Chapter 31: The 5 Forces.

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"Lord Shen!"

In the inner hall of the Yongfu Pawnshop, Situ Bei respectfully cupped his hand.

Only after Shen Changqing took his seat, did Situ Bei sit down in his original position.

As soon as the two sat down, a servant served tea before quickly retreating.

Shen Changqing did not move the tea cup next to him, but instead looked at Situ Bei: "Did the Heavenly Inspection Guard get the information I wanted?"

"There are some leads, I called Lord Shen over for this matter!"

Situ Bei nodded his head.

"From the information obtained by the Heavenly Inspection Guard, there are currently five forces arriving in Lin'an City. Namely the Seven Obsidian Sect, Burning Heaven Villa, Chopping Wave Sect, Returning Yuan Sword Sect, and Heavenly Sword Sect!"

Seven Obsidian Sect?

Heavenly Sword Sect?

Shen Changqing was puzzled. He had not heard anything about these five forces.

"These five forces, what are they about?"

"They are all of the local forces of the Guangyuan Province. Among them, the Seven Obsidian Sect and the Heavenly Sword Sect are the strongest, with Grandmasters backing them. The remaining three forces are a little weaker, with no Grandmasters to speak of for the time being."

Situ Bei replied without thinking. As part of the Heavenly Inspection Guard stationed in Lin'an City, he had a great understanding of Guangyuan Province.

Hearing that, Shen Changqing also had some understanding.

Two forces having Grandmasters was not something strange.

Above the Innate Realm was the Grandmaster Realm.

He did not know much about what's in the realm, but one thing was certain. A Grandmaster in the Demon Suppression Division, at worst, would be an Earth Rank Official Slayer. It was not something comparable to his current status.

But since he hadn't really fought with a Grandmaster, Shen Changqing was not sure how big the gap between the Innate Realm and the Grandmaster Realm was.

Thinking for a moment, he continued asking, "How many Grandmasters do the Seven Obsidian Sect and the Heavenly Sword Sect have in total?"

"The Heavenly Sword Sect is rumored to have two Grandmasters, while the Seven Obsidian Sect has one."

"So three Grandmasters!"

Shen Changqing nodded his head.

Achieving the Grandmaster Realm was not something that could easily be done. In the Capital's Demon Suppression Division, as far as Shen Changqing understood, the number of Earth Rank Official Slayers that possessed such strength were not many. Although counting the Demon Suppression Divisions around the world, the number of all Grandmasters combined might be considerable.

But no matter what, it can't erase the fact that it was difficult to break through to it.


Being able to establish a force was not weird, if one had a Grandmaster.

After that, Shen Changqing continued: "What about the other things?"

"According to the information received, the five forces are not sending any Innate Realm Cultivators and above. The Seven Obsidian Sect sent two suspected late stage Qi Circulation Realm Cultivators, while the Heavenly Sword Sect and the remaining three sects are also similar."

"In addition, there are some Rogue Cultivators spotted."

"Among these people are two late stage Qi Circulation Realm, one mid stage, and five early stage. However, the final confirmation has yet to be checked, so there may be a slight deviation."

Situ Bei placed the scroll containing the news collected on the table and said.

Five forces, 10 late stage Qi Circulation Realm, plus the two Rogue Cultivators. That was to say, Lin'an City now had a total of 12 late stage Qi Circulation Realm Cultivators.

The remaining six were also Qi Circulation Realm Cultivators.


In total, the total number of people was 18.

Getting Situ Bei's answer, Shen Changqing managed to understand a lot.

"For the time being, there are no Innate Realm Cultivators, which is good news. Right now, although there are more than a dozen Qi Circulation Realm Cultivators, they are not from the same camp. If they really want to cause trouble, I can suppress them, not to mention that I bear the Demon Suppression Division's name. Unless necessary, they shouldn't dare to act rampantly."

"However, when the time comes when the Demon's Essence Blood comes out, there is no guarantee that there will be no Innate Realm, or even Grandmasters, which is a serious problem."

Shen Changqing's thoughts turned.

He was guarding Lin'an City, and his confidence came from his own strength.

Level 11 Pure Yang Kung Fu.

Innate Realm Cultivator!

In the Martial Arts World, although he was not a Grandmaster, he's still more powerful than many Cultivators.


As long as an Innate Realm does not come, Shen Changqing was confident that he could suppress the forces. Even if an Innate Realm does come, he was not afraid.

If it was a Grandmaster though...

The consequences would have to be seriously weighed.

Shen Changqing asked, "What about the demon's side of things? With a Demon's Essence Blood, they will certainly not let go of this opportunity, have you gotten any relevant information?"

He was most concerned about this problem.

In the land of Great Qin, the Demon Suppression Suppression was akin to the sky. No matter how rampant the other forces were, they did not dare to act excessively.

Demons, on the other hand, were different.

The Demon Suppression Division kills demons and monsters as its mission, the two sides have long been at odds against each other.

If there was an opportunity, the demons would certainly not pass on it.

Shen Changqing felt that he needed to be prepared in advance.

"For the time being, there is not much news about the demons." Situ Bei wore a difficult expression and shook his head: "The demon's movements have always been bizarre. Even the Heavenly Inspection Guards find it difficult to capture the traces of them."

"Unless there are demons in a certain place, killing people and revealing their whereabouts, the Heavenly Inspection Guards couldn't easily obtain news."

Detecting the whereabouts of demons has always been a big problem.

Although Shen Changqing was a bit disappointed, he did not dwell on it: "Although I killed a Ghost Level monster in Ancient Moon Village, the demons and monsters will certainly not stop at just that."

"I won't ask for anything else, but for the Heavenly Inspection Guard to explore the boundary within 50 miles of Lin'an City. If there's any weird or unusual things happening, report it to me as soon as possible."

Since he's decided to guard Lin'an City, he definitely wanted to improve his strength.

With no Killing Value, the [Thirteen Cross Practice] and the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] both surpassing their limits, his own hard work was no longer possible in strengthening these two.

The best way to improve them was to find weaker demons and monsters, obtaining Killing Value from them. In this way, Shen Changqing was sure to improve in the shortest amount of time.


Receiving the order, Situ Bei nodded: "Lord Shen, don't worry, the Heavenly Inspection Guard will definitely do as instructed."

The Heavenly Inspection Guard originally served the Slayers and Guardians, so it was not a problem to follow Shen Changqing's orders.

Even though the other party was only an Apprentice Slayer in name, in Situ Bei's opinion, the other party will definitely become a Yellow Rank Slayer once Shen Changqing goes back to the Demon Suppression Division.

He's just a small city-based Heavenly Inspection Guard, how dare he disrespect a Yellow Rank Official Slayer? 

"In addition, there is another matter that needs the help of the Heavenly Inspection Guard."

"Please speak, Lord Shen!"

"According to my understanding, the person who compelled Zhao Fang came from the Eternal Life Alliance, do you have any knowledge of the Eternal Life Alliance?" Shen Changqing thought of the Eternal Life Alliance token that he had obtained.

Hearing this, Situ Bei was stunned for a moment, and then cupped his hand: "Eternal Life Alliance is an organization formed two to three hundred years ago. After the demon's attempt to capture the human race failed, they changed the way to erode the human race."

"The demons created the Eternal Life Alliance to divide the human race internally."

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