Chapter 123: You Can Not Escape My Palm!

A few days later, the voided somewhere near Luncer suddenly shrank violently and a fleet appeared.

This fleet consisted of 20,000 warships of the Io Federation's Third Legion, 20,000 warships of the Human Federation's Second Legion's Third Fleet, and 10,000 warships of the First Fleet of the First Legion commanded by Li Cangdou.

This is a fleet composed of 50,000 Battlecruisers, among which Elena's 20,000 battlecruisers were transformed from Cruiser of the Third Legion on a priority basis.

If we talk about combat power, these 50,000 Battlecruisers were more powerful than Joanna's Fifth Legion, both in terms of attack and defense.

In terms of firepower, the firepower of a Battlecruiser was definitely not comparable to those of Escorts, Destroyers and Cruisers. Just the secondary guns on the Battlecruisers alone are comparable to the main guns on these types of ships, and even stronger.

In terms of defense, it was provided by the Energy Shield. Unless they were hit by more than ten main gunshots at the same time, it would be very difficult to destroy the Energy Shield. Remember that Energy Shields need a moment to recharge if they're destroyed.

Compared to the Human Federation's, the Io Federation's Energy Shields were much weaker, after all, the energy they used was inferior to the humans' nuclear fusion technology. Although both shields could defend the same amount of attacks, the recharge speed was miles away.

With such a fleet, dealing with the 180,000 Ochs Empire warships was very easy. They didn't even need to pay any price to take down the latter.

After all, in the Star Path, the Ochs Empire's fleet could only appear in waves. It's not all 180,000 warships rushing at the same time.

20 days later, 50,000 warships headed towards the exit of the Star Path, forming a semicircle and standing by in a strict formation.

"Little Brother, I heard from the Military Commander that you can be promoted to Commander of the First Legion's Fourth Fleet this time after your return. Is this true?"

"Commander Sophia, could you please change your way of address?!"

Listening to Sophia's address to him made Li Cangdou's scalp tingle!

Do not mistake Sophia's address as Little Brother to be the seductive kind, if anything, it's like that of a whip-wielding Queen.

To top it all off, her eyes looked at Li Cangdou as if he was some prey!

She'll first approach and then invite him to her fleet every chance she gets.

Li Cangdou was genuinely frightened by this big sister.

"Why? Speaking of which, you really do not want to come on this sister's fleet? I'll let you be this sister's adjutant~!"

"Thank you for the invitation Commander Sophia, but I won't leave Military Commander Lin Fan."

Li Cangdou answered Sophia like this every time, which made her heart very upset. For Sophia, he was like a toy she wanted, but couldn't get.

In the Third Fleet's flagship, Cambridge. The adjutant's mouth standing at the side of Sophia twitched. 'Commander, should you really be doing this?'

Sophia listened to Li Cangdou's reply, frowned slightly, then said to the adjutant beside her.

"Connect me to the Lunar Headquarters, Marshal Sanders!"

"Yes, Commander... Connected!"

Soon Sanders' figure was projected in front of Sophia.

"Sophia? Aren't you supposed to be on a combat mission? What's going on?"

"Nothing, I just want to talk to you, I want to apply for a transfer!"

"A transfer? Haven't you just become the Commander of the Third Fleet of the Second Legion? Where would you want to be transferred to?"

"I want to transfer to the First Legion after this battle. This MUST be done!" Sophia emphasized.

After saying that, Sophia hung up the call. The members of the command group in the bridge were so shocked that their mouths were wide open!

The adjutant was also frozen on the side.

Commanding in the virtual conference room, Li Cangdou did not hear Sophia's call with Marshal Sanders.

Suddenly, he felt chills. 

"Little Brother, you can not escape my palm!"

After hanging up the call, Sophia looked at Li Cangdou and said with a slightly teasing smile. The latter instantly felt his hair stand on ends and cold sweat dripping down his back. 

Elena, who was also in the conference room, looked at the two with a curious expression. Gossip does not distinguish between races, especially the angels who now know some of those things between men and women!

While Li Cangdou was thinking about how to deal with Sophia, the alarm suddenly sounded. The three people in the virtual conference room immediately became solemn.

The current Commander-in-chief of the United Fleet was Sophia, who immediately began to take command after discovering the appearance of Viles' Legion's warships.

"Okay, let's pause the small talk for now. Order the fleets on the defensive line to fire with all their might, destroy one wave after another, don't give the other side a chance to catch their breath nor let them build a bridgehead!"


A million kilometers away, at the exit of the star path in the direction of Circe, the two thousand ships of Viles' Legion had just left the Star Path and turned on the various detection devices on their warships when an alarm sounded!

"Warning, the warship is under attack, the warship is under attack!"

As soon as the warning sounded, before the crew could react, millions of energy beams and energy bombs were shot over, instantly covering the small area at the exit of the Star Path.

After a wave of attacks, only 28 warships survived and this only because they were at the back. The attack landed on those who were in front of them, hence barely surviving.

"This firepower…! Quickly conduct an omnidirectional scan and confirm the enemy! Also immediately contact Commander Viles to inform him of the situation here!"

The Commander inside a warship of Viles' Legion immediately shouted to the bridge's command group!

And at that moment, Viles, who was still in the Star Path, also received an urgent notice from the frontline!

"Commander Viles, this is the second split, the third group..."

"Report the situation immediately, don't waste time!"

Viles did not wait for him to finish and interrupted. If Viles waited for him to finish the introduction, that would waste at least tens of seconds.

"Yes, Commander-in-chief, we just came out of the Star Path when we were attacked by the enemy fleet.  Their firepower is extremely powerful, after a wave of covering fire, we only have more than 20 warships that survived!"

"What? Who is it?"

This was a shock to Viles, out of 2,000 warships only 20 or so survived?

Even the 300,000 Io Federation warships do not have such strong firepower! Could it be that the Io Federation had long since withdrawn their legions and was lying in ambush here?

"Reporting to the Commander, after the attack, I already had the ship's crew conduct an omni-directional scan, there will be results soon!"

"Tell me the results as soon as you get them!"


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