Chapter 119: Li Cangdou's Hypothesis.

In the conference room, Elena was introducing the starfield that Li Cangdou was asking about.

"This region is called the Miracle Starfield in the Io federation. The reason why it is called like that is because from the beginning of Ceres, the distance between the Star Systems suddenly became quite close and it is still getting closer."

"According to our scientists' research, this area has a total of nine single Star Systems that will gradually come closer and closer together in the next few tens of thousands of years. Upon making contact, they will eventually forming a multi-Star System!"

"For now, the Star Systems in this region are all between 0.2-0.5 light years away from each other, and in the case of Ceres and Sierra, the distance between them is only 0.3 light years!"

Elena gave a detailed description of this region known as the Miracle Starfield within the Io Federation, however, when she finished her introduction, Li Cangdou's brows furrowed even more!

"Little brother, what is in your mind? Quickly speak it out!"

Looking at Li Cangdou's appearance, Sophia was certain that he must have discovered something and directly asked.

At this moment, including Liang Xingchen, everyone looked at Li Cangdou.

Sensing their gazes, Li Cangdou slightly organized his thoughts, before speaking.

"Just now, Commander Elena had mentioned that the Ochs Empire's commander in Ceres is the God of War Viles, right? Since he is called the God of War, then he must be a capable warrior, right?"

"Yes, Viles is indeed quite powerful. In two hundred years, as long as he is in charge of the army, we have never won. The best result we could achieve was only a draw!"

Elena answered Li Cangdou without concealing anything.

"So do you think he has received news now, about the fall of the capital circle of the Ochs Empire? About human warships having Energy Shields and Warp Engines?"

"I think he should have received it!"

As Liang Xingchen listened to Li Cangdou's words, he also reacted to the fact that he seemed to have neglected an important key issue.

That is...

"Then, suppose for a moment that I am Viles. Suddenly one day, I received the news that the capital circle has fallen and the human race is a Level 4 Civilization. I will certainly have suspicions about the validity of the news!"

"And as we all know, if we send a warship to confirm, it will take too long, the best way is to send a message to the capital circle and the surrounding areas to confirm."

"Although the Ochs Empire's means of communication is very poor, from Ceres to Ochs, as well as other surrounding areas, it will take at least 3, 4 months. But it has already been more than a year. I should have confirmed the fact that the capital circle has indeed fallen!"

"At this time, the question arises, as the God of War, what will Viles do after confirming this bad news?"

After Li Cangdou finished his analysis in one breath, he threw out such a question to everyone.

Instantly, everyone in the conference room fell into deep thought.

After a minute, Sophia took the lead and opened her mouth.

"If I were Viles, I would find a way to break the game and would never wait for death in Ceres! Staying in Ceres will only be a dead end!"

"That's right, plus what Elena just described, this Miracle Starfield… What does everyone think if Viles fights to the death and breaks through to Ceres, how will the situation behind it be?"


Everyone drew a breath of cold air.

This hypothesis was really a bit frightening. The consequences would be an absolute disaster!

In this particular starfield, the distance between the Star Systems is only 0.2 to 0.5 light years, and there is no formed fleet stationed there. Viles can definitely complete a blitz in just a few months, take over  or pass through the area. Their fleet could go beyond the Io Federation's territory and into those Level 1, 2 Civilizations!

If Viles just take this area, the problem is not very big, after all, with the current strength of the human race and the Io Federation, they can slowly wipe them out.

But if he crosses this area, from the other side out of the Io Federation's territory, then things will be very problematic.

If Viles did so, the deaths would increase.


Everyone looked at Li Cangdou with shock. Even Liang Xingchen sighed a little. Li Cangdou was really worthy of Lin Fan's recommendation!

Sophia, who was sitting opposite Li Cangdou, looked at him with a hint of interest in her eyes. These days, there were not many men who can interest her.

Li Cangdou, on the other hand, suddenly felt his hairs stand up, as if he was being stared at by a powerful beast!

"Everyone has heard Li Cangdou's analysis just now. I think the possibility of what he said is quite high, what do you think?"





Soon, everyone expressed their agreement with this analysis.

"Then, we need to take precautions based on this situation. I suggest that Commander Elena immediately lead 20,000 modified warships to Sierra. Also Commander Joanna should do a good job of defending Sierra."

"Understood, I will lead the fleet to depart today!"

"Good, I will immediately initiate the highest level of alert and move all fleets to the Star Path defense line."

Elena and Joanna immediately responded. They knew the severity of the situation, especially Joanna, who instantly felt a great increase in pressure.

After all, she was facing the one who was called the Ceres Demon whose warships were 200,000 more than her own, and whose warships were slightly stronger than her own.

If Viles attacked Sierra without regard to death or injury, it would be a question whether she could hold the fort.

After all, the Star Path between Ceres and Sierra is not narrow, and the advantage of the defenders is far less than that of Horton.

And whether it is Elena or Liang Xingchen, even with Warp Engine, it will take them at least nearly 20 days to reach Sierra.

This period of time will become the key. If she can hold off Viles, there would be no problem, if not, then it will be trouble!

They immediately moved their fleets to Sierra for support and they can only hope that they're just thinking too much!

After Liang Xingchen nodded, he said to the crowd.

Then right after Liang Xingchen finished speaking, everyone noticed that Joanna's face had changed.

"Commander Joanna, what's wrong?"

"The situation's not good. He's already there, the Ceres' demon! The fleet of the Ochs Empire are currently passing through the Star Path, and the defenders on the defensive line are fighting with them!"


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