Chapter 127: Killer Whale-Class Battleship.

Li Cangdou is embarrassed, he has finally realized why the other four people were looking at him so strangely.

He's going to her room to train with her. Her room is specially remodeled and has a small training module!

This crazy woman definitely said that on purpose, but how could he just subconsciously answer it?!

"Ahem, you both have to come to the examination first thing in the morning, so take it easy!"

After Lin Fan finished speaking, he didn't care about Liang Xingchen who was inwardly dying and directly cut the call.

"You're so bad, you know it's a misunderstanding, yet you continue to play along!"

After cutting off the call, Liang Xue said to Lin Fan with a smile.

"Don't you think that Li Cangdou and Sophia are quite the match?"

"Match? All  I see is Li Cangdou being grasped into the hands of Sophia!"

"Don't you think that he actually has an M (masochist) potential? Plus Sophia's obviously an S, the two of them together is a good match."

Lin Fan noticed that Li Cangdou had an M tendency.

Maybe he and Sophia can really become a pair in the end?

As for Sophia being more than 10 years older than Li Cangdou, who cares? Now that the human life expectancy has increased greatly and one could maintain a young look, just a little over 10 years of gap does not matter.

"Okay, but tomorrow Sophia is going to challenge you, how are you planning on ending the battle?"

"I say, aren't you so confident that I would win? Your father has said that this woman is not easy to deal with."

Lin Fan said with a smile, Liang Xingchen had indeed told Lin Fan that Sophia had a mock battle with him when she first arrived at the Second Legion.

Although Sophia had lost, Liang Xingchen had a rather high opinion of her.

Lin Fan was quite excited about tomorrow's mock battle. As the Military Commander, who wouldn't want to have strong commanders under him?!

"Oh please, with the current you, I'm afraid even he (Liang Xingchen) can't beat you!"

Regarding how strong Lin Fan was, Liang Xue, who had been Lin Fan's adjutant for almost ten years, had more say than anyone else!

She didn't think that anyone in the current Human Federation could beat Lin Fan under normal conditions.

"Alright, enough about this, today is the test day of the plasma cannon and positron cannon, if we don't get there soon, Old Bai will endlessly nag at us again."

"Alright, my dear Military Commander, I'm going to get the warship ready!"

With that, Liang Xue left the conference room and headed for the bridge.

Half an hour later, the Uranus arrived at an open area where, in addition to Bai Zixuan's research ship, was a Snow Leopard-Class Battlecruiser and a new type of warship. It was the new generation of Battleship developed in Horton in the last year, named Tiger Shark-Class Battleship.


After the Uranus came to the side of this warship, it was obvious that although they were both Battleships, this Tiger Shark-Class Battleship was a bit bigger than the Uranus.

Soon, Lin Fan brought Liang Xue aboard the shuttle ship and arrived inside Bai Zixuan's research ship.

"Lin Fan, you're finally here, I've been waiting for half a day."

"I'm really sorry, Elder Bai, there was suddenly an urgent matter that I had to deal with within the legion!"

Although he said that, Lin Fan was cursing in his heart. They arrived 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time, what do you mean waiting for half a day?

It seems that next time they have to be 10 minutes earlier.

"Okay, let me introduce you to the new Battleship out there!"


[Killer Whale-Class Battleship]

Class: Battleship

Tonnage: 3 million tons

Hull Size: 1582 meters long, 425 meters wide, 288 meters high

Armor Thickness: 38m in front, 18m in the rest of the ship

Main Weapon: Triple 15m Caliber Plasma Cannon, Number: 4 (three on the front side and one on the rear side)

Secondary Weapons: Twin 3m Caliber Positron Cannon, Number: 96

Close Defense Weapons: Rapid-fire Electromagnetic Catapult Gun, Number: 256

Other Weapons: Multi-purpose Missile Silo, Number: 512

Defense Device: Second Generation Energy Shield

Sublight Engine: 40,000 KMS

FTL Engine: Second Generation Warp Engine

Crew Size: 892


Looking at this data, Lin Fan doesn't know how powerful the new main weapon and the secondary weapons are, but the other stats of this had greatly outmatched Uranus!

"Old Bai, this Battleship only needs 892 people? But our Snow Leopard-Class Battlecruisers need 1835 people!"

"Isn't that what you asked for, that there aren't enough people? So I tried to increase automation and use fewer personnel to run the Battleship! You still have a problem?"

Bai Zixuan directly blew his beard and looked at Lin Fan with a look of displeasure.

He went through a lot of trouble to reduce the crew, after all!

"Sorry, Elder Bai, it's my bad!!! Can you introduce the main and secondary weapons?"

"Well, it's not bad, but there's really nothing to say about the main and secondary weapons. Just watch the test!"

"Alright then."

Soon, under the instructions of Old Bai, a long-prepared Snow Leopard-Class Battlecruiser, travelled to the predetermined coordinates. All members then left through shuttle ships.

"Remote control the target ship and activate the Energy Shield!"

"Understood... Energy Shield is activated!"

"Good, inform the Killer Whale to aim with main weapon, single fire!"

"Killer Whale has locked on target, ready to fire!"


With the command from Bai Zixuan, a blue energy projectile shot out violently from the Killer Whale-Class Battleship in the void!

As the test distance was not far, the energy beam instantly hit the Energy Shield of the target ship, causing the light blue Energy Shield to ripple violently for a few seconds before stabilizing.

"Quickly, report the situation of the target ship!"

Seeing the end of the attack, Bai Zixuan immediately bellowed to the experts under his command.

"Elder Bai! According to the data sent back from the target ship, that shot just now directly consumed 70% of the Energy Shield's integrity!"

"Good, better than expected! Once the target ship's Energy Shield is recharged, start testing the secondary weapon!"

Looking at the somewhat excited Bai Zixuan on the side, Lin Fan was also a little surprised. This new type of main weapon so powerful?

Not to mention that each ship has three on the front, and it was only one that shot just now! 

If it was 3 shots, or a volley of 9 shots from the front of the Battleship, there is no way any warship will survive if hit!

Lin Fan did not expect the main weapon to be this powerful. Now, he was even more excited about the secondary weapon.

"Elder Bai, the integrity of the target ship's Energy Shield has been restored to 100%."

"Good! Killer Whale, aim the secondary weapon, single fire!"

"Killer Whale has locked on, ready to fire!"

"Good, fire immediately!"

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