Chapter 32: Punishment for Absconding Crime.

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"Today's harvest is not small!"

Fang Er looked at the prey he had hunted and a smile appeared on his face.

He was a hunter in the mountains, and usually made his living by hunting.

But it's not every day that he could have such a bountiful harvest.

Today, he had hunted three pheasants and two roe deer. He could exchange them for a few pieces of silver in the town. The amount would certainly be enough for his family to live for a while.

The road from the mountain to the village was not short.

When Fang Er returned, it was already nightfall. The village was quiet, without a single sound.

"Strange, why is Zhang Er's family dog not barking today?"

Passing by a fenced courtyard, Fang Er's face looked slightly puzzled.

He cast his eyes toward the courtyard, but because it was night, he couldn't see much.

There was just darkness.

Not thinking about it any longer, Fang Er walked straight towards his home.

The village today was really a little too quiet, so he had the urge to quickly go back home.

In the silent village, only one house had some light.

Fang Er pushed the door and walked in. He put aside all the hunted game, then sat down at the table and smiled: "Dear, you don't know how lucky I am today."

"Three pheasants and two roe deer. They could sell for at least three to five silver!"

As he spoke, he picked up a bowl of water on the table and drank it clean. He then looked sideways in the direction of the kitchen, where there was a woman busily working.

"After some time, we should send our child to a nearby private school. He can't just always play with the village children, don't you think so?"

The woman was still busy, only making a slight sound of agreement.

To this, Fang Er also did not care.

After all, a day of work in the mountains made him tired and sleepy. It was only because he was hungry that he did not go to sleep immediately. 


Seeing that his wife was still cooking, Fang Er was a little bored, so he got up and walked towards a small room on the right.

He lifted the rag that served as a curtain and took a look inside the room.

With the faint light from the outside, he could see a slightly raised quilt on the bed, as if something was hidden inside.

"Brat, you're always sleeping like this, are you not afraid of suffocating?!"

Fang Er laughed and scolded, but he did not go in to disturb his child. He put down the curtain and sat back down.

At this time, the woman came out of the kitchen along with a steaming bowl in her hand. The rich fragrance was wafting in the air.

Fang Er sniffed and a smile appeared on his face.

"What kind of soup did you cook today? Why does it smell so good!"

After saying that, he blew some air to cool the soup, then took a sip. Immediately, his originally somewhat cold body became warm.

At this time, a big pot of soup was placed on the table.

Fang Er cleanly drank the soup in the bowl and licked his lips with relish. He turned his gaze to the pot of soup on the table and then served himself another bowl.

"Why are you not drinking?"

As he drank the soup, he glanced at his wife, who seemed to be a little strange today. It was just that, he couldn't pinpoint exactly what was strange.

The woman shook her head slightly: "You drink it, I've already eaten."

"What is this?"

Fang Er looked at a round thing that he picked up with his chopsticks, filled with some doubt. Since it was cooked for a long time, he can not identify it.

Without thinking much about it, he put it into his mouth and chewed it.

While eating, he looked at the woman: "By the way, you should call Bao'er up to drink some too, today's soup is weirdly good!"

"No need!"


Fang Er looked at his wife and suddenly felt a little strange.

All of a sudden, the woman's face became strangely distorted. Her voice became low, dark and cold: "Isn't Bao'er in the soup?"

Fang Er's body shook, as he looked at the woman's bizarre expression. He then looked down at his bowl of soup and the feeling of bile rushed up his throat.


The table was shaken and the pot fell to the ground.


The soup, mixed with the ingredients, spilled all over the floor.

There were bones, hair, a completely uncooked child's finger, and a round object.

Seeing that round thing, Fang Er instantly connected it to what he just ate. His stomach churned even more.


Back in the Yongfu Pawnshop, Shen Changqing was living a leisurely life.

Although guarding Lin'an City was very troublesome, the Demon's Essence Blood had not come out yet, so Lin'an City was relatively calm. Like the calm before the storm.

Regarding the people from the five forces, Shen Changqing was also too lazy to bother with them too much.

As for the Rogue Cultivators, they were not worth paying attention to.

The government's appointment for the new governor did not come yet, resulting in the current city having no leader. The Constable and Officials barely presided over the situation, so that the government did not completely fall.

To this, Shen Changqing did not intervene. His mission was only to ensure the safety of the people of Lin'an City. The politics would be dealt with on their own. 

In front of the Zhao Family's door.

"Lord Shen, these days the Zhao Family has been trying to escape. We tried driving them back, but the government's manpower is not enough. If this continues, it is inevitable that there will be some mistakes."

The temporary Constable, Hong Cheng, had a difficult look on his face.

Without an official order, the Zhao Family could not be killed or released.

But if someone from the Zhao Family escaped, that itself was also a big trouble.

Zhao Fang's collusion with the demons was not a secret. Naturally, the Zhao Family were clear about this.

Such a crime could likely be the end of the Zhao Family's nine generations.

Shen Changqing was indifferent, as he looked at the Zhao Family's courtyard wall: "I have already sent back the news to the Demon Suppression Division, it will not take long for the Zhao Family's verdict to arrive. If someone escapes during this period, then he/she will be punished for absconding his/her crime."

"What does Lord Shen mean?"

"Death will be imposed on the escapees!"

Shen Changqing uttered coldly and sternly.

Hong Cheng's heart shook. This means that Shen Changqing had no qualms in starting a killing spree against the Zhao Family.

At this moment, the locked compound door suddenly opened and a dozen or so servants rushed out from inside. Immediately, a few officials drew their swords to intercept.

"Without orders from above, not a single person from the Zhao Family is allowed to leave!"

"Go back. All of you go back, or don't blame this old man's sword for not showing mercy--"

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