Chapter 128: Io Federation Shipbuilding Plan.

Somewhere in the void, a beam of light swept by and ruthlessly hit the Energy Shield of the Snow Leopard-Class Battlecruiser.

Unlike the plasma cannon, the positron cannon was not an energy bomb, but a beam type weapon. It was somewhat similar to a laser, but how it kills is very different from a laser.

In addition, compared to the commotion caused by the plasma cannon, the power the positron cannon dished out was also obviously much smaller. It only made a slight stir in the Energy Shield.

"Report the data!"

"Old Bai, the target ship's Energy Shield had lost 12%."

"12%? This is consistent with the results of the previous simulation. Although its power is much worse than the plasma cannon, it is already comparable to the power of the main weapon of the current Snow Leopard-Class Battlecruiser!"

"Old Bai, your secondary weapon is already on par with the main weapon on my Uranus, when will you give my Uranus an upgrade?"

"Why would you upgrade your ship? You might as well get a new one, otherwise, with the current generation of engines and weapons, the structure of your ship is not suitable for an upgrade."

"In addition, the Killer Whale-Class Battleship will be soon ready. As the Military Commander, how could you use a small warship (aka sticking to the Uranus)?"


With Bai Zi Xuan's words, Lin Fan had to admit that the former was right. 

Could it be that he really needs to change to a Killer Whale-Class Battleship? But won't it be the same as ordinary warships? There would be no style!

"Lin Fan, did you think that there is no better warship than the Killer Whale-Class to act as your flagship?"

Bai Zixuan saw through Lin Fan's thoughts at a glance and casted a look of contempt.

"Have you forgotten about the Io Federation? I've heard that they have warships that can be used as flagships for legions, why don't you get a custom one from there?"

"Right, how could I forget about that! Would the structure of the warships they built meet our needs?"

"Are you stupid? Can't you tell them the size of the Warp Engine, Energy Shield, weapons, etc., so that they can leave space in the initial design for future upgrades? You just need them to build you a hull, we will take care of the other components later!"

Bai Zixuan said with some hatred towards Lin Fan.

A few years ago, Lin Fan was a blooming scientist who had much more prospect than Bai Zixuan, but now, a few years of war and the former has dumbed down. He did not give the latter new tech and couldn't even figure out basic problems like this!

If Lin Fan knew what Bai Zixuan was thinking right now, he would have retorted for sure.

Can he be blamed for this? Ever since this d@mned system issued the Newbie Assessment Task, it has completely gone silent.

However, listening to Bai Zixuan's words, Lin Fan has another idea. Since he can get the Io Federation to make him a custom warship, then why can he not get the Io Federation to build the hulls for ALL Killer Whale-Class Battleships?

The Io Federation is an old Level 3 Civilization with a population dozens of times larger than that of humans. Their productivity of building warships should be at least 10 times larger than that of humans.

The most critical thing is that their shipbuilding technology is much more powerful than humans. Lin Fan still remembers how beautiful those warships of the Io Federation are!

As Bai Zixuan just said, he could make the Io Federation responsible for the hull, and humans would be responsible for the post-equipment work on the ships. 

Let's say, for example, if the two legions wanted to carry out a complete change to all Killer Whale-Class Battleships, it would require 432,000 ships.

According to the current human production, if they can produce 30,000 ships per year, it would take them more than ten years to finish the change.

However, if the Io Federation is asked to do half of the work, the Io Federation could do the 300,000 ships within 3 years.

Wouldn't the two legions be fully changed by then?

When he thought of this, Lin Fan couldn't care less about Bai Zixuan and immediately ran out. He had to go back and write this idea into a plan and submit it immediately!

Looking at Lin Fan, who had turned left without saying a word, Bai Zixuan was so angry that his hair was standing up. Liang Xue laughed bitterly and then followed Lin Fan.

That night, a plan for the construction of 432,000 Killer Whale-Class Battleships in 3 years was smade.

The plan was then sent to the Lunar Headquarters.

After reading the plan, Sanders was shocked and immediately forwarded it to President Lin Zhen.

Finally, in the middle of the night, an emergency meeting was held in the presidential palace.

At this time, it was already one in the morning. Lin Zhen, Ed, Sanders and the other nine board members had all arrived.

In the meeting room, all of them were reading the information in their hands carefully.

"I think that this is a very good idea, it would solve our current problem and the lack of warship productivity!"

"That's right, by having the Io Federation build just the hull, it doesn't give away our key technology!"

"The most crucial thing is that this is cheaper than building it ourselves. The materials will be provided by the Io Federation and we just have to pay with Energy Shields and Warp Engines. We could make a hundred times the profit!"

"That's right and I even think that this plan of Commander Lin Fan can even be bolder, we could simply let the Io Federation do all the work!"

"No, if you let the Io Federation do all the work, our own shipbuilding industry will be the one that would pay the price. Commander Lin Fan's plan is not about being bold but rather ensuring the development of our industrial system!"

"Hmm, it's my negligence, yes, it's still necessary to leave a group of warships to be produced by ourselves!"


In the conference room, the board members were debating back and forth, but all of them were unanimous in agreeing to this plan.

With this plan, not only can a large number of warships be built quickly, they could even spend 99% less money than if they built it by themselves! Isn't this a no-brainer?

Energy Shields and Warp Engines currently sold to the Io Federation every year are sold at a hundred times the price, and at such a price, that would be enough for the Io Federation to build three Killer Whale-Class hulls.

In other words, as long as they pay more than 100,000 sets of Energy Shields and Warp Engines, the Io Federation would be able to give them more than 300,000 Killer Whale-Class hulls. They don't need to provide them with materials either.

This is simply the same as robbery, the difference is that the other party is willing and would even help you count the money!

"Well, since everyone is on board with the plan, then let's immediately develop a detailed plan. Ed will be responsible for consulting with Queen Alfie!"

Lin Zhen said after looking at everyone.

"Good, once the details are determined, I will immediately seek an audience with Queen Alfie!"

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