleet in an asteroid belt in Horton, and deliberately exposed her location. She even deliberately revealed a few holes in her fleets defense.

But Li Cangdou just did not move. He belongs to the very cautious type so unless he was sure that he would catch the enemy's tail, he would never act rashly.

"Military Commander, who do you think will win?"

Chris asked somewhat curiously towards Lin Fan.

"Emma. Although Li Cangdou's talent is very good, as of now, he's still a step behind Emma. Do you guys think that Emma is simply intentionally exposing herself so as to lure her opponent in?"

Hearing Lin Fan's words, the group of people looked towards the image projected in the middle of the observation room...

And sure enough, although Emma seemed to have been deliberately exposing herself to lure the other side, sending out several sub-fleets composed of 1,000 warships each.


In fact, Emma has released ten sub-fleets which accounted for half of her entire number fleet. This shows that it was not a simple lure.

Also pondering Emma's intentions was Li Cangdou, who was inside the simulation room.

Commander Emma repeatedly exposed her position, too obviously. She definitely had a purpose and it was likely to be an ambush.

If Li Cangdou just rush, there is a high probability that he would be surrounded and destroyed.

But Commander Emma was really going all out in luring him. She even released so many sub-fleets and her home base should be quite empty right now!

Since he understood the other party's intention, should he take the bait?

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